Wednesday, June 30, 2010

total eclipse of the heart

news flash: i went to see eclipse.
not so news flash: so did everyone else of the female gender today.

but as i was sitting in the middle of what is certainly the best twilight installment yet, silently [okay, not so silently...i have witnesses] swooning over edward's perfection,
i couldn't help but think back of the first time i saw twilight.

have i ever told you this story?
i think not...

well for my 22nd bday my besties and i wanted to do something big. really BIG.
they told me we could do whatever i wanted, it was my night.
[they really are the best of best selfless.]
i decided i wanted to go see twilight on opening night.
not to love it, but to make fun of it.
you see, i was pretty much the only girl in the mormon religion not on the twilight train at that point in my life.

so there we were.
3 best friends waltzing into the 7:15pm showing of twilight in orange county, ca.
we sat down...clueless...with no idea what we were in for.

what were we in for?
complete love. not even love. obsession.
we walked out of that theatre in awe.
the next morning i went to target and bought all 4 books and the soundtrack.
the next night we went and saw it again.
we repeated that weekly night at the movie theatre 13 more times.
and that year for christmas, everyone got a set of twilight books from me. i felt it my duty to share the love.
we may or may not have also bought vip passes for a ridiculous amount of money to get the dvd at midnight at a special release party.
and then i may or may not have spent even more ridiculous amounts of money to be among the masses to see the cast and get a sneak preview of the next movie at comic con last summer.
what can i say?!?

so i guess the bottom line is:
yes i love twilight.
in fact, i carry around a team edward water bottle.
no i am not ashamed.
so i really don't care if you are laughing at me right now.

and i miss california.
and my two best of best friends.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

katy cure for all

what's better than the future mrs. brand's irritatingly perfect theme song of summer?
thee beyond fun fun fun music video!

click [here] for the experience.

although many thought she should have ditched the candy habit and frolicked on a beach in nothing more than a 2 piece bikini for this one...
i figure that would have been far too plain for the woman that left even simon cowell speechless during her stint as a guest judge on idol.

plus, if you are ever feeling down, just pop this on and i will be up in no time.

trust me.
been there. done that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

return to innocence

sometimes i greatly wish i could go back to days of fun and innocence.

with my ponytail to the side of my overly fluffed bangs.
where i played power rangers on the lawn at recess.
was teacher's pet.
excelled at everything i touched.
traded my crackers for pudding cups at the lunch tables.
went to the boys' houses after school to play
[yes, i was one of the boys back then...hard to believe?]
rode my bike around the block for hours.
painted my nails outrageous shades of neon pink.
was skinny enough to wear leggings as pants and not...
well, leggings.
looked forward to ice cream fridays.
where friends stood by you no matter what.
got all snuggly under my little mermaid sheets.
when my mom rocked my bed every night until i fell asleep.

just waiting to feel myself again.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

backstreet's back

this week [thee bestie] and i had the chance to relive our adolescent boy crazy years in slc at
the backstreet boys concert.
yes, they are still around.
and yes, more than just jo and i were in the audience.
in fact, i feel like most of utah showed up to the party
[men included].

thanks to jo's semi-fanatical love for them,
we had FIFTH ROW seats!

the opener...
[yes, that is brian's little boy who introduced them]

and they kept it going for almost 2 hours.

[are you thinking what i'm thinking...when did howie d get so gorg?]

[jo and i could not stop gushing over our dear n.c.]

[so amazed that they could still pull off the dance moves]

[brian...he was just about the sweetest guy in the world]

while most groups simply get heavier, uglier and more off key as they age.
i would say bsb has reversed all three of those processes.
the looked and sounded perfect.
and seemed genuinely grateful at the success life has given them.

my fav backstreet boys song ever: incomplete
[please notice nick carter's dramatic way of singing]
[and the fact that you can hear jo and i melting over him]


the end came.
jo and i practically cried.
and sang our way through bsb's greatest hits all the way home.

oh, and did i mention we have tickets to see them again in boise, id in a month?!?
because we do.
a little obsessed? no, just in love.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my world 2.0

i have been a horrid blogger friend this week.
maybe because my world is currently resembling the above picture.
chaos, chaos, chaos.

working all day--everyday.
keepin' up w/ the killates workout 5x a week.
reliving the 90's at the BSB concert.
planning summer events.
loads of laundry.
loads of fun.
staying in touch with friends.
responding to emails.
trying to come up with a sunday school lesson for tomorrow.
counting down to eclipse.
cutting myself out of a dress [another story for another day].
dealing with the teenage tantrum like fits of my blackberry.

i slept for 14 hours straight last night.
i think my body is trying to tell me something.

Friday, June 25, 2010

goodnight moon.


currently running on:
8 total hours of sleep in the past 48.
and 64 ounces of diet coke.
[sorry was the only way]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

let me eat cake

oh lovelies...
all those years working in law and insurance built me into a hard hitting red personality with a bullet proof exterior, and in the past 2 weeks i feel like i have become marshmallow mush.

how do i know?
yesterday i got my feelings hurt.
so so so hurt.
i honestly can't remember the last time that happened. [sad?!?]

so i took some advice from the above message.
and came home from work today and had a cupcake...
oh okay, i had three.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i believe:
people are good.
the mormon church is true.
heaven will be like paris.
i would never want to walk in another woman's shoes, i like mine too much.
my parents are the two greatest people i know.
all my best fashion advice comes from sex and the city.
ice cream solves 30% of the problem.
a best friend solves the other 70%.
faith in prayer brings miracles.
a person's happiness is what they want it to be.
hotel beds are heavenly.
in screaming at the tv during a good sports game.
magazine subscriptions are essential. they make the mail 100x more fun.
liking nice, pretty things is not shallow.
a baseball game is the best way to spend a friday night.
being alone brings confidence, not loneliness.
katy perry was my sister in another life.
a good purse is hard to find.
william shakespeare was a genius.
jane austen was too.
if we threw our problems in a pile with everyone else's, we would take ours back.
everything is better with sparkle.
my education is my greatest possession.
a day spent in pjs is not a waste.
organization is key.
speak your mind. even if it ruffles feathers.
always choose laughter.
a girl's closet is her sacred space. respect it boys.
being in a relationship does not mean being inseparable.
my little brother is my guardian angel.
you can never be too spontaneous.
nicole kidman is the definition of class.
everyone deserves to be loved.
envy is a waste of time. plus, green is no ones color.
you should never underestimate a girly girls knowledge of sports.
someday my prince will come.
life is beautiful.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i love you daddy

i feel extra special lucky.
and although today is only the 2nd daddy's day in my whole life that i have ever spent without him,
[first was thee 2007 vaca to london with my lovely wendy]

i have certainly spent alllllll day thinking about the millions of billions of things that i love and adore about dad.

a few of my favorite daddy things:
he taught me to never be anything but me.
he is the best hiking partner a gal could ask for.
he is calm, wise and kind.
he loves my mother.
he cries with me when we watch field of dreams.
he took me to the field of dreams.
[how many girls can say that?]
he held my hand as i pursued my dreams.
he is much funnier than anyone would know.
he always has a plan.
he bought me my first piano. and my second.
he drove me to school everyday at the crack of dawn freshman year so i could be on the dance team.
he let his little girl move across the big pond to europe.
he doesn't love movies as much as i do, but he pretends anyway.
he is the most creative texter you will ever meet.
this year he bought our family a tandem bike.
he love love loves the outdoors.
he knows who vera wang is. and christian louboutin.
he cries at the end of love actually. [don't we all?]
when i was 14 i decided dancing teddy bear wallpaper was no longer for me. so he spent an entire weekend stripping the walls and painting my new world pink.
he is the most generous person i know.
he never looses faith in people. never. ever.
he gave me his eyes and his crooked smile.
he taught me my love for espn. and all things sports.
i can tell him anything. and i do tell him everything.

the list could go on and on and on...
but the bottom line is:
he is thee most important man in my life.
i am, have been and always will be daddy's not so little and strong willed girl.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

diva-fy your life

i have a confession.
and dear friend mel might just maybe kill me for announcing this over the web.
but it is just too good to hold back.

currently slightly obsessed with [this] show:
i bought it two weeks ago on dvd.
and let's just say it took mel and i less than 24 hours to get through an entire season.
no judgment please.

clever, funny, touching, charming...
it will have you hooked from the go.

the rundown:
gorgeous model deb has the perfect life.
the perfect job, perfect almost fiance who genuinely loves her slightly [oh okay, completely] shallow self, perfect fellow model friends, perfect LA home.
until she is killed in a car accident and sent to the pearly gates to await judgment.
while being told the actions of her life were neither good nor bad, deb grows impatient and hits the return button to speed up the process.
little does she know return means return to earth.
and return to earth she does...but this time around in the overweight, frumpy, overworked attorney body of jane
[who recently died in the hospital from a gunshot wound].
deb now must learn how to live happily in janes body.
the new goal -- live a life that is not a stand still at judgment. perform good and stay away from the bad.
only rule -- if she tells anyone who she truly is she will be sent off of earth again, right past the pearly whites to hell.
not passing go. no collecting $200.

add in an adorable personal assistant, a beautiful/evil co-worker who is falling in love with the newest member of jane's law firm, deb's ex-fiance grayson, the big city lights of LA, witty dialogue and a story of soul searching and what do you have?
one BIG hit.

don't believe me?
entertainment weekly just named it one of the 10 best shows currenlty on tv.
ddd is on lifetime sunday nights at 7pm.

Friday, June 18, 2010

favorite friday: music

this past week i have been digging through the old cd's to try and give myself and lexi some new tunes while crusing through provo/orem.
in doing this, i decided to come up with my list of my top 5 fav albums released in the past decade.
here they a very particular order.

5. brad paisley. mud on the tires
never gets old. always reminds me of warm summer nights in california.

4. christina aguilera. stripped
controversial...yes. worth every penny...more than a yes. this woman has a voice like no other, and sings her heart out [literally] in what could possibly be one of the best pop albums of all time.

3. my chemical romance. the black parade
considering the previous 2 choices, this def isn't my typical range of music. but i never get tired of this one from start to finish. needless to say, it is on the ipod of every single member of my family. yes, that would include thee mom and dad.

2. various artists. walk the line soundtrack
there is a reason ms. witherspoon won an oscar for her role in this movie.

1. taylor swift. fearless
as cliche as it may seem, it really is nothing less than the best. even the grammy voters agree with me.
so take that doubters...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

somewhere over the rainbow

today this little lady graduated from kindergarten!
she is thee absolute love of my life.
and as the texts were pouring in from my madre of the minute to minute play by play on the ceremony, i simply thought to myself...
is being on my own worth more than being home and present for this little thing we call life?

in the past few months i have missed babies born, graduations, first days of jobs, adventures to the beach, irreplaceable family dinner nights, sibling vacations, daily disneyland intakes, late night cheesecake chat with the girls, hockey playoffs with lil' bro, sunday cousin day, etc...

when is enough enough for me and my crazy need for independence?
when will i have accomplished what i feel i need to so i can go the heck home and stop missing...everything.

who knows...
i obviously don't.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

21 is not forever

a few nights ago [thee bff] and i did some online snooping at the forever 21 website. we were both in awe at the fact you can purchase a sweater for only $24!!!
holy hannah! why have i not been in on this secret??!?
and the clothes are more than cute.

so today after work i drove over to the mall for a nordy's smoothie, and decided to duck into 21 to see all this jazz for myself.

i was in there for 20 minutes...
[that's how long it took to navigate that store]
no one asked me if i needed help.
no one said hello or goodbye to me.
nothing was where it should have been.
the music hurt my head.

and as i walked out of the store i thought to myself...
THIS is why i shop at nordstrom.

Monday, June 14, 2010

summer of love: thee model/actor

once upon a time i was a personal assistant to a wonderful lady who took it upon her sweet self to change my life:
romantically and wardrobely.
let's just say the wardrobe had far more benefit that summer than my heart.

a boy asked me out and i was hesitant to say yes, only because i honestly knew with every fiber of my being that it would never EVER work out.
he was a model/actor. i was going to be an attorney. no go.
but my boss convinced me to go for it.
and for it i did go.

the only problem was, he got more of a hint that things would be great between us than i did.
nice nice nice guy, but there was no sparkle.
he kept asking. and i kept trying to gently, but firmly let him know we were JUST friends.

i moved away and didn't really give it much more thought.
until one day i received a text from him asking what dates i would be available for him to come visit me and spend a romantic weekend together.
ummmm...come again?!?

this time i was not so gentle, just firm.
and that was the end of that.
goodbye red carpet lifestyle.

still waiting for my one...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

confessions of the swag bag

last year thee fam, friends and moi attended the pre-screening of one of my now fav movies,
confessions of a shopaholic.
[these are the things you do when you live in la and know the right people]

before the movie started they gave out awards for best dressed.
and who won?!? ohhhh, yours truly.
and let me tell you, jerry bruckheimer knows how to put up some serious swag...that sure is a juicy couture purse underneath the book.
it pays to be a shopaholic.
and don't let anyone ever tell you any different.

nobody's perfect...

and the above jar filled with money is proof.

this week in our weekly staff meeting, we decided june would be a month in which we would all pick an area in our lives we could better ourselves.
then we went around the conference table and set goals.
and because the one thing we all have in common is the understanding that money talks,
we set a dollar amount we would have to pay to the office if we didn't meet our daily goals.

my goal: pilates 5x a week
dollar punishment: $10 for every day i don't get my butt on that floor and work out.

as you can see from the above picture,
we are all a work in progress.
i am happy to report, none of those dollar bills came from my wallet...yet.
the good news: we will have one rockingly expensive party budget at the end of the month.

Friday, June 11, 2010

favorite friday: reality tv star

i am an addict to reality tv. heck, i am an addict to any tv.
however, when it comes to reality there is no one i love more than...mrs. tori spellingthose of you whose eyes just rolled into the backs of your heads, obviously have never seen an episode of her show:
tori and dean-home sweet hollywood.

why i love her?
she puts the REAL in reality.

she has had a somewhat controversial past and makes no excuses for it. she willingly talks about it and how those events lead to insecurities she has today.
[ie: she will always worry her husband might eventually cheat on her]
she doesn't feel the need to portray a perfect life to the world.
she doesn't spoil her children.
she can throw a mean party.
she works hard for everything she has in her life today.
she is hilarious.
she has this genuine passion for everything. always trying to better the quality of life for herself, her husband an her two beyyyoonnnd adorable children.

sure she too skinny, but nobody's perfect. right?
and tori would be the first person to tell you that.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

taking sides

in the midst of the big uproar that currently is [perry vs. gaga],
i am taking an official stand.
team perry. duh...
if this goes on too long i might just have to make a t-shirt.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

make a wish

tonight i wish:
the lakers would win the game.
i could lay out and play in the sun all day tomorrow instead of go to work.
my roommate would learn how to turn lights off.
people actually cared.
i was still taking dance classes.
my two best friends from ut were not in dc.
my two best friends from home were not in ca.
i could buy the killer c. louboutins i am coveting.
i had someone to help me.
that everything would end up ok.
i was home with my family. to stay.

bummer day.
nothing ice cream and a diet coke can't solve.
tomorrow will be better. i just know it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

too perfect for words.

this is the screensaver on my bberry.
so everytime i look at my phone...i can't help but smile.
i don't even think i am biased when i say:
she is thee cutest baby i have ever seen in my life.
with a personality to match.
love and adore this little one.
more than any words can express.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

hello lover...

with a new do.
refreshed color.
5 pounds less of me.
a blackberry that is not only working, but bedazzled.
and a renewed sense in the male kind.
i feel like i can take on the world once more.

thee jane austen summer of love is going just swell.

take me to wonderland

just watched alice for the first time.
naturally, i bought it earlier this week.
knowing i would love it and want to buy it eventually,
so i might as well buy it while it is on sale.

i was right.
very relieved to know i know myself so well.

ps-can i please have every dress alice wears in the film?
thank goodness for her seemingly one thousand costume changes.
they just kept getting better and better.

thank you tim burton, it really always is a pleasure.

Friday, June 4, 2010

favorite friday: city

for more than one reason, i would say i am a pretty lucky gal.
i have traveled and lived in lands far far away.
and through these fab experiences i know one thing for certain:
i am a city girl. through and through.

however, not just any city will do.
my fav city: paris.
my fairytale.

before going to grand paris, people warned me it was nothing like the movies.
old, dirty, semi-boring, gross, etc.
i had heard it all.

yet when i took my first french steps in my mauve heels with bows, i knew it would be nothing like what the critics had told me. and everything like the movies.

when i first came out of the metro and turned around to see nothing other than the eiffel tower i literally jumped with a little was the perfect city i had always dreamed it would be.
old, beautiful, classy, dirty, timeless, magical.
and forever more, my favorite.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

malone vs. bradshaw

every thursday morning our entire office meets.
i am in charge of the agenda, someone gives a book report or inspirational thought, we talk about how we can be better and more productive, we tell jokes, etc.
bottom line: we know how to have a good time.

during today's meeting thee boss gave thee week award to officemate landon.
she talked about how much work he does behind the scenes for everyone and what little credit he gets for it all.
she brought up the "stockton and malone" strategy.

i looked around. clueless. totally out on the joke.

i turned to my boss and said, "i am completely lost."
as the chuckles spread around the room, she explained to me that john stockton made most of the great moves while on the utah jazz, but would then pass the ball to karl malone for him to close the deal. malone would score and get the credit.

sensing my feeling left out of the loop, a co-worker helped me out a bit:
matt: think of it this way, carrie bradshaw's costume designer and carrie bradshaw.
moi: oh, so partricia field and sarah jessica parker?
matt: yes. patricia designs the outfits. sarah jessica wears them. sarah jessica gets all the credit.

true story. word for word.
i love my job.