Thursday, September 30, 2010

thee three loves of my life.

i super super miss...

...all of the above.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

quote of the week...

moi: have you been watching gossip girl?!?!!
alicia: yes! i want to be serena. her legs!
moi: blair is my favorite. i wish i were her.
alicia: ARE blair waldorf.
moi: THANK YOU! that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

it made me giggle.
because i think she was only half joking.

and in case you are out of the loop...
blair waldorf is the classiest biatch this side of paris.
you be the judge.
maybe yes. maybe no.

me and my kaleidoscope heart

currently obsessed with ms. sara bareielles' new album,
kaleidoscope heart.

i basically feel she has taken the past year of my life and made a musical of it.
well done sara.
from start to finish.

and as i was listening today i kept thinking to myself...
it is so nice to know i am not the only person in the world who has felt this way!
oh and that way,
and oh yes, i remember feeling like that as well.

you will love it.

[photo courtesy of]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ready to fall.

fall: my favorite season of the four.

i love love love...
the leaves.
haunted houses.
crisp air.
reading in my bed on a cold evening.
hearing the wind blow outside my window.
watching movies that scare me silly.
costume parties.
my birthday.
halloween haunt with thee family.
new seasons of fav tv shows.
being thankful.

i have missed you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

today i had a thought...

[thee sweet mellie, moi, and thee bestie at coyote ugly, las vegas]

we're not perfect.
we laugh too hard.
we're way too loud and we make complete fools of ourselves.
we're much too comfortable with each other,
and a little too close for comfort.
our smiles are genuine,
and we drink our diet coke too strong.
but somehow we know that being together...
is what's going to make us last forever.
[taken from]

if there is one thing this summer taught me,
it is that i have thee 2 best friends in the entire world.
my soulmates.

and considering the words of ms. bradshaw below,
thank the dear heavens above i met you both.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

just my luck...

i am a people person.
actually letting people into my life,
is a whoooollleee different story.
but on a shallow, let's hang out friday night basis,
i feel i can go with the flow for just about anyone.

that said...
i do have my list of i would rather get a flu shot over and over again that hang out with you people...don't you?
the list is not long [thank the heavens]
but it certainly does have a few names on it.
and i feel no need to ever take any of these names off the list.
i mean there is a reason they are on there...and will stay there.

as thee bestie is currently out of town,
i sat by myself today at church.
[don't cry for me argentina...sometimes it is nice to be alone]
and right as i was getting comfy and ready to worship,
i look up from my seat to someone calling my name and asking me if the seats in my row were being saved.
this person is on the above mentioned list.
why is he on the list?
ohhhhh there are too many reasons to mention.
broken heart would be at the top of it.
therefore, every ounce of me wanted to lie and say yes, the seats were taken.
but i didn't, he and his entourage came and sat with me and it was a lovely meeting. was the meeting from hell.

but i got through it.
as i always do.
i even had to just laugh in the middle of it because sometimes my luck is quite hilarious.
however, i am once again forever grateful i didn't get my wish where that relationship was concerned.
and have learned to never, EVER try to have an alone sunday again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

katy, my lady...

if you are an avid reader of this blog,
you are no stranger to my dear love for ms. katy perry.
which is why i decided to give her a holiday.

we partied hard in sugar, spice and everything nice...
katy perry name that tune
51 question katy jeopardy
snoop dogg rap contest
and my favorite band in the world singing our fav katy tunes.

[california gurls music video cake made by thee bestie and moi]

[party planner #1-thee bestie...obviously you can tell why we are best friends]

[party planner #2-moi, aka: katy perry]

[katy #1 and katy #2- looooveeee this girl]

it was epic.
nothing better to love than good nights with good friends and good music.

Friday, September 24, 2010

best. day. ever.

happy national katy perry day to all!
we got toned.
we got tanned.
we got fit.
we got ready.
and we partied with the finest, freshest and fiercest of style.

katy thanks for being so cool.
we couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

modern matchmaking

[thee bestie] has been trying to get me hooked on a little show called modern family for quite some time now.
[for the record: her mission is officially accomplished. i am an addict]

while watching the first few minutes of my first episode, she tried to explain the characters to me so i wasn't too toooo lost.
and everything was quite easy to follow until we came to this couple:her description?
this is what is would be like if you and [dear friend whose name shall remain unmentioned] were to ever get married.

the sad thing was...
she was right. so so so right.
thank goodness this personality combination was only meant for the small screen.
and not real life.

i love nights where... eat yummy food.
help a cutie buy her first pair of cfm stilettos.
get all katy perry'd out.
help a bestie pack for her trip to nyc.
snuggle with thee cutest toy poodle alive.
laugh until you cry.
end up watching episodes of saved by the bell because your overacheiving ways are being compared to jessie's short stint on caffeine pills.

i love my girlfriends.

[courtesy of]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my guardian angel

today is one of my fav days of the year
[and surprisingly it has nothing to do with the first day of fall]
today is thee mom's BIRTHDAY!

because i love this woman so incredibly much, i wanted to give each of you a little insight to the truly amazing mother i have.
so i emailed her a little questionnaire:

1. where were you born?
garden grove, ca. my family used to make fun of me and call it "garbage grove."
2. what is your favorite birthday memory?
i guess i have always liked birthday cakes with pink roses on them. my mom used to make them for me. now i guess any birthday i spend with my family is memorable.
3. what is the best birthday gift you have ever been given?
my necklace from hawaii that has my hawaiian name on it--kinikia, your dad gave it to me. he had the back inscribed with something very lovely.
4. what are your top 3 goals for next year?
my top goal is to loose at least 75 pounds. next i would say to take more time to enjoy things. third, to go back to hawaii :)
5. in one word, describe yourself.
can i have two words? fifty-three and blessed.
6. in one word, describe each of your children.
jm- strong, because he always has to be first.
jessica- fearless, because she really is
jameson- caring, he has a soft heart.
7. in one word, describe your husband.
8. other than your birthday, what is your favorite holiday?
a tie between christmas and halloween.
9. who is your favorite singer at the moment, and why?
taylor swift, of course. because she not only has style, she has class.
10. what is your favorite place you have ever visited and why?
this is SO hard, i have to pick two. hanalei, hawaii because it is the most beautiful place in the world. and the lourve in paris because it holds such treasures.
11. what is your favorite movie and why?
sense and sensibility. it is so perfect.
12. name the BEST book you have ever read and why?
pride and prejudice. jane austen was a genius.
13. leaning a little bit on oprah's way of doing things, name 5 things you know for sure.
-my husband is the best man i have ever met
-i am the luckiest mom ever
-the church of Jesus Christ is true

-life is truly beautiful

-kindness never goes out of style

-AND...God truly blessed me when He gave me you as a daughter
[obviously, i paid her for the 6th one...]

now it's my turn to chime in on a few things she is faaarrr too humble to mention.
let me tell you why she is really thee most kick-a** woman alive...

-she truly does live by her above mentioned kindness rule, which obviously makes her the most stylish woman i know.

-she is smart smart smart. always the mom that could help with homework, no matter how old we got, because she knows EVERYTHING. this is something i am thoroughly convinced of.

-she has the best hands to hold. i am 23 years old and i still hold my mom’s hand when we go places.

-my favorite nights are sitting in the family room, eating yummy food and watching our gilmore girls dvds with her. [naturally, i own ALL 7 seasons, one of the best purchases of my life]

-this past year i went through some of my lowest lows, which lead to some of our biggest fights, but never once did i ever have to question whether or not she would be there for me in the end. i am stubborn and i feel this ridiculous need to do everything on my own. she has taught me it is okay to have help...everyone needs it every now and then.

-this past year we had a little scare concerning thee mom. that first night after she talked to me about everything, i got on my knees and prayed to God harder than i have ever prayed in my 23 years.i prayed for comfort. i prayed for peace. i prayed for guidance to be who she needed me to be at that time. and i prayed that i would never forget how much, in that moment, i loved her. since that day, there are a few things i know from this experience: prayer works. no one is invincible, but my mom is pretty darn close. and i have more respect and love for her than i ever imagined possible.

-she handed me my unshakable love for Europe. we have these gorgeous coffee table books throughout our house of different artists and histories of European countries. i would always go through them when i was a little girl and ask her all about the paintings and have her tell me about the places she has visited. i proceeded to make a list of goals when i was 10 years old and #1 on that list was to stand at the top of the eiffel tower. when i was 19 i worked my little/big behind off to get an internship and i moved to europe to work for the government. what i was too self involved to realize back then, was that she could she gave me my paris. she could have used the money and taken herself on a VERY nice trip with my dad to all the places she has dreamed of going back to, and no one would have questioned it. but she gave it to me. to have as my own. and for that i am eternally grateful.
[i am also grateful for dear grandparents, who were the one and only reason i actually made it to europe. thee mom was raised by good people.]
so happy happy birthday dear mom.
you are everything to me.
here is to another year of laughter, love, lorelai and rory, shopping, tears, happiness.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

thee glamourous moi

10 reasons you're the best:

you're the kind of person who realizes that the airport security people--breathe, calm--are just doing their job.

on the bus, you stand for the pregnant ladies.
(take a hint, men!)

when you borrow the dress, you return it--dry cleaned.

you tell her when she has spinach in her teeth
(instantly fixable),
but not when she's gained five pounds.
(you know she already knows)

you like target and tiffany about equally.

you offer to babysit, and--yep--actually do.

you dance, giggle, hug, sing, curse, cry (emote!), so no one's left wondering how you're feeling.

you don't post pics where you look great and everyone else looks nauseous.

you give great birthday.

you aren't perfect...but then none of the best people are.

...basically, me in a nutshell.
God bless glamour magazine.

[glamour magazine, october 2009]

Monday, September 20, 2010

never have words been so true.

tonight i really wish...
i had a cupcake.

[photo courtesy of]

welcome to candy-fornia

national katy perry day is fast approaching lovelies!
[the bestie] and i have really outdone ourselves this time.
and at an OUTRAGEOUSLY low price!
the only problem with party planning on a severe budget is you end up making everything.
it is monday and i am tired all ready.

i might just maybe have a date with my bed on saturday.
all. day. long.
don't judge me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

when all else fails...

...just throw your hands up and dance.

i am learning to let go.
you know, basically trying to be a little more type b and a little less type a.
let me tell you, this is tough. work.

maybe if i try hard enough,
b. spears will show up in my life too.
dream come true.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

good morning patriots

so much to do, so little time...
and all i want to do is sleep, eat, sleep, eat.
[sounds like a good day...huh?!?]

however, i have a list from here to kingdom come of things that need need need to get done.

thee highlights include:

washing little lexi
shopping for thee national katy perry day par-tay
fixing up the games for the above mentioned extraveganza
cleaning my room
mile high's worth of laundry
attempting to find time to watch the usc and byu games
getting ready for a meeting at church manana
bleaching my bathtub that is currently full of the remains of dying my hair red
watching my dvr'd episode of the vampire diaries
finding thee cheapest plane ticket to go home for halloween
[totally stressing me out at the moment]
attempting to have a social life??

as you can see, i probably should get moving.
i am a classy lady on the go.

Friday, September 17, 2010

people all over the world

when i started this blog a little over a year ago,
all i wished for was a reader and storage space.
just someone who enjoyed my internet company,
and a place to store my thoughts, experiences and feelings for me to keep safe forever.

this week thee bestie set me up with google analytics, giving me a fun and easy way to track who is reading this.
yep, that would be YOU.
don't worry lovelies, i don't know exactly who you are,
but i do know where you are reading from.

and let me all amaze me!!
i am overwhelmed with gratitude for your support of moi and thee adventures of a bergdorf brunette.

so to you in:
corner brook, canada
culaba, brazil
barnsley, england
heist-op-den-berg, belgium
kremsmunster, austria
vienna, austria
peshawar, pakistan
los angeles, california
monrovia, california,
orange, california
anaheim, california
san diego, california
san fransisco, california
irvine, california
west hollywood, california
orange county, california
south gate, california
cypress, california
malibu, california
bell gardens, california
gardena, california
torrance, california
riverside, california
los alamitos, california
chino hills, california
costa mesa, california
la mirada, california
corona del mar, california
villa park, california
colton, california
garden grove, california
chino hills, california
culver city, california
long beach, california
provo, utah
salt lake city, utah
orem, utah
sandy, utah
logan, utah
lindon, utah
west jordan, utah
allston, massachusetts
cambridge, massachusetts
brookline village, massachusetts
wylie, texas
bulverde, texas
dallas, texas
san antonio, texas
midland, texas
olmstead falls, ohio
sanford, north carolina
durham, north carolina
maricopa, arizona
yuma, arizona
peoria, arizona
des moines, iowa
plymouth meeting, pennsylvania
villanova, pennsylvania
new york, new york
flushing, new york
brooklyn, new york
chicago, illinois
chesapeake, virginia
roswell, georgia
garden city, idaho
seattle, washington
st. louis, missouri
baltimore, maryland
washington d.c.
denver, colorado
tulsa, oklahoma
laie, hawaii
memphis, tennessee
laramie, wyoming

thank you, thank you, thank you,
i adore each one of you more than you will ever know.
i hope you continue to learn, laugh and love alongside with me.
and please...comment, facebook friend me or email.
i would love to know each one of you,
seeing as you already know me.
[probably a little too well]

[photo courtesy of]

Thursday, September 16, 2010

gg round-up: belles du jour

omg, omg, omg...
do i sound like a texting generation 13 year old?
because this is honestly how i feel every time i flip on my tv for thee weekly dose of my beyond fav show...gossip girl.

really all i would have to say about this week's episode is my alter-ego blair waldorf spends the entire hour parading through my favorite city in the world [paris...duh] in her couture whilst eating platters of cake named after ms. antoinette herself and shopping the champs elysees.

enough said?
almost...let's dissect the dirty dish dearies:
the episode began with sweeping shots of that grand city of light and our two favorite gals taking it by storm in two very different ways...serena is flirting with french men, blair is flirting with french paintings, couture and food.we learn that s had been accepted to columbia, but has not told thee queen b yet, due to the big blinged out elephant in the room of their friendship: jealousy.

back in the big nyc much has changed:
chuck bass is missing.
in his place is gg resident good guy nate archibald who has now taken over wherever c. bass left off and is...well...a man whore for lack of a better term.
do gooder dan humphrey, now a father, is shacking up with his baby mama georgina "the devil" sparks.
and baby milo would be adorable, if he wasn't dressed in icky earth tones and wearing that ridiculous [sure to be 100% recyclable] hat. yuck.
baby v is back from haiti or wherever she went.
whatever, i don't care. i hate her.
jenny is gone, baby, gone.
eric is mia.
lily and rufus have just come back from one of their many trips and are thrust into the drama of
a.) they are now grandparents, and b.) their step-son is missing.

here is how it all went down lovelies:
b gets asked out in front of her fav painting in the musee de orsay by a supposed prince.
she brings s along for this big double date, only to find out s is actually going out with the prince, and her charming man is merely the chauffeur.except, he really is the prince and is just playing a trick on her to see if she would like him for him and in true b fashion she fails miserably because let's get honest here...she is shallow as a kiddie pool.
but we love her anyway.
b discovers thee columbia secret and shoves s into one of paris' many fountains, but surprise, they make up in the end and are once again that fabulous duo we love and adore.once d. humph signs the birth certificate accepting fatherhood over baby milo, georina sparks packs up with more luggage than victoria beckham and skips town, sans baby.
nate meets a cute girl, who is up to no good. poor guy can never catch a break.
chuck is found by some psycho lady in prague, and wouldn't ya know...they end up in paris by the end of the episode for what is sure to be an eventual run in with his ex-lady love b.
lily and rufus are...well...boring.
and congratulations to us all...jenny humphrey is gone for the entire say the least it was tres chic.
can't wait til next week...
mainly to get a close up on b's amazing red dress.
i mean, you don't think i watch this show b/c of blake lively's acting skills?
come on now...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oh hello...

september, how i love you.
we are now only one month away from october
all the good shows are finally coming back from a sleepy summer.
mainly my most favoritest of them all,
a little drama infested, city lovin, fashion flaunting gig called gossip girl.

i promise to have the gg weekly round up posted by sunday,
but until then please enjoy the above pic of my future husband.
i kinda force fed the season premiere down thee bestie's throat due to the fact she had dvr'd it for me and i had to watch it immediately.
seeing as she was a first time watcher she was not totally lovin the drama.
but when mr. crawford made his first on screen appearance of the season, all she could say for it was...
ohhh, he's dreamy.

amen sister.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

you get what you need

this past friday was my one year anniversary at thee job!
i love my job. no really, i do.
it is hard work, but isn't that what can be said for all the best things in life?
and as i was sitting at my desk last friday thinking back to where i was a year ago to that day, i couldn't help but think of how thankful i am for not getting everything i wanted back then.

because one year ago i wanted:
out of my job.
usc to win the national championship.
my parents to stop lecturing me about a certain relationship in my life.
to get in my little lexi and drive home.
my friends in CA to never forget how much i need them.
my best friend to call me and say she missed me.
katy perry to ditch russell brand.
to not feel so alone.
you to love me the way i would have loved you.

because you see lovelies, we don't always get what we want,
but we certainly always get what we need...

so thank you for not letting me quite my job,
i wouldn't be who i am today if i had.

umm...still don't know why usc didn't win that championship?!?
thank you for lecturing,
you knew what you were talking about.

thank you for not letting me leave,
i would have missed out on a little thing called life.
thank you for not forgetting me,
you are all forever in my life.

thank you for not calling,
i needed to let go of my pride and do it myself.
him and her are cute, the end.
thank you for the loneliness,
i became my best self through it.
thank you for not loving me,
it would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

happy anniversary moi.
here's to another crazy, fun, tough, sassy, bright, teary, love filled year.

[photo courtesty of]

Monday, September 13, 2010

audrey and me

tonight i made a huge mistake...
i spilled the gummy bears to my sleeping secrets!
no bueno.
mainly the fact that i sleep with an eye mask.
the response i got out of one of the dear boys in my life?
"oh, you are such a girl."
which then lead to him and his roommate listing off what they imagine my other sleeping habits to be...fluffy robes, tons of pillows, a "quilt" on my bed.
you know...basically the truth.

but you see i am not ashamed of these habits.
because when you wake up too early to the rising sun coming through your window,
i am sleeping peacefully with my candy cane eye mask in my quilted bed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

click my heels 3 times

i miss home. every single day.
i guess if there is one thing this move has taught me it is that i am a true blue, daisy duke wearin' california gurl.
but sundays are particularly hard.
because they are always the best at home,
filled with the most laughs.
thank the dear heavens for good friends,
[on and off the screen]
and semi-good food.
[fyi...i am NOT the next giada delaurentiis]

Friday, September 10, 2010

dance until we die

thee wedding song............
am i engaged? no
am i dating someone particular? ummm, no.
but that doesn't mean a girl can't have a manila desktop file with possible wedding dress patterns, color schemes, venues, cakes...not like i have that, of course.

i'm not gonna lie about the fact that my wedding song is quite possibly one of the most important parts of that future reception/party of the century bound to happen one of these days.
[heaven only knows when that day will come, just sayin']
and i might just maybe have to lay down the law with thee future hubby and let him know he can have free reign and opinion on most things involved with the planning.
i will welcome his participation and promise to only override it 75% of the time. [that's big for my type-A self]
but when it comes to thee song...he is just going to have to agree with my pick.
because when thee bestie and i were rockin' out in little lexi last monday and a certain song came on the radio and she turned to me and said,
you should dance to this at your wedding
i thought to myself, never has she had a more brilliant idea in her life!

so dear hubby, i hope you like what i have chosen for us.
and if you don't, please just grin and bear it.
because i'm bound to be your teenage dream.
and you love me so much.

[photo courtesy of]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


the above title acronym stands for a little club i feel i need to find and join.
west wing addicts annonymous...thee boss gave me season 1 to start watching and i am hooked.
like hook hooked.
quite possibly the best show television has ever seen?
yes...yes it is.

also, i am only half way through and have cried 4 times and counting.
nothing gets me like good old american pride.
and martin sheen being the greatest president that never was.

Monday, September 6, 2010

if you feel so inclined... to ever buy me a prezzie,
[fyi: my b-day is in november, christmas in december]
you could pick one of these mad men up for me...and i would love you forever.

if i were to be a choosy charlotte i would prefer the lovely lady to thee left as joan holloway-harris is my fav character.
but any doll will do.
[yep they are Barbies...whatcha gonna do about it?]
[i want one and i am NOT ashamed of it!]

Sunday, September 5, 2010

me, myself and moi

finally beginning to feel like myself again...
thanks to dear, sweet, unbelievable friends.
a job i can't help but be so grateful for.
and a family who loves me no matter what.

ps-katy perry day is back on lovelies!
get ready to party hard and ride a sugar high.
although i found out tonight in the midst of me momentarily canceling the festivities due to my september calender overload,
thee bestie and thee dear mellie bellie planned a surprise katy perry day party for me and sent out the invites.
leave it up to me and my "no help needed" personality to ruin that and decide to throw it after all.
i almost cried when thee bestie spilled the news.
i don't know what i did right to have those two in my life.
but i'll take it. and no you can't have them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hip hip...HOOOORRAY!

hip happy birthday big bro!
you are thee best big bro a girly girl could ask for.
and don't ever forget it!

here is to twenty-eight years of disneyland, halloween, byu, fights, secrets, laughter, love, scary movies, britney spears, ups and downs, parties, vacations, pretend figure skating, the info desk, dancing to paula abdul in the backyard, mexicasa, comic con, LOST, shopping and being best friends.
i love you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

just a little fyi...

"no dull moments
or dull men tolerated."
mrs. joan holloway harris ~ mad men