Saturday, May 29, 2010

ms. perry makes dreams come true

this is going to be short, and this is going to be sweet.
because i am at home in ca and have better things to do than facebook and blog.
however, i want to satisfy the curiosity of with whom i sat on the plane into lax last night.
so here is the story to simmer over for the next few days while i continue to soak up the sun, family, friends, shopping and relaxation my ca life has to offer.
[so much better than anything the computer can offer]

mystery celebrity:dallon weekes
now i know everyone is saying right now, possibly in unison:
ummm who is biggy.

have you ever watched [this] video?
well my new friend mr. weekes is a member of this band.

thee rundown:
he is nice.
he is adorable.
he is well dressed.
he could have used a haircut.
he carries his music on the plane with him.
he has impeccable manners.
he is married. [bummer!]
he lives in salt lake city and la.
he served a mission for the mormon chuch in oklahoma.
the opening line to our friendship was:
are you a katy perry fan?
[how would he have known? ohhh probably the k.p. t-shirt i was wearing, while reading a katy perry magazine]
he shook my hand and introduced himself.
he is a good conversation starter.
he is in la this weekend to record music con panic.
he loves what he does. [who wouldn't]

the silver lining to this whole experience?
remember who i am just determined will be my future husband in this world?
and what does mr. seacrest [aka: the future mr. moi] do for a living?
oh that is right...he is a MUSIC dj, who in fact...has interviewed panic at the disco mucho times.

step in the right direction.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i heart home

48 hours from now i will be HOME.
this fine, fresh, fierce california gurl can hardly stand it!

although i have to admit i don't know if i am more excited to see fam and best friends,
or give thee mom her belated mother's day present.
i wish i could show you what it is, because it is pretty incredible.
i don't even know how i pulled this one off!
might just maybe be the best gift i have ever given.
and although i know i tend to have a flair for the dramatic,
there is no exaggeration when it comes to this.
hope she likes it...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

lost and found...

oh it has been a tough 48 hours for me.
nothing terrible, just coming to terms with the fact that my island obsession is forever gone.
six years. 121 episodes. 176 award nominations. 48 wins.
lost is over.
i laughed. i cried. i gasped. i sulked.
heck, i even dressed up.
good thing i have bff's who are just about as in love with this show as i am.
mel's mom threw the greatest lost viewing party in the world:

[hurley, claire 1, kate 1, danielle, kate 2, locke, jack, claire 2]

[yes, we had dharma initiative food]

[my backpack, complete with airline safety guide]

if you are one of .2 people on this planet that was not watching on sunday evening, then i feel bad for you.
but i am not going to give the ending away.
because my hope is that you will one day become as crazy about this show as i was/am.

when the survivors of oceanic flight 815 crashed on a mysterious island in 2004 they were in the midst of tragedy, turmoil and all unhappy with their lives.
we watched them survive, come together, split apart, leave the island, come back to the island and ultimately come to terms with the lives each of them had lived.

and even though i still have no idea where the polar bears came from...i am setting my questions aside, and finding joy in the fact that:
they found peace.
they found happiness.
they found love.
they found each other.and they are no longer lost.

ohhh and kate chose jack.
good thing.
i would have shut down the viewing party if it had gone any other way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

fine, fresh, fierce.

soo tired after thee extra incredible LOST viewing party/dress up as your favorite character night with bff mel and her fam.
[stories to come tomorrow, promise.]
[i was kate. it was slightly epic.]
so i will leave you with this photo of the day:my favorite person in the world w/ thee guy i would marry in a heartbeat.

ps- if you haven't heard k.p.'s new single california gurls you:
1. are missing out.
2. probably lost as to the context of this photo.

nighty night lovelies.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

answers to the story

so i have had texts and emails about the post yesterday
and the most anyone got right was TWO!

here are the answers (clockwise)...main couple/maria and tony:
camilla belle: basically famous for dating a jonas brother
ben barnes: prince caspian

row one:
jennifer lopez: no explanation necessary
rodrigo santoro: love actually
ashley tisdale: high school musical
chris evans: fantastic four

row two:
brandon jackson: tropic thunder
melonie diaz: nip/tuck
cam gigandet: the oc, twilight
trilby glover: the starter wife
drake bell: drake and josh

row three:
minka kelly: friday night lights, 500 days of summer
jay hernandez: friday night lights
natalie martinez: death race
sean faris: the vampire diaries
shayne lynch: 90210
robert pattinson: twilight (duh?!?)
brittany snow: hairspray

Saturday, May 22, 2010

name this story

so i discovered this picture from the west side story shoot in vanity fair magazine.
and this past week became slightly obsessed in naming the people in the picture, without the help of online sources.
can you do it?

hint: every single person in this picture is famous for one reason or another.
including a few that have been in some of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

start guessing lovelies.
click [here] for a bigger picture, although this web address gives one name away.
have mucho fun.
and ps-googling IS cheating.
i will post the answers manana.

Friday, May 21, 2010

fav friday: friday night

as a yellow personality, i am alll for going out and having fun.
but sometimes, after a long week [spent mostly in bed]
all you want to do is stay in.
and i am not above admitting to the world that most friday nights i do just that. because i want to.

fav way to spend a friday night:
diet coke
friday night lights at 7pm on nbc
ice cream
catching up on weekly magazines
bubble bath
jane austen

i know this is the antithesis of my summer pledge to love. [how can you meet new people while at home?] but i still have to be me. and thee person who eventually gets to spend eternity with me is just gonna have to deal with the fact that this is how i spend a friday night.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

say a little prayer for you

praying tonight
that everything tomorrow
turns out alright.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this heart is open for business

i honestly try [although not always succeed] to be a disgustingly optimistic person.
so what is the good of being on bed rest for 4 days??
a new summer outlook/goal/experiment...
thee jane austen summer of lovethe plan:
throughout the summer i will read my way through all jane austen's novels.
to get me in the full swing of things, i am starting with my personal fav, sense and sensibility.
while reading through these classic stories of self-discovery and love, i will focus on those two thoughts in my own life for what is sure to be my best summer see, i am someone who gets what i want.
i don't mean that in an i am god's gift to the world kind of way, i mean that my parents raised me to believe i can have anything in my life, if i work hard enough for it.
but you see lovelies, love has never been a must in my life.
sure it is great, but i have fully succeeded in finding happiness without it, which was always the plan.
i felt i needed to learn how to be completely happy on my own, before allowing someone else's life to have an effect on the previous found happiness.
having felt i have achieved this,
i am ready to move to phase i scared? ooohhh more than i can say.
why? because i know in the end, i will get what i want.
which terrifies me, perhaps the reason why i have put off actually working at this aspect in my life for so long.
and what is it that i want? you.
you are out there somewhere.
so get ready, because here i come.this summer i will:
read those classics and take a cue from the timeless heroines every austen fan has come to love and adore.
go on every date i am asked on.
not judge a date until the above mentioned first date has come to a conclusion.
find ways to serve those around me.
continue in my goal for personal perfection.
keep all of you informed with how it is going.
[currently on chapter 3 of sense and sensibility]
become a better friend.
and above open.
who knows, lightning could strike.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

gg round up: last tango, then paris

well, the show [this mag] publicly declares to be the greatest show of our time has officially ended it's 3rd season, and it went out with a bang...literally.

dan and serena are seen waking up together and then teeter back and forth throughout the episode between whether they are just friends or more. considering they kissed and then fell asleep together...i would say, more than friends. it doesn't take a dummy to figure this out people.dummy point proven when nate discovers there is more to it than what serena would like to fess up. he breaks up with his blonde gf and gets drunk in the arms of hired escorts to waste his summer days away chuck bass style.
[when did nate become chuck bass, this is seriously taking away from my "he is the nicest guy on television" argument]

speaking of bass, he is at the top the empire state building waiting for b to show up proving her forgiveness for the little episode in which he sold her to his brother for sex to gain his hotel back. [no biggy]
blair is on a date with dorota as chaperone, when she longingly looks up at the empire [state building, not the hotel she sexed herself out to save] and decides it is time to forgive and forget, but right as she decides this dorota's water breaks and they are off to the hospital. all four of them, because of course, dan humphrey has somehow widdled his way into this scene.
chuck goes back to his apt. sans blair and finds jenny in his living room. chuck is sad blair didn't show, jenny is sad she has no friends, what better to do than have sex!?! which they do, but right as chuck is contemplating what just happened, who knocks on the door but blair. she went to the empire after dorota had cute little baby anastasia and chuck was gone already. jenny escapes, chuck tells blair he loves her, she loves him and all is well.jenny goes to a church?!? [huh, she knows those things exist?] and eric shows up and goes to find dan to tell him something is seriously wrong with little j [well she just engaged in a potentially life changing act. yes, i would say something is awry.]
dan finds jenny and she tells him what happened.
blair and chuck are leaving the lobby of the empire hotel hand in hand, when chuck stops and turns to b and starts a huge speech about love. if i am thinking correctly, this speech kind of sounds like a proposal. oh wait...IT IS!!!!!! chuck pulls out the ring, b gasps, and then gasps some more when dan humphrey somehow has managed, yet again, to show up in her picture and punches chuck for swiping j-j's v-card. chuck apologizes to blair, blair screams, shouts, cries and storms off [leighton meester can have to give the girl that.]
jenny humphrey is officially the second survivor kicked off the island this season and i could not be happier. i think i speak for the general public with that statement as well.blair decides there is no better place to milk her broken heart than paris [this girl and i have so much in common it is scary], with newly single bff serena. as they are leaving dan calls serena.
as lonely boy is googling tickets on airfrance enter a very blonde and very pregnant?!? georgina sparks. sorry dan, looks like you will be using that money you were going to buy a ticket to paris with to buy diapers and baby clothes because g's big bump is partly your making. surprise!
meanwhile chuck has fled to prague and is walking the streets drunkenly when he is mugged. they take blair's would be engagement ring from his pocket. he begs them to take anything but the ring and instead of listening to his plea...they shoot him. yes lovelies, i just said SHOOT him.

oh really have outdone yourself this time.
best season finale i have ever watched. and considering the amount of television i watch, that is saying something.
and lets add on top of that the good news that stephanie savage [gossip girl co-creator/writer] confirmed in a press interview this morning that blake lively, leighton meester and ed westwick WILL be filming the first few episodes of next season in PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!see you in the city of light, xoxo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

hire me hollywood!

so so so super excited the filming of [this favorite book] has finally begun in my fabulous city of york.
so here's the thing, everytime i start a new book i play this game in my head where i take the main characters and match them up with a hollywood counter part i would cast if the novel were to be made into a movie.
and although i don't like to toot my own horn, i pretty much could have cast this one to the tee:

ginnifer goodwin as rachel
the girl who sleeps with her best friends fiance the night of her 30th b-day party. problem is she doesn't just sleep with him, she falls in love with him. and him with her.
begin 350 pages of wonderful drama.

kate hudson as darcy
the over indulged, "life has never been bad to her" best friend of rachel and fiance of dex. she has no idea what happened the night of the 30th b-day party.
but she is about to learn a good lesson in karma.

colin egglesfield as dex
engaged to darcy and falling in love with her bff, rachel, after a one night fling that opens his heart back up to the girl he had a secret crush on all through law school.

john krasinski as ethan
rachel's long distance bff from childhood who went out with darcy for 2 seconds in elementary school. he is currently living in london and one of few people who knows of thee fling.
small part in this novel, BIG part in the sequel.

ashley williams as claire
the third in the nyc trio consisting of her, rach and darc.
she has always played second rate in darcy's world to rachel, until rachel starts acting weird about helping darcy plan her wedding and claire is more than eager to fill in where needed.

steve howey as marcus
the semi-cute, ivy league slacker friend of dex who gets set up with rachel in a scheme to try and get her away from dex.
and for all darcy knows, back to focusing on her MOH duties.

doesn't it sound almost too good to be true?
i am beyond excited for this to happen.
and dear hollywood:
apparently i could have cast this one in my sleep.
and fyi, i would have done it for free.
minus some connection finding me a ticket to the met ball 2011.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

keep out!

tonight i feel so sick i could cry.
oh wait, i have already done that today.
maybe it is that i am watching army wives and that always makes me overly emotional.
or i got off the phone with my mom today and wondered why i ever left the comfort of home.
or drop dead diva is on next and it always makes me wish i were still a 45 minute drive from la.
or i haven't seen a friend all day and i am lonely.
or the fact that i can't breathe.
or that i am done laughing at God's lovely sense of humor and ready for a change.
or that i am just tired of being alone.

i know i know, play me that little violin with a tune to feel bad for myself to.
pity party of 1 here i am. except it is hard to have a party when you are hacking up a lung. ugh.

[photo courtesy of]

Saturday, May 15, 2010

dear sniffles: go away

i hate being sick.
why? because i am not good at it.
i have been sick for 5 days now and still went to work everyday, church meetings, group dinners, friday night out, saturday morning movie/lunch date, errands and then finally while sitting at the car wash today had a revelation:
i. feel. awful.

the update on my sick in bed life is:
i am successfully on my 2nd robert downey jr movie
of the afternoon.
logged into a live internet chat with thee katy perry.
i made oatmeal for myself, but it tasted gross.
if i had energy i'd go buy orange juice. but that is not a happenin thing any time soon.
i talked to my mom for an hour.
have you ever sneezed so much you threw up? who knew it could happen? trust me, it can.
my fingers need some color, but my hands are shaking so bad from my medicine it would do no good to attempt a manicure.
thank goodness i curled my hair yesterday, i have some decency when i look in the mirror.
i picked out the pair of louboutins i want to buy as my end of the year present to myself.
i read the new entertainment weekly cover to cover.
i got up to make treats for my class tomorrow, turned right around and got back into bed.
i read the wiki biography on robert downey jr.
i keep wishing i was in vegas right now with jodi.
i finished my current book, but every time i look over to my shelf of unread books there are just too many options to wrap my semi-functional brain around.
i just typed wrap as rap. fail.
i researched the new temple they are building in rome. after seeing letters to juliet this am, i am pretty sure i want to get married there.

if you can't tell from this little list of insanely random/sad activities, i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
dear lovelies: i am signing out until this little lady feels better.
back to my pathetic downey jr. marathon.

Friday, May 14, 2010

thee right priorities?

tonight i looked over and saw this...
for all my non-mormon readers, the ensign is a monthly magazine the church issues with tons of wonderful articles in it, and that is thee dear president of our church on the cover.

however, this month it def got trumped on the magazine table
[aka: neiman marcus box full of clutch purses b/c my closet is too full to fit them]

by my 4 fav gals.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i wanna be an american idiot

[broadway cast of american idiot]
i don't think since miss elle woods made her very big and very pink broadway debut have i been this excited for a musical to hit those stage lights.
especially after lil' bro gave me the broadway album.
words do not describe how amazing it is.
especially [this song].
they also do not describe what i would be willing to do to fly to nyc and see this live.
i don't have a plan yet.
but i will. this just has to happen.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

we're unforgettable

currently listening to [this]
california gurls: katy perry featuring snoop dog.
special thanks to lil' bro for gifting me this song today.
it was exactly what i needed.
i feel the jam of the summer coming on.
and considering it is currently #1 on itunes, apparently i am not the only one who feels this way.
have i ever told you she is my [favorite]?
oh wait yes, yes [i think i have].

Monday, May 10, 2010

in a realtionship: with my tivo

last night thee besties and i were having one of those in depth sunday night conversations about dating. they decided it is time to throw me and my blahniks back in the dating ring to
a: help me get over my [no touching policy] and b: possibly fall in love?!?

the conversation went as follows:
mel: well, i have this guy coming over tomorrow that my sister wants to set me up with, maybe you can "show" up randomly at the house and if you like him i will give him to you.
moi: that's very kind mel, but Gossip Girl is on at 8pm, so we would have to work around that.
jess: mel, aren't you supposed to go on a date thursday, make it a double and take jess.
jodi: great idea.
moi: thursday night is the season finale of Vampire Diaries, i can't do it then.
mel: what about tuesday?
moi: i have 90210 at 7pm and Lost at 8pm.

if i wanted to know the real reason i am 23 and single,
i guess i just found my answer.
yes this is a true story.
i think the fact that i used a picture from a tv show for this post further illustrates my point.
don't feel bad for my life, i certainly don't.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i love you.

a very happy mothers day to this sweet and lovely lady.
if these past few weeks have taught me anything it is that i love her more than i ever knew was possible. she is thee most important person in my world.
she taught me to never apologize for having an opinion, be kind to those who can't do the same to you, loyalty is an asset, there is no substitute for an education and to follow your dreams...who knows? you just might find them.

and a very special happy b-day to thee gg bff...24 is going to be oh so fab for us s!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

highway to hell

dear lovelies:
go see ironman 2. it's not great, it's fabulous!
love love loved almost everything about it.
of course, it has a few typical sequel lame parts.
but other than those,
it defies all sequel stereotypes by being just as great, if not better [as dear mel pointed out] than the first one.
viewers beware: ms. paltrow steals. the. show.

the only thing not so great about seeing the film, is it reminded me of comic con last year.
[i know, i talk about it ALL the time on here, because really it was that much fun]
and the fact i will NOT be going this year.
super sad face.
last year thee bros and i waited in line for hours to see the all star panel for iron man 2, thee lovely cast of the film and sneak peaks of it.[robert downey jr.]

[jon favreau, robert downey jr, scarlett johansson]

[robert downey jr, don cheadle, scarlett johansson, sam rockwell]

[scarlett johansson]

if it looks like a blast and a half to hang out with them for an hour, that is because it really was.
so so sooo sad thee bros get to go this year with out me.
i recently made thee mom tell lil' bro i wasn't going because i couldn't bear telling him myself.
especially because next year he will be on his mission for our church.
seriously, it makes me a little sick. no i am not joking.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

gg round up: it's a dad dad dad dad world

have i mentioned to you before how much i adore this show
i think i have...but just in case you didn't know, there is my official statement.

b finally need pretend no more to go to columbia. she receives her official acceptance to the school of her dreams, and we find out chuck is the one who sent in her application months ago. now that is love.
nate and serena are finally back to their happy, if somewhat oblivious, state of life and i love it. i love them. ok, i will stop talking about it.
jenny humphrey is finally learning karma is a biatch...serena vanderwoodsen is too, especially when you cross her and her hot boyfriend.
daddy humphrey finds out little j has been dealing drugs and it is the end of the road for her.
dan and vanessa go through some really stupid dialogue to finally come to the conclusion that v must do the cnn internship and off she goes
[literally, she is OFF the show prayers have been answered!!]

daddy vdw is here to stir trouble and get lilly back. rufus apparently has been cheating on lil?!? wtf?!? leaving an open spot for vdw to come sweep her off her feet.

thoughts while watching the show:
when did nate start playing lacrosse? i feel like he plays whatever sport is popular at the moment in the real world.
did dan humphrey just reference jersey shore? i have a hard time believing his intellectual self would know what that is. oops, almost forgot he dated olivia. never mind.
does anyone else want b's entire wardrobe in this episode? nothing new.nate needs to stop giving b the rundown of how she needs to grow up. i don't want her to grow up. i want her to stay young and immature forever. no seriously, i do.
serena's dress is gorgeous. so is nate archibald. together they really are too too much.
i met billy baldwin at sundance a few years back. i feel like i am one degree of separation from the gg cast. smile :)
are these people really so stupid that they do not see that daddy vdw does NOT have anyone's best interest at hand?
oh wait, jenny just binged "cancer"...i guess they really are that stupid.
after being in college for only one year, v would not get an internship actually going to haiti. booking reservations for those actually going to haiti, maybe. just maybe.i feel like they made j.humph look cute/gorgeous at the ball so that we would feel bad for her when she got caught. didn't work...although she did look muy bueno.
rufus is cheating on lily? i don't believe it. he would never. would he?
the neighbor is somehow in on things with daddy vdw.
i have a confession: i want blair and nate back together. umm did i just think that? why yes, yes i did.
love the lily and chuck storyline, it shows chuck really does have a heart.not the best round up...i was doing a billion things while watching.
but next week is gonna be a good one.
until then...xoxo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

im so lost.

dear lost producers:
what the hell-o are you doing to my show?
two episodes before the series finale.
couldn't you have kept them alive for 3 more weeks?
they had made it so far and then right before it's all over you have to give them the ax??
i am obviously still very not ok with the turn of events in last nights episode.
in fact, i cried. yes, real tears.
oh stop judging me, you cried too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

god bless coco

so glad someone else believes in wearing stilettos to the store.
i call it the rule of chanel.
and in my book, it is thee only rule to swear by.

Monday, May 3, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall

if there is one event i look forward to every year more than the is the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala.
why? because you can wear anything from pantsuits to the most princessy ballgown you have ever seen.
and for one night only, it is considered fashion.
this year was def not a disappointment:

[jennifer lopez in zuhair murad haute couture]

[anne hathaway in valentino]

[eva l. parker in marchesa]

[gwen stefani in l.a.m.b.]

[sjp in halston]

[tay tay swift in ralph lauren]

not all were great, as i do believe this couple has seen better days?!?

however, thee fairest of them all...
my absolute fav...
was neither sparkly nor flowing, but short and frilly and perfecto!

[blake lively in marchesa]

special thanks to thee dear friend for bringing this number to my attention.
blake, you really have outdone yourself.