Friday, April 30, 2010

thee fav broadway soundtrack

when it comes to broadway soundtracks, i own them all.
but there is one in particular that for obvious reasons [of which i will explain below] stands out above all the rest.
[yes you doubters, it IS better than wicked]
due to the fact few people know this musical, i feel i have a secret when i comes to this soundtrack.
one i am very ready to share...are you ready for it lovelies??
thee fav broadway soundtrack: chess

if you have been reading this blog from the beginning, i have already raved about it [once before]. but one time is not nearly enough when it comes to a favorite.
thee soundtrack features the voices of:

josh groban

kerry ellis

idina menzel

adam pascal
[for all you die hard oprah/rent/wicked fans out there, you know exactly who these 4 peeps are and where they came from]

the plot of the story is severely complicated and therefore i will not even begin to attempt to explain it.
if you are truly curious, click [here].

however, the sound of the album is nothing less than the most spectacular thing you will ever hear.
think i am over reacting? well i am not.
just take a listen for yourself on my fav song [here].
it is a compilation of the greatest voices this world has to offer on one stage singing music written by tim rice
(ever heard of the little mermaid)

and bjorn ulvaeus and benny andersson
(ever heard of ABBA)

i know, slightly unbelievable.
but true.
with 43 songs and 2 discs, this is def worth your money.
go buy it. you will not regret it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

ready to get carried away

today while out shopping for yummy food i stumbled upon this
okay, that was a lie...
i didn't stumble upon it.
i hunted through the two rows of books at sam's club in their entirety until i found it. and then i did. and then i bought it.

and now after a long day at work i am snuggling under my covers in my juicy c. pjs to crack it open and read until my eyes shut for the night.

as an english major i am one of those nerdy ladies who waits months and months for a book to come out and then buys it opening week.
as a carrie bradshaw fan,
this one has been on my calendar for a while.
[to say the least]
what was she like in high school?
i guess moi will find out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

thee itsy bitsy spider

as you know i am obsessed with a little holiday that comes around every october 31st.
most people don't understand it, and i am okay with that.
there is just something about the combination of:
crisp fall air
crunchy leaves
scary movies
candles and pumpkins
orange, black and purple
and a night where you get to be anyone you want to be...
that makes me mucho happy.

last year i journeyed to the depths of comic book world and became laurie jupiter,
a girl raised by a super hero mom trying with everything from within not to follow in mommy's black stilletto heeled footsteps.
with time and tragedy she does fall into those fantastic shoes,
as did i:

[silk spectre]

now i did hint a little bit in last night's post as to who i would transform myself into this time around.
i have decided to remain in comic book land,
but take a small hop, skip and a jump over to thee malibu world of tony stark.
are you ready for it lovelies?

[natalia romanova/natasha romanoff/black widow]

in the new iron man film
natasha is an undercover spy for S.H.I.E.L.D. who is posing as tony stark's new assistant.
and a woman with three names can be nothing less than fantastic.
oohhh i am so excited.
can't wait to see you october.
please come FAST!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

who said black widows are scary?

after spending a year and a half growing my hair out...i suddenly want to chip chop it all off again due to this month's instyle cover girl.
has she ever looked more gorgeous? i think not.

my little journey to comic con last summer turned me into a true scarlett jo fan
she is adorable, rbj is hot and hilarious.
who's excited for ironman 2?
oh yes, that would be moi.
i've gotta feelin' this little lady is going to be a black widow for old hallow's eve this year.

Monday, April 26, 2010

...and daddy's smart and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

today i realized:
i am not as big of a morning person as i would like to be.
i believe perfectly coiffed hair is more important than a face full of makeup.
there is nothing like a mcdonald's diet coke.
taylor swift's "the best day" makes me cry.
i hate having to get gas at the gas station.
i don't know why i left california.
i must have done something great in my past life, because i have amazing people to walk with me through this life.
new issues of instyle/vogue can turn any day around.
i have great roommates.
i really really love tori spelling.
i am strong willed. i am okay with that, even if you are not.
the american idiot broadway soundtrack is brilliant.
my avatar dvd was worth every penny of the $16.99 i paid for it.
i want to go to justin bieber's concert in july.
no i am not joking.
i am more organized than any normal person should be.
my greatest fear is coming to pass, and i am a mess over it.
i love my mom more than she will ever know. she is perfect to me. and thee most important person in my world.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

bite me

so last year when thee bros and i ventured to san diego for the BIG comic con event, we had passes to the preview night, in which we got to watch the pilot episodes to a bunch of new shows. one of them being this show:
(the vampire diaries)
thee brothers would not let me live my instant love for this show down all weekend.
but once it came onto tv in the fall, i guess the ratings proved i was not the only one to fall in love with it.

the plot:
elana gilbert (nina dobrev) is the most popular girl in mystic falls, until her parents tragic car crash leaves her alone and feeling she can no longer relate to those around her.
she meets stefan salvatore (paul wesley) at school and instantly falls for him and the fact that he seems to understand her loss, when all her friends turn away at not knowing what to say.
(oh, and he isn't too bad on the eyes)
mysterious deaths from animal attacks are occuring throughout the town, and while looking through past video footage at the local news station, elena finds a story that debuted in mystic falls back in the 50's. the only problem is stefan is part of it.
the secret (although not really one to viewers): stefan and his equally hot brother damon (ian somerhalder) are vampires.
the boys are back in town to protect the unknowing townspeople from another breed of vampires who are back to take over mystic falls once more, and open a tomb underneath the town church that sealed the fate and lives of vampires from 200 years ago underneath.
among one of the sealed is katherine pierce (also played by nina dobrev), the long lost love who damon and stefan spent most of the later 1800's fighting over, also the woman who took their human souls and changed them to vamps for her own selfish enjoyment.

with a great supporting cast, more blood than mainstream tv has seen in...well, in forever.
and plot twists you never saw coming,
this show has quickly grown to be one viewers can't resist.
plus the flashbacks are any gone with the wind girl's dream:so start watching now lovelies!!
you have 2 more weeks until thee season finale and things are just getting suuupppperrrr good.
oh and did i mention thee bros watch it now too?
because they do.
yes, it is THAT good.

a little delayed...favorite friday

my fav pic of the week
with thee fav actress and thee fav singer
i have to admit it is from an an awards show a while back
but i just love it.

i promise i will be off my t-swift kick in a bit.
but for now, get used to frequent appearances on thee blog.
i am determined to convert the world to her
one lovely at a time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

fyi: tay tay changes lives

i know t. swift is quite the entertainer.
and her concert is probably the best use of a friday night ever.
and that she is my new fav.
and i know she is talented beyond her years.
and that she is just about the cutest thing in the world.
and i know she and i were fashion sisters in another life.
but what i did not t. swift changes lives.
ooohhhh yes lovelies, last night i was talking to thee mom on the phone and she said:

"i have to tell you something...the taylor swift concert has changed my life."
and you know what i said right back?
"meeeeeeee too!"
(yes, we are mother/daughter for a reason)

isn't she just about the cutest in thee world?
oh mommy, i love you. and miss you. thanks for being you.

bitten by a bug

i hoped this yucky feeling would have gone away by now.
but it seems the homesick bug has come to stay for a while.
boo. boo. double boo.

but lucky me, i have fantastic people in my life.
specifically one who dropped this in my inbox this morning:

just a short message to tell you that i think you're great. i'm glad you had so much fun in california and i'm sorry you're so homesick. i hope you have a wonderful weekend! let's play soon. love you!! xo

to you (you know who you are) thank you.
because i needed this more that you will ever know.

(photo courtesy of

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it's flawless. really something. it's fearless.

i have to admit...i have been putting off this post because i honestly don't even know where to start. so i will just come out and say it: taylor swift is the best performer of our time.there i said it, and you might disagree with me now, but invest $50 on a ticket to her tour and see her for yourself. you will walk to the parking lot at the end of the night on team swift. just ask the grown man i saw at disneyland over the weekend wearing a "team swift: fearless 2010 tour" t-shirt.

5 facts that make this girl amazing:
1. thee only concert i have ever been to where the audience was more important to the singer than the actual performance.
2. she sold out madison square garden in under 60 SECONDS.
3. she is the recipient of the academy of country music's milestone award. only two people have ever been given this award. taylor and garth brooks.
4. she is the youngest person to win entertainer of the year at the country music awards (country's highest award) and only the 6th female to do so.
5. at the end of every song, she stood where she was and took her earpieces out, just to listen to the crowd...nope, she still doesn't believe people actually adore her.
it was very apparent every detail of the tour was planned by a then 18 year old girl who loves ruffles, sparkles, getting public revenge on ex-boyfriends and who still believes in fairytales.
she is not trying to grow up too fast, and she is not trying to be anything other than the gorgeous, blonde girl with curly hair from pennsylvania who used to be made fun of in high school, still talks to her best friend from freshman year and has had her heart broken a few too many times.

the concert began with the lights going down and a flamed logo of swift's name lighting up the stage while metro station's [shake it] blared over the loudspeaker. but try as those speakers did, nothing was louder than the screams of thousands of little girls chanting for tay tay. the looks on their faces were priceless (heck, the look on MY face was priceless)!! the screens on either end of the stage lit up to show a montage of favorite swift moments (including my fav: swift winning [entertainer of the year] at the CMA's a few months back) intermixed with different famous faces stating their definition of FEARLESS.then swift came on the screen to reveal that her definition is not in fact being without fear, but having the courage to accept your fears and work through them.
with that the screens went blank, the band started playing and the red curtains lifted from the stage to reveal swift herself in a band leader uniform, curly hair tucked under her feathered hat, surrounded by cheerleaders marching in to the anthem every female in america can relate to [you belong with me]it followed with her ripping off her uniform and hat to reveal a black sparkly ensemble and that hair we all know and love her for.
"heeellllooo LA! my name is taylor. los angeles, i love you like i love sparkly dresses and on-stage costume changes. i love you like i love burning ex-boyfriends' pictures. i love you like i love telling love stories."
she then continued with her uber hit [our song]. the lights went down and the screens played an interview in which taylor tells what happens to boys who are mean to her: she makes songs of them. the lights came up and t-swift was in a black and silver sequined dress ready to rock out to "tell me why." she then narrated the story of her high school crush who would talk to her everyday about how in love he was with his girlfriend, as the set changed to a classroom and taylor sat at a school desk singing [teardrops on my guitar].
then her band brought out the most sparkly guitar of all time for her to jump around with while singing her tour title hit [fearless]lights down again to only pop back up a mere seconds later and reveal the set is now a living room with taylor sitting in a sparkly red dress ready to help us re-live that infamous joe jonas break up in "forever and always."lights down once more, screens up to reveal a crimes of passion tv piece in which boys from taylors songs seek clemancy for what they have done to her. celebrity guest stars include: tim mcgraw (subject of her first hit song), tyler hilton ("drew" from the teardrops on my guitar video) and stephen (ever heard "hey stephen"? well, that stephen is from the country group love and theft who opened for taylor a few years back). the lights then go on, but not to the stage. ms. swift is now sitting in the back of the stadium, surrounded by fans, in thee most gorgeous dress you have ever seen, ready to strum on her guitar to "hey stephen." she then walked through the crowd (stopping to hug/talk to/take photos with/give autographs to fans along the way) to another part of the crowd and sat down to sing [fifteen] and [tim mcgraw]. she continued to hug about 100 more people (no joke, this section of the concert took about 30 minutes) before making it to the stage to reveal that the difference to her between ordinary stories and fairy tales is that ordinary stories don't have happy endings and then sat down to sing [white horse]. the lights then came up to reveal a life size castle as ballroom dancers came out to a violined version of "love story." after some gorgeous dancing, the castle opened and taylor appeared in her very own ballgown to sing quite possibly her most famous song, [love story]. this was my FAV act, complete with an onset costume change into a white wedding gown and taylor giving her princess tiara to a little girl in the audience at the end.
(i have the worst camera...i know, i know)
her guitarist then took the stage to do a 5 minute solo and toward the end taylor emerged with a tuxedo clad gentleman to sing "that's the way i loved you," in which she is caught between the perfect boyfriend she has; and a passionate, yet awful relationship of the past.
after, she took some more time to talk to the audience as she walked to the top of a staircase to play the piano while singing a mix of her song "you're not sorry" and j. timberlakes "what goes around..." she jumped from the piano to her guitar to dance among fire and sparkles to the song that made her famous...
[picture to burn].
and that was it...or so we thought.
after a cute crowd game by one of her back up dancers, taylor walked out from the behind the stage in a football jersey bearing her lucky number 13 to sing her newest single "today was a fairytale." she then talked to everyone, thanking them for coming. what you could tell, as we had been in the room with her for over 2 hours now, was that when she says thank you...SHE MEANS IT. thee mom leaned over and said, she is just about the most sincere and genuine person alive. you can tell she is in awe of the fact she is successful and she is genuinely grateful for all the support. she then discussed the story behind her last song (she was cheated on, by someone she thought really loved her) and she tore off the jersey to reveal a simple black dress lined with rhinestones and started singing "should've said no." water started pouring onto the stage from the ceiling, and if she hadn't already proved she was here to give us our money's worth and entertain...she jumped into the waterfall as she finished the last few notes of the song.
the crowd rose to their feet, the screams were now louder than ever...
and swift just proved that good girls don't always finish last.

Monday, April 19, 2010

dear home: i miss you so

i am so homesick it hurts.

on a happier note:
ms. swift was simply amazing.
she left moi, lil' sis and thee mom speechless.
(and thee mom is a tough critic to win over...she hates concerts)
thee most genuine person i have seen.
she is nothing less than magical lovelies.
pics and a full review to come soon.
until then, read the review from the hometown newspaper [here]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

packin', achin' and a shakin'

as i am packing for thee road trip of the century with my dear pants on thursday, i am listening to this cd:and loving it.
i can definitely say it is not for everyone. however, if you like bluesy country with a little bit of rock, ms. bell bundy might be right up your ally.
one reviewer even dared to call her "the next dolly parton."
mainly she is just too adorable to pass up.
love even more that the cd is split in 2: the achin' (slow songs) and the shakin' (get up and dance time).
current fav: [drop on by] and [giddy on up]

think she looks familiar?
that might just maybe be because she got her BIG start on broadway. she played amber in hairspray, glinda in wicked and is the original elle woods...oh okay, so that is the real reason i just adddoooorrreee her.

gg: the unblairable lightness of being

blair and chuck are asked to be the happy couple (ironic b/c they are anything but happy these days) that escort dorota and vanya down the aisle. chuck bass is footing the bill for the wedding to show blair he is a good person.
serena is still looking for her father via scummy carter baizen and nate can't help but feel jealous.
rufus is finally using that brain we always knew he had, and realizing lily is NOT where she said she would be.
eric has a new love interest. and vanessa is nowhere to be found (yipppppeeee)
the bottom line: dorota and vanya are the newest mr. and mrs. in town, serena is off to find daddy vdw, jenny knows this but keeps nate out of the loop, blair realizes she doesn't like who she's become with chuck and winds up in the arms of....dan humphrey!?!? (yes folks...dan humphrey)

so here are thoughts from last nights episode:
Hold up! What is this hairstyle on Nate...BRING THE MAN BANGS BACK. Puhlease?
I thoroughly believe Blair Waldorf's nightgowns are not nightgowns at all, but actual spaghetti strapped dresses that she thinks are cute, but would never wear in public. Because B in spaghetti straps? Not a happenin' thing.
The only thing Serena and I have in common is that she considers Louboutin's an appropriate gift for an apology.Does Cyrus need to scream everyones name as they walk through the front door?
I will never get over the fact that Blair Waldorf has a portrait of herself as Marie Antoinette on her wall.
I love that B and N still tell each other everything.
Chuck just because you can say those 3 little words over and over now does not mean we are just gonna forget the fact that you prostituted our classy B out last week.
Is there something in the water at the VanDerWoodsens?!? Because I do NOT understand why these women just can't tell the truth. For the love of everything that is holy...TELL THE TRUTH!
Jenny Humphrey makes her episode entrance. It looks like this week's color is purple. Purple eyes and lips...are we in the gothic 90's?
100 points for the fact that the Polish band is playing a version of "I Gotta Feelin'"
Bad move Cyrus...always a touchy subject when you point out the fact that Upper East Side women don't raise their children, the maids do.
Dorota and Vanya are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
"Carter was helping me find my dad? Was he in Carter's hotel room?"...BEST. LINE. EVER.
Okay so apparently Cyrus doesn't just yell names, he yells everything!
Sometimes when Blair cries, it is like she is 5 years old again. Which let's face it...she basically is.
Dorota looks gorgeous in her wedding dress.
Ok so for one time only my friends, I actually like Jenny's dress.
People live in the high tech world of Gossip Girl! Why is communication such a problem for everyone?!
Eleanor and Cyrus are giving Vanya and Dorota the keys to the apartment, and I am crying.
Hell must have just frozen over because Blair Waldorf is dancing with Dan Humphrey!!!
(Yes, this is me screaming!!!!!!)Jenny!! Why do you feel the need to go through other peoples purses and answer other peoples phones?!? Who does that? Oh ya, J. Humph...the BITCH!
(yes daddy, i just said a swear word, but in this instance it really is necessary)
Blair and Dan...I kinda like it my friends.

next weeks episode is pushed until the 26th
(boo, i hate/love sweeps week)
[dr. strangeloved]
nothing about this makes me happy, and i say that in an
"i am so addicted to this show it is ridiculous"
sort of way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

currently listening: leona lewis, echo

if you thought [bleeding love] was good.
(the above linked UK version wins my award for fav music video of 2008)
you ain't heard nothin' yet!
miss leona's sophmore album is a straight outta the gate winner.
from start to finish, i gurantee you will love.
she hits it off with [happy]
(any girls anthem to falling in love over and over again)
then brings it around with [i got you]
(something you can blast from the stereo, singing at the top of your lungs)
through the next 10 songs, this lovely lady's perfect vocals and chilling lyrics will keep yours ears glued to your ipod.
ending everything with what is currently on repeat in my house, [lost then found]
her amazing duet with onerepublic
(i literally got chills the first time i heard it)

i am telling you lovelies, if you listen to nothing else that i post on this blog, listen to this one piece of advice: go buy this album. now. now. now. you will not regret.
my fav track: [my hands]

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the REAL me.

(my room circa the great closet clean out 2009)

my freshman year of college my roommate from hell called me a barbie while screaming at me. (not a compliment)
people tell my parents they are "soooo lucky to have thee perfect daughter."
a few weeks ago, a few sweet girls came up to me and told me they go home every sunday after church and tell each other how they want to be just like me when they grow up.
(very very sweet, but holy you. don't.)

well i am here tonight to tell you world...
that despite the way i carry myself:

i am normal.
i am happy.
i have insecurities.
i think paris is magical.
i do NOT wake up every morning with my hair perfectly curled.
(i curl it every night and sleep on it.
nothing gets me up any earlier than necessary)

i get sad sometimes.
i work 8 hours a day, just like anyone else trying to make it in this world.
i drive a car i bought and pay for myself.
i don't believe in excuses.
i work hard to fit into my skinny jeans.
i don't wear makeup on saturdays.
it took everything in me to graduate from college.
i shop at target just as much as i shop at nordstrom.
i don't have the job i used to, which means goodbye to friday fun nights at aveda salon. you want this color? it comes from a box these days lovelies.
i dream of living in new york city.
i have had an eating disorder.
i get lonely.
i am very blessed.
i live on a budget.
i take the elle woods approach to life.
i have failed at many things.
i have bad days.
i hate the outdoors.
contrary to popular belief, i am a carrie. not a charlotte.
(which means...i get moody with the best of 'em)
i sleep with my blackberry.
i own a pink snuggie.
i worry no one will ever truly love me.
i am just me.

so next time you look at someone and think, "gosh, they have the perfect life"...
remember we are all on this crazy journey together.
we all have ups. we all have downs. we all make mistakes. we all deal in our own way.
but no matter what happens...
the best solution to anything is to simply be you!
and you can tell the world to take it. or leave it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

favorite friday: thee best girlfriends

i am often called out on the number of facebook friends i have.
to that claim i explain that i never befriend anyone on f-book that i do not know,
which in turn makes me think: how lucky am i to have so many blessings of friendship and acquaintance in my life?
(yep, this favorite friday is gonna be long and it's gonna get sappy, so grab a coke and some chocolate and enjoy. or close your browser and read no further)
if i have learned anything in life it would be that friends make the world go round.
but even more, you need a core group of people you can trust with anything, laugh at everything, regret nothing, and love always.
i am lucky enough to have twelve girlfriends who fit into this very exclusive place in my heart.
are you ready to meet them lovelies? i have been dying to introduce them to you...(they are in no particular order)

thee bff- alison
going to that most often dreaded monday night church activity called family home evening ended up being the best decision i ever made as a sophmore in college, because it slammed me right into the life of this lovely lady. the first memory i have of her is playing croquet against her on the lawn of the hollywood house (yes, us ladies do things the classy way). then thee bff got engaged to the sweetest man i have ever met and thee wedding planning began. in a last minute twist, i was asked to be thee bridesmaid. the funny thing about our story is we are better friends after the wedding than we were before. how do i know this? because she is my best: my best defender, my best confidant, my best best friend. always and forever. we just have to much fun to stay out of each others way.

thee dear friend- wendy
i met this friend in a bowling ally. fast forward 3 weeks when thee pants went on a roadtrip w/o moi and i was alone and kinda bummed out. so being the weird/creepy/inspired person that i am, i facebooked wendy (becuase i didn't even know her well enough to have her number...haha) and asked her if she wanted to hang out. she invited me to her house for a blonde/brunette sleepover party of 2 and she has been one of the dearest people in my life ever since. she has been with me through thick and thin, from the top of the london eye to the depths of my depression bed when i was feeling rejected. we don't always agree on things and we are always brutally honest with each other, but because of that i know there is nothing that will ever happen that would result in the dissipation of this relationship...and to that i say THANK GOODNESS.

thee harvard gossip girl- sara
summer of my junior year of college i interned for thee gossip girl's dad. i was enjoying my days of slavery and work when i found out that thee boss's daughter would be sharing the shift with me for the rest of the summer. i have to admit i wasn't jazzed...i wanted this job all to myself! but that summer ended up being one of the best of my life (95% because of this lovely lady). from vip seating at the lifehouse concert, alias marathons, pageant of the masters, and 4th of july parties to midnight movie showings, costco shopping and taking LA by storm, it was a summer of secrets shared and memories made. she has becomethe friend who always sends the random card the week you really need it, always calls when you need someone to talk to, and ALWAYS has something clever to say. she can make me laugh like no other. she is the s to my b (if you watch gg you will get it), and i'm never letting her get away from my core 13. did i mention she is a 2nd year at harvard law? yep, my bestie is a genius.

thee bombshell- aubree
once again, total fluke meeting. both moi and thee bombshell were bridesmaids in thee blogging beauty's wedding. we met the day of the wedding around 2:15pm and by 2:21pm we were the best of friends. it was like we had known each other since birth. she made my move from ca to provo the best transition in the one does spa days, gg photo shoots or shopping spree's like this bestie. one of my fav memories: sharing secrets and cheesecake at thee factory in a random outing in thee big city one night. she understands me on a level no one else does and this fiercely loyal bff always has my back. we text everyday, alllll day and i never have, never will get tired of talking to her. did i mention she designs the greatest headbands you have ever seen. click [here] to see for yourself.

the best bestie- karla
if you ever want to know what is going on in my life, you could probably ask this bestie what is going on in her life and chances are it is happening to me too. we literally are like one soul in two bodies...have you ever had such a connection with someone? i sincerely hope you have because let me tell you, having someone else with you on this crazy ride called life that always knows exactly how you are feeling and thinking, and will always tell you the most honest of truths, is one of the greatest blessings you could ever ask for. i have known this lovely lady since the 7th grade. we became the best of friends through such experiences as dance team, ap english classes, spanish classes, tests, breakups, shakeups and everything in between. my fav story of us: in spanish our teacher had to make a seating chart because me and this bestie would talk too much. (oops!) only problem was, we still sat together anyway, because we just couldn't stand the fact of being separated for 45 minutes (we had every class together that year, no we did not pay someone to make it that way). so the seating chart lasted about 2 weeks, and then senor gave up trying to separate us.

thee future mrs. pattinson- rachal
this friendship started with a new years eve matinee of kiss me kate in nyc. i feel asleep on her shoulder (most expensive nap of my life) and the rest just seems to be history. if i could sum up this miss in one word it would be: loyal. i know that no matter what happens, where i live or what i do, she will always be there for me, and i hope she knows the road goes both ways. our friendship took the turn for the better (ironically) during a huge fiasco of a fight between me and thee best bestie last may in vegas. although the fight began a 5 month era of my life i would like to just consider a bad dream, the good that came of it is that me and this miss became closer than ever. i trust her with my world and the chaos that it is, knowing judgment will never be put upon me, just love.

thee opposite- jess
if she says its black, i say white. she loves snowboarding, boating and tanning. i prefer keeping my heels indoors at the mall. but despite our differences, there is a bond here that i am blessed to have in my life. if you ever want a TRULY honest opinion, you can ask this girl. most people are afraid of her at first (she does tend to come off a bit rough), including myself. in fact, i was terrified when they put her desk in front of my office at work. but then fear turned to admiration, which turned to like, which turned to friendship, which turned to love. who else can you stay up until all hours of the night with watching trashy tv and drinking mommy andrus' oreo smoothies? ooooh that would just be her. everyday when i wake up the first thing i see is the gorgeous crystal frame she bought me before i left for UT, with the above picture in it, engraved with a very special message. and i am reminded of how blessed i am to have her in my life.

thee bestie- jo
although we have tried to remember it many times, i can't think of the moment when this friend was not one of my best friends. she is the BEST at cheering me up when i am having a blue day, mainly because she is just about one of the funniest people i have ever met. she will be a bridesmaid in my wedding, an auntie to my kiddos (it i make it that far), and someone i wouldn't want to go on the rest of this journey without. from random target shopping trips to lazy nights in, she is thee best to do anything and everything with.

thee cutie- mel
let it be known my lovelies, you will never EVER meet a nicer person on this planet! she is 100% genuine in everything she does, and in a world full of fake and plastic, she has become an invaluable asset to my life. however, do not be deceived by her sweetness, she has some sass to her...thank goodness! one of my best memories with this gal: driving around thee big city at 1am looking for chocolate cake on valentines day eve, only to return to our snuggly hilton hotel room to eat said cake and watch the olympics. it is memories like those that make life special. ps- if you ever meet her, ask her to do her high voice.

thee pants- ada
any of you who know me know i have more roommate from hell stories than just about anyone on this planet, minus this lady. and to this day there has been no one that i have loved living with more than her. it was a year of sleeping on the pullout sofa together, grey's anatomy marathons, tears, sweat, blood, hospital visits, mission calls, fights, makeups, 24 hour gym time, mcdonald's snack wraps, trips, high school musical photo shoots, somersaults in the kitchen, cooking, she has a zest for living unlike anyone i have ever met, and it is impossible to not have the best time when you are around her. this year we went to town and did a glee performance for the ward talent show...and she hit the high not just right. haha

thee blogging beauty- jenna
jenna and i met when we were on the activities committee together my sophmore year at byu. we stayed in touch due to the fact she is about the only person who loves oscar parties as much as i do. i was supposed to be her date to a dance one night, and instead she asked a boy to go with her. a few years later i was a bridesmaid in her and that boy's wedding in thee emerald city. the months leading up to the wedding involved hours of emails back and forth, frantic phone calls and words of reassurance in the crazy lives we were both living. despite the miles that keep us from talking all the time (as i wish it could be), she is someone who will be in my life forever. and i know the next time i see her, we will pick up right where we left off.

thee movie star- britt
never have i had a more genuine friend. walks to school were made brighter with her by my side, nights of being bummed out were lifted by her words, and outings and events were made perfect because of her fabulousness. in walking down a street with her during the sundance film festival one year, we were literally followed by photogs and curious people wondering what movie she was in. of course, we played along and get vip treatment because of it. she looks like she belongs in hollywood; but better yet, my deepest of deep secrets are safe in her hands. she has a heart of gold, and i am a better person for it.