Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it's flawless. really something. it's fearless.

i have to admit...i have been putting off this post because i honestly don't even know where to start. so i will just come out and say it: taylor swift is the best performer of our time.there i said it, and you might disagree with me now, but invest $50 on a ticket to her tour and see her for yourself. you will walk to the parking lot at the end of the night on team swift. just ask the grown man i saw at disneyland over the weekend wearing a "team swift: fearless 2010 tour" t-shirt.

5 facts that make this girl amazing:
1. thee only concert i have ever been to where the audience was more important to the singer than the actual performance.
2. she sold out madison square garden in under 60 SECONDS.
3. she is the recipient of the academy of country music's milestone award. only two people have ever been given this award. taylor and garth brooks.
4. she is the youngest person to win entertainer of the year at the country music awards (country's highest award) and only the 6th female to do so.
5. at the end of every song, she stood where she was and took her earpieces out, just to listen to the crowd...nope, she still doesn't believe people actually adore her.
it was very apparent every detail of the tour was planned by a then 18 year old girl who loves ruffles, sparkles, getting public revenge on ex-boyfriends and who still believes in fairytales.
she is not trying to grow up too fast, and she is not trying to be anything other than the gorgeous, blonde girl with curly hair from pennsylvania who used to be made fun of in high school, still talks to her best friend from freshman year and has had her heart broken a few too many times.

the concert began with the lights going down and a flamed logo of swift's name lighting up the stage while metro station's [shake it] blared over the loudspeaker. but try as those speakers did, nothing was louder than the screams of thousands of little girls chanting for tay tay. the looks on their faces were priceless (heck, the look on MY face was priceless)!! the screens on either end of the stage lit up to show a montage of favorite swift moments (including my fav: swift winning [entertainer of the year] at the CMA's a few months back) intermixed with different famous faces stating their definition of FEARLESS.then swift came on the screen to reveal that her definition is not in fact being without fear, but having the courage to accept your fears and work through them.
with that the screens went blank, the band started playing and the red curtains lifted from the stage to reveal swift herself in a band leader uniform, curly hair tucked under her feathered hat, surrounded by cheerleaders marching in to the anthem every female in america can relate to [you belong with me]it followed with her ripping off her uniform and hat to reveal a black sparkly ensemble and that hair we all know and love her for.
"heeellllooo LA! my name is taylor. los angeles, i love you like i love sparkly dresses and on-stage costume changes. i love you like i love burning ex-boyfriends' pictures. i love you like i love telling love stories."
she then continued with her uber hit [our song]. the lights went down and the screens played an interview in which taylor tells what happens to boys who are mean to her: she makes songs of them. the lights came up and t-swift was in a black and silver sequined dress ready to rock out to "tell me why." she then narrated the story of her high school crush who would talk to her everyday about how in love he was with his girlfriend, as the set changed to a classroom and taylor sat at a school desk singing [teardrops on my guitar].
then her band brought out the most sparkly guitar of all time for her to jump around with while singing her tour title hit [fearless]lights down again to only pop back up a mere seconds later and reveal the set is now a living room with taylor sitting in a sparkly red dress ready to help us re-live that infamous joe jonas break up in "forever and always."lights down once more, screens up to reveal a crimes of passion tv piece in which boys from taylors songs seek clemancy for what they have done to her. celebrity guest stars include: tim mcgraw (subject of her first hit song), tyler hilton ("drew" from the teardrops on my guitar video) and stephen (ever heard "hey stephen"? well, that stephen is from the country group love and theft who opened for taylor a few years back). the lights then go on, but not to the stage. ms. swift is now sitting in the back of the stadium, surrounded by fans, in thee most gorgeous dress you have ever seen, ready to strum on her guitar to "hey stephen." she then walked through the crowd (stopping to hug/talk to/take photos with/give autographs to fans along the way) to another part of the crowd and sat down to sing [fifteen] and [tim mcgraw]. she continued to hug about 100 more people (no joke, this section of the concert took about 30 minutes) before making it to the stage to reveal that the difference to her between ordinary stories and fairy tales is that ordinary stories don't have happy endings and then sat down to sing [white horse]. the lights then came up to reveal a life size castle as ballroom dancers came out to a violined version of "love story." after some gorgeous dancing, the castle opened and taylor appeared in her very own ballgown to sing quite possibly her most famous song, [love story]. this was my FAV act, complete with an onset costume change into a white wedding gown and taylor giving her princess tiara to a little girl in the audience at the end.
(i have the worst camera...i know, i know)
her guitarist then took the stage to do a 5 minute solo and toward the end taylor emerged with a tuxedo clad gentleman to sing "that's the way i loved you," in which she is caught between the perfect boyfriend she has; and a passionate, yet awful relationship of the past.
after, she took some more time to talk to the audience as she walked to the top of a staircase to play the piano while singing a mix of her song "you're not sorry" and j. timberlakes "what goes around..." she jumped from the piano to her guitar to dance among fire and sparkles to the song that made her famous...
[picture to burn].
and that was it...or so we thought.
after a cute crowd game by one of her back up dancers, taylor walked out from the behind the stage in a football jersey bearing her lucky number 13 to sing her newest single "today was a fairytale." she then talked to everyone, thanking them for coming. what you could tell, as we had been in the room with her for over 2 hours now, was that when she says thank you...SHE MEANS IT. thee mom leaned over and said, she is just about the most sincere and genuine person alive. you can tell she is in awe of the fact she is successful and she is genuinely grateful for all the support. she then discussed the story behind her last song (she was cheated on, by someone she thought really loved her) and she tore off the jersey to reveal a simple black dress lined with rhinestones and started singing "should've said no." water started pouring onto the stage from the ceiling, and if she hadn't already proved she was here to give us our money's worth and entertain...she jumped into the waterfall as she finished the last few notes of the song.
the crowd rose to their feet, the screams were now louder than ever...
and swift just proved that good girls don't always finish last.


  1. I so feel like I was there. Thanks for the play by play. You did a super job describing it all. Wish I could have been there. Glad you had an amazing time!