Saturday, July 31, 2010

show me your vamp stamp? [part 2]

[as part 2 of thee true blood panel review, make sure to read part 1 first!]
...after the trailer finished, a writer from entertainment weekly came to the stage to introduce the cast...


of course, there was one cast member noticeably missing.
good thing anna and stephen solved that problem quite quickly with a little cardboard help.
[viewer warning: the following clip contains a few bad words]


thee bloody rundown:
although one of the largest panels i have ever been to, not one person dominated the conversation, which sometimes happens when one person in the panel is the obvious star.
[ahheemm...anna paquin]
they were truly grateful for the success of the show.
and could not have thanked fans enough for making it an overnight sensation.
anna paquin is HILARIOUS.
deborah anne woll's dress was worth coveting over.
stephen moyer is hot...but short.
joe manganiello is a true gentleman and tall, tall, tall. [lucky me?!?]
the ending in the books most likely will NOT be the way the series ends.
harris revealed she plans on stopping the series at 13 books.
[she is currently on #11]
they were all incredibly respectful of the fans and sooo gracious, despite their fan craziness.

[real life engaged couple anna paquin and stephen moyer]
[paquin won the 2008 golden globe for best actress for her portrayal of sookie stackhouse]

[dennis o'hare, sam trammell and rutina wesley]

[moi's future husband, joe manganiello]
[and thee writer of the sookie stackhouse novels, charlaine harris]

[kristen bauer, deborah anne woll, nelsan ellis, and series creator, alan ball]

all in all it was even more of a success than i had hoped for.
i finally have seen anna paquin in person.
i was in the same room as thee future hubbie joe.
and i got thee ever coveted hbo gift backpack full of true blood goodies.

all in a day's work lovelies.

show me your vamp stamp? [part 1]

goal of comic con 2010:
get into the true blood panel.
end of story.

i am a HUGE fan of the sookie stackhouse [now known as true blood] novels. and last year, despite my best efforts, i did not get into the panel. super sad face.
i knew this year would be different. because it just had to be!

and well lovelies, after a FOUR hour wait in the hot sun, my thirsty and sunburnt self was one of the LAST people let into the room!! it really was fate.

when it came time for the panel to begin [almost 2 hours after being let into the room] the lights went out and the screams began. these fans could ALMOST rival thee twilight crazies.
we all knew we were in for a treat from probably just about thee most gorgeous cast in hollywood.
[sorry grey's...the mc's have got NOTHIN on these guys]
series creator alan ball walked onto the stage to begin the panel with an exclusive preview to the last 6 episodes of the currently running season 3.
and ummm...well, just watch for yourself:
[viewer warning: this is a vampire show, the following clip does contain blood]

welcome to eureka!

i would like to think i am a classy gal.
but there is a little part of me that is 100% geek.
and very proud of it!
case in point: my number 2 fav show on tv is not one to be found on regular channeling.
yes lovelies, i am in LOVE with a little show on SYFY called eureka.

go ahead. judge. judge away.
because the joke is actually on YOU, for missing out on this one.

the rundown:
eureka is a high tech and highly secrative town in oregon.
america's brightest scientists have been chosen to relocate here to conduct futuristic experiments funded by the us dept. of defense.
u.s. marshall jack carter stumbles upon the town while driving a fugitive back to LA.
[said fugitive just so happens to be his daughter]
when an experiment goes wrong and cripples the current town sheriff, the bright minds of eureka vote jack to fill the void.
sounds nerdy? well that would be because it is.
but geekiness aside, after 4 seasons this show is currently in it's prime finding thee perfect balance between smarts, mystery, laughs, love and suspense.
[including time flashes between thee present and thee ever classy 1940's]

therefore, when thee lil bro and i had the opportunity to go to a special friday night screening of eureka at comic con, we figured there was no better way to party than with our kind.

luckily, i think syfy got wind that it was [lil' bro's] very special 19th b-day celebration that weekend, because they not only showed the brand new episode,
but they brought along the cast to watch it with us.
lil bro's face was absolutely. priceless.

after the show we headed to the hard rock hotel for a b-day celebration dinner in, yep you guessed it...EUREKA!
hard rock and syfy teamed up to turn their downstairs restaurant into cafe diem, the frequent meeting place for the residents of eureka [see cast pic above].

we ate. we laughed. we had the time of our lives.
now do yourself a favor and watch this coming friday night.
would i ever lead you astray?

Friday, July 30, 2010

favorite friday: comic con 2011

oh lovelies, let me tell you...comic con was a blast and a half!
i truly felt like baby out of a corner having the time of my life.

so get ready to relive thee good, thee bad and thee just plain out of control as i post stories throughout the weekend.

now the true blood panel was amazing, and full of just about the most beautiful people you will ever see in person.
however, my favorite part of the weekend was most definitely the life size scott pilgirm vs. the world video game/t-shirt making process.

the main promotional event for the movie was a t-shirt making area set up to resemble playing a video game.
you pick the size, color and image to be put on your shirt, then enter the "game" to make your shirt with the cast and crew of the movie.
all the while listening to the yet to be released, but incredible movie soundtrack.
[free shirts given out while in line]

[moi and my love]

[thee big bro and the pilgrim door]

let me just say, it def was worth the almost 2 hours we waited.
i now have more michael cera faced items than any cera lovin' girl could dream about.
and i now know that [brandon routh] is just as hot in person as he is on the big screen, and wears ALMOST as much makeup as i do to get that perfect skin look.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

happy, happy birthday

i know i am about 2 days 2 late on this one.
[things have been a little up and down lately]

but i could never not take the chance to wish a very special and happy birthday to my most favoritest little brother in the world!

you may know him as thee occasional guest blogger on this site.
but i know him as my best friend and confidant.

happy birthday pookie!
i love you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm a be your teenage dream

it's fast approaching lovelies, and although i had a super fun time playing superhero last year, i have made an executive decision: NO more saving the world for me.
which means, i have retired [thee black widow] idea.
obviously, i would never stash away such a brilliant idea, if it were not to be replaced by an even brillianter one.
one i have been planning for a bit, but have only shared with a select few.

therefore, i would like to introduce you to
thee moi costume of 2010...

[ms. katy perry]

i know, i know...not really a surprise.
considering my boarderline obsession with her.
thee bestie has already helped me with the outfit.
all i have to say is: it WILL be epic.
and tasty...literally.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

nothin' comes close to the golden coast

i should be sleeping right now, but i am just too excited!
because i am off...
for the almost never happened comic con trip 2010.

especially excited for:
quality car time with thee auntie. [and hopefully jo...]
sleeping in my casa.
jumping into thee mom's arms and hugging her every second possible.
train ride along the coast.
releasing my inner nerd.
slumber party in downtown san diego.
beach with good friends.
gwen stefani food with even goodier family.
no sleep.
cuddling with the 3 cutest cousins a gal could wish for.
loving and being loved.

adios provo!
as always, i won't miss you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

forget paris

i am often asked what i want in life.
every time someone asks me thee question, i wish i could pop right up and act out the following scene.
now considering i have somewhat of a reputation to save, i do not do such things.
but, as usually is the case, carrie b. and i are on the same page.

soooo what am i looking for in my life?
take a peek...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

one fabulous YOU.

[courtesy of]

“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”
---mrs. carrie bradshaw preston

i live by this quote.
in friendship.
in family.
in love.

i am nowhere near perfect.
i make mistakes, i have a horribly sharp tongue, i get upset, and i am overly passionate about everything.
but i love me.
i give what i've got and i have learned i deserve only the best.
best friends. best loves.
anything less will not be tolerated. life's too short.

but let me tell you, i can atest to mrs. bradshaw-preston's words above: when you find those people that love the you YOU love.
[which hopefully, will be constantly coming into your life]
it really is...well...just fabulous!

hide n seek

so [thee zombie walk] was great!
however, the best night of comic con 2009 most def went to disney studios and their downtown san diego tron scavenger hunt.
yes, i just said tron scavenger hunt.

we were told to meet outside the convention center at 9:45pm, thinking we might get a t-shirt at best.
well, we should have known to expect WAY more from mr. disney.
at 9:45pm the vans rolled up and employees rolled out with bags of goodies and a megaphone to announce the rules of the game.

what were the rules?
each participant would be given a bag filled with: a sharpie, coordinate velum paper, downtown san diego map, black light, permission slip [in case you trip, disney isn't payin]
the game?
hidden in windows throughout downton were tron posters.
each poster had 4 sets of coordinates hidden on them that could only be seen with the black light. we were to take the velum paper and map out the coordinates from the poster with our handy dandy sharpies.
once all the posters were found and coordinates drawn, we took the velum and placed it over the map to find where our meeting point was.

now all you tron fans might be interested to know that the meeting point just so happened to be a rented out space disney turned into the infamous which we were then taken behind the walls of the tron game... to recreations of the set...
and then we finally got the t-shirt we knew was coming all along.

dear disney: you never cease to amaze me.

Monday, July 19, 2010

if you use...i will abuse.

oohhh summer love.
fun. fast. flirty. fake.

once upon a summer time me and a boy hit it off and became and a boy.
it all happened while talking about baseball.
[yes folks, i can talk sports. even better, i know what i'm talking about]
he was a yankees fan. i am an angels gal. enough material to talk about for a lifetime.
he was gorgeous. and i had a crush.
things were very casual and normal.
until i opened my big fat mouth about my yankee baseball connection.

suddenly the texts came non-stop throughout the days, phone calls every night, gifts, lunches, flirting, fun.
you see, i am no idiot.
i knew what he wanted. and no it wasn't THAT...
he wanted tickets to the always sold out angels vs. yankees game in anaheim.

i'm not gonna lie to you dear bloggies,
attention from a josh duhamel look alike is not necessarily a bad thing, even if it is fake.
now at 19 i wasn't looking for a husband and figured why not?!?
if nothing else it was: fun, fast, flirty and fake.
if he was gonna use, i was gonna abuse.

so i let it go on through the summer.
i got the tix to the game. and the yankee player autographs he never asked for, but i knew he wanted.
the game was painful...
[have you ever been on a date where the boy wears EARPHONES for 2/3 of it?]
the only thing that saved me was the angels won!
he got mad b/c his team lost.
and wouldn't even let me stay for the fireworks. ugh!!
the end of the night went as any flirty summer night would go.
i moved to utah the next day.
and never returned a single call or text again.

dear boys: girls are not dumb. so don't use us.
in the end, you may get what you want, but not what you need.
gracias. xoxo, moi.

are you afraid of the dark?

on the very last day of comic con last year i met my new/old favorite person in hollywood.
and let me tell you...she did not disappoint.
as one of those self professed scare-a-holics, you can bet i was at the panel for the cbs tv series ghost whisperer.
think are you afraid of the dark meets touched by an angel.
perfect right? yes. yes. yes.

[entire season 5 cast of ghost whisperer...minus the hot husband :(]

[in case you were wondering, she IS as nice as she seems in real life]

[jamie kennedy was good for MANY laughs]

[they all stayed around afterward to mingle with us commoners]

sad news is the show just had its last season, which means there will be no j. love this year. boo.
rip ghost whisperer.
atleast you lasted longer than
thee hewitt/kennedy match up of 2009.
she's too good for him anyway. yep, i just went there.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

countdown gurl

one month, six days, fourteen hours, one minute until...
the realease of teenage dream,
my dear k.p.'s sophmore album.

but who's counting?!?

Friday, July 16, 2010

a noble date

at the beginning of the year thee mom and thee dad sat me down for a talk about spending.

they made me realize 2 things:
1. i did NOT have a california job anymore [ugh!]
2. no man wants a woman who can't control the shopping bags

i know i have expensive habits, most of which cannot be kicked. so i chose just ONE to focus on.
you see...i am a magazine whore.
love 'em. live 'em. breathe 'em.
my rule used to be that if any person on my "top" list
[aka: reese, r. patz, sjp, leighton meester, n. kidman, gwenyth, katy, etc]
was on the cover of a magazine, i had the right to buy it.

i decided it was time to start telling myself this was no longer doable, and restricted myself to my monthly instyle.
to compensate for this literary loss in my life, i decided to start taking myself on date nights to barnes and noble every other friday to read thee hot off the press mags.

and let me tell you:
there is nothing more fun to do on a friday night than take a mile high stack of magazines to the back corner couch of barnes and noble and read while people watching. especially in provo when everyone is either on an awkward first date, or chasing their 10 kids around the store.

today was extra special:
carrie underwood's wedding pictures are out.
and i assure you, they are nothing less than stunning.
i think class is her middle name, also pink.
i like her.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

technology. i love it.

received thee BEST email of my life today.
and considering the amount of emails i receive on a daily basis...that is saying something.

sometimes i don't understand how one person on this earth can know me so well.
but he does. thank the heavens for that.

quote of the email/day:
These past couple of days I've been going to my
mom's work to help out with packing batteries for the military (I know who the hell does manual labor anymore right?)...

to know who you are.
i love you. and thank you.
xoxo, b

i get by...

...with a little help from my friends.

Monday, July 12, 2010

i could really use a wish right now

thee weekend away was just what the doctor ordered.

a day full of h&m, twilight lunch at the BK, afternoon by the pool, dinner in italia, partying like a coyote, slots with my four best nyc gals, waltzing the strip, and even a run in with napoleon dynamite himself.

oh and there was the little dance party we hosted for ourselves behind the lovely walls of our freely upgraded hotel suite.

ohhh vegas...
to say you were good to us would be an understatement.