Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hello high society

considering i will be attending thee mother/daughter easter extravaganza on friday
(aka: girls night in of dying easter eggs and putting together easter baskets)
i feel favorite friday can come a few days early, or it may be i just finished watching my newest tv addiction: high society.
either way, i have my new favorite on the brain...druuuuuuumroll please
favorite person to watch: tinsley mortimer
why you might ask?
her style is classic, colorful and girly
(hmmm...remind you of anyone else you know?)
she lives and loves in new york city
she has been on gossip girl a few herself
(who is special enough to be on gg as yourself...well, tins)
she seems like a genuinely nice person
(how can i tell this? her maid loves her, and you can always tell the true person by how they treat the maid)
she has a sense of humor
she designs purses
she lives the life we all wish we could

so basically if you don't like her, it is because you are jealous.
we all know [devorah rose] certainly is.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

gg round up: the empire strikes jack

(miss blair and the newly homeless chuck bass)
before we get to the plot of last nights leave your mouth wide open in disbelief gg episode, let's call special attention to the title of the episode above...
5% of the reason i love this show so much, they are pretty near genius when it comes to twisting movie titles into television titles. love love love.

now onto the good stuff...
chuck bass is being kicked out of his hotel. the one he signed over to his mother last week hoping she could help him ride out the assault scandal. turns out she is a lying, cheating biatch who took chuck's hotel and handed it over to chuck's greatest enemy and only living relative, jack bass.
vanessa is loosing confidence in her month old relationship with bff dan humphrey...i'm going to stop talking about them now because i am subject.
rufus gets jenny a 2nd chance at the eleanor waldorf atilier helping with the fashion show, problem is former bff/greatest threat agnes is a model in the show and ready to get revenge on lil' j in the form of drugs, drugs and more drugs.
eleanor asks blair to invite 30 of her friends from nyu to the fashion show. that would be very generous of mommy w except...blair waldorf doesn't have friends.

now for the thoughts on the episode and the rundown:
"nothing quickens the blood quite like couture"--oh gg, i know exactly how that feels.
lil' j what is going on with the ugly beanine, ugly lipstick, ugly necklace...oh heck, the whole fugly outfit. aren't you supposed to be the blooming fashionista on this show?? i am so lost.nate and serena are giving dan and vanessa couples advice. am i the only one who remembers n and v and s and d used to date each other?!? i am thinking this is awkward...but what do i know.
dorota soliciting high class hookers to be blair waldorf's clan of 30 bff's. "prostitutes are people too"=best quote of the episode.
i love that my dearest blair not only looks down upon regular department stores, but did you catch the way she said bloomingdales?!? of course she hates bloomie's, she is just too good for such normalcy. haha.
why is vanessa worried about the flame of her relationship with dan going out? they have been dating for THREE episodes!!! and why does serena have a solution for this?? like she is worried the flame in her and n's relationship is burning out...ummm, has she not looked in the mirror with her new bf recently, they are the hottest thing television has ever, ever, ever seen.jack bass really is an ass. blair waldorf really is a genius.
finally, the reminder that these kiddos actually ATTEND college and do not just live in dorm rooms and go back to their upper east side penthouses on the weekend.
nate is officially the nicest guy in the gossip girl universe, oh let's make it the the entire television universe. he is just....good. i mean sure he was a male prostitute at the beginning of season 2, but that was to save his family people!! and that is nice in my possibly slightly tainted book.
FINALLY! I have been waiting all season for college girls to prove it is ok to wear headbands. it seems our lady B has finally found her posse. the only prob is they go to columbia... i foresee a college transfer ahead for ms. waldorf.
jenny! no! just as you are about to be good you have to decide you think nate is cute and go after the step-sissy's guy. welcome to the world jenny, we ALL think he is hot...but he does NOT belong with you!words to live by: "whatever you wear...dress to kill."
i am so ready for the bass/waldorf on bass war.
woah woah woah, E is actually chuck's mom?!? i honestly didn't see that one coming. but i have to admit i am glad she left, i hate her, and my gg world has no room for people i hate.

and now this is where we talk about the trailer for next week...EXCUSE ME?!?!
b is going to sleep with jack to save chuck's money?
jenny is going to eff things up between serena and hot nate to get hot nate to love her?
vanessa and dan are...well just vanessa and dan...i really only care about the above two couples.

6 more days lovelies...title of next weeks episode:
[inglorious bassterds]
until then...xoxo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

good night world

(dakota fanning, sleeping beauty, vanity fair magazine)

sometimes you just need a weekend where you vacation from your life.
in my world this translates to sitting on a couch with your very best friend in the entire world and talking/crying about life and why it isn't fair, eating more pizza than any person should, and watching 17 episodes of gossip girl.
(because we may have problems...but nothing compares to nate archibald being in a position to become the step-father of ex-love blair waldorf)

i am happy today is over
(i will never again give a lesson in church on marriage...period)
i am happy the weekend is over
(i learned i cannot save everyone, nor should i expect myself too)
i am happy it is time to sleep
(as the above picture might reference, it is the key to beauty...and peace)

goodnight moon, world, love, stress, life.
see you in 9 hours.

Friday, March 26, 2010

a name by any other name

today is friday!
which means, this should be a favorite friday post...yay?!?
but instead, for one night only, it is going to be a frustrated friday post.
sorry lovelies, i just can't hold it all in anymore...

(frustration=giving away all your pretty shoes)

dear world:
i cannot do it all. i cannot save the world.
and although i hate saying it, i think you have delt me a hand that is too much for even me and my overachieving ways to handle. so for the next 24 hours i beg of you...
give. me. a. break!
(and not in a kit-kat kind of way, i have already consumed 5x the normal calorie intake of any healthy person today due to extreme amounts of stress)

i want to go home to california. lay on my real bed. and just cry.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my life would suck...

...without you.
i feel this brunette needs to say an official and very special
happy birthday to the best [psuedo mommy] ever!
the day started with me and thee boss wishing her a very special, happy day and ended with dinner at carabbas and sharing dessert. (yum yum yum)

some reasons why she is my favorite:
1. we snuggle on the couch and talk about anything and everything for hours.
2. we can cry when things are crummy and laugh when things are light.
3. she introduced me to chanel lippy.
(although i am yet to be brave enough to put mine where she puts hers)
4. she gives those kinds of presents that mean the world.
5. no matter what i do...i am loved.

happy birthday.
i am beyond blessed to have you and provo dad in my life.
i love you...giggle.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

done and done

tonight i made an executive decision for my life...

one day i will call this home:
and i will wear these shoes:
happy future to me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sassy girl in reform

great in candy and chocolate (especially in large quantities).
great in color. great in smell.
in fact, i love things that revolve around sweets.
so why don't i find it great in my personality?!?

last night i had a great little convo with [lil bro],
"jess, even i am scared to cross you...and i am related to you!!"

new goal lovelies: a little less of my sass and a little more laugh, smile, patience.
after all, my goal in life is not to be the next anna wintour.
i can totally do this. i think.

no wonder i am single

as a self-proclaimed type A personality, my planner is something that never leaves my side.
(and if you look closely enough, it usually never leaves my hand)
everything gets written in my little digital device.
work, lunch plans, meetings, appointments, lessons, evenings out, dinner dates, sales at the store, television shows...
ummm last night i was looking at my after work plans for the week and this is what little bb looks like:



life question: when did i become a 14 year girl?
life answer: i guess i am single for a reason.

whatever lovelies, if you would be so kind as to excuse me, i have an island to get back to.

Monday, March 22, 2010

gg round up: the sixteen year old virgin

(oh jenny)
well upper east sidders...
little j is "ready" to swipe her v-card over to her druggy boy toy.
chuck, accused of assaulting women in his hotel, is facing major charges and changes in his business deals.
the supposed past almost mrs. bass is undergoing dna testing.
b is furious with c for not believing the aforementioned testee.
it's finally time to reflect on the fact that s left n the morning after their big night 2 years ago.
lily and rufus are in a weird void.
and speaking of weird voids...i can't get into the dan and vanessa thing...

so let's get started with our roundup:
i love rufus humphrey, but i can't decide if he is the world's most dedicated father or the most oblivious one. after all jenny has put him through, is he really THAT surprised when the headmistress calls to say she hasn't been to school for a week?!? come on rufus! you were a rock star once, you know this drill.
i feel they have frumped lily down. i don't know why...i used to adore her clothes and now i feel everything she wears is just...average.nate and serena. hot. hot. hot. like, i wish they would have children to make the world a more beautiful place hot.
dan and vanessa=awkward. i am just not into it.
why are none of these people going to school? did we not spend an entire season last year focusing on college apps and acceptances...and now none of them seem to care? did they all take a leave of absence that i don't know about?
blair and chuck. chuck and blair. my favorite tv couple ever!
this supposed chuck having a mom thing is weird, she is up to no good.
jenny, you just don't look good. your fake extensions are awful and no sixteen year old girl needs to be wearing something that is see-through all over the joint.
nate, you knew what and who serena was when you started dating can't pull the slut card now. minus perfect points for you buddy.
what is with dan and vanessa?!? have i mentioned they are weird?!?
okay jenny, you get some points back because those 6 inch heels you wore to the bass party were incredible. but then again, i think you forget you are SIXTEEN!
serena, for once i like your dress better than blairs.whoah whoah whoah...n actually loved s way back at the shepherd wedding?!? that's cute.
vanessa you don't look look like a trampy tramp. ugh!
serena threw the L card at nate and nate accepted. a shoe is going to drop in this relationship very soon, because perfect never lasts long in nyc
i knew knew knew that lady was up to no good. plus they put her in an ill-fitted dress that made her look fat...which means, they didn't want us to like her from the beginning.jenny, did you really think drug lord damien was in love with you? i didn't even think you were that stupid. apparently i was wrong. and why you gotta be such a biatch to step-sissy serena...she is only trying to help.
blair, you really are adorable.
the other bass is kinda hot, sorry i just had to say it. and that is the last time you will hear it from me.

so lovelies, what shall happen next and how shall we ever survive another 6 long, boring days without our favorite over the top drama teens?!?
i don't know, but somehow we always do.
good thing bff ali is currently hooked on season 1,
it will help me make it through the week.
until next time...xoxo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

this is my world

"i think what i often see is that people are frightened of fashion. and that because it scares them or makes them feel insecure they put it down. there is something about fashion that can make people feel very nervous."
--anna wintour, the september issue

[the september issue] is the documentary film of editor in chief anna wintour (the woman the devil wears prada is supposedly based on), her minions, and the months of work, blood, sweat and tears that go into the ever coveted and purchased september issue of vogue magazine.
fyi: the september issue of vogue is usually well over 600 pages of clothing, shoes and accessories.
1 out of every 10 women in america purchase this issue each year. as one interviewee states in the film,
"september is the january in fashion."

random film thoughts:
myself and andre leon talley should be best friends. no really. we should.
the fact that vera wang is 60 and looks as good as she does makes me sick.
anna wintour can smile??? who would have known
why don't i live in new york city?!?
i would wear the orange de la renta to my wedding, even if it had to remain orange.
if i had all the money in the world i would hire grace coddington to be the stylist of my bridal portraits in paris. i am thinking the gardens of versailles?? yes yes.
the louis vuitton head to toe tennis gear of leon tally is laugh out loud funny.
quote: (in speaking of jennifer garner) "she looks pregnant." ummm...brutal.
i want to be invited to the neiman marcus breakfast!
sienna miller...not my favorite covergirl. i feel blah about her.
grace grace grace...your pictures are incredible.
stick thin model, you eat that pie. while your at it, have another one and another one!!
paris, you really are my favorite city in the world.
i want wintour's closet. haha. don't we all?!?
oh september...i really do love you.

(brilliant photo in the september 2007 vogue styled by grace coddington)

bottom line: when thee mom called me friday night to tell me a.) i need to go rent this movie and b.) it is something i could watch 10 times a day and never get bored, she was right.
if you have any interest in fashion, magazine editing, photography or even simply seeing what the devil in prada herself is really like, this is a must must MUST see film.
i watched it 6 times this weekend.
nope, i'm not joking.
yes, it is that good.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

favorite friday (plus a few hours)

well, i am about 12 hours behind on friday
but i am determined this time around to keep up with the favs, so i am posting anyway
favorite topic of the week: fav designer
(i am watching the september issue right is on the mind)
and i don't think this unveiling will come as a surprise...fav designer: oscar de la renta

why you might ask?
never has this man done anything that i have not been in love with. he embraces everything girly, ruffly, flowery, sparkly, classy,

(perfect outfit for walking down the street in grand paris)

(adore the detailing on the bottom)

(i own a version of this dress...neatly tucked away in my closet for special days)

(walk in another woman's shoes?? yes please.)

(my favorite dress ms. cruz has ever worn)


(if this is what fall 2010 looks like, bring it on)

(de la renta runway show)

and as i have always said, if one person could design my wedding dress
it would be oscar, and this would be it...
with this for the reception/grand party...
maybe one day my dream will come true?
i'll work my butt off for it that is for sure.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

just one of those nights

have you ever been in a situation where you sit down
(maybe even in nothing but a towel)
on the floor (of the bathroom??) and think:
is this really happening to me?

so was the experience of last night...
i had just finished doing my pilates/watching law and order and was ready for a shower and beddy time, but it seems the fates had a different evening in store for me.
i went into my bathroom and shut the sliding door that sections off my shower from my sink.
i got in the shower, lather, rinsed and repeated,
and then got out.
i wrapped my snuggly towel around me and went to slide open the door and...nothing.
it was locked!!
what i learned last night is that apparently the lock is broken and cannot be unlocked from the inside. (go figure)
i tried opening all the cabinets by my shower and looking for something sharp to unscrew the lock, but ended up trying to unscrew it with the back of my necklace.
nope, didn't work.
then i tried knocking on the door hoping my roommate would hear me. nothing.
by this time i had been trapped for about 30 minutes and with all the steam from my shower was imagining suffication in my future (it's not new news i am a drama queen).
so i had nothing left to do but scream...
and scream i did!
moments later my roommate came running in asking what was going on.
i think the situation spoke for itself.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

who needs daytime television?

...when you have gossip girl?
my little obsession with [this] show is not new,
as it is my favorite of favorite shows.
now i know most of you think that this is just a sassy, slutty, soapy monday night show.
but in fact, it is so much more...
how you might say? because it is actually good.
well written, funny, good acting, great costuming and the best city in the world. so let's count down thee top 5 best gg episodes according to moi:

(blair and nate)
5. southern gentleman prefer blondes (season 2)
the ultimate episode of quotes, music and characters. the gang try to catch socialite poppy in her scheme w/ serena's supposed bf to get the bass millions. who else to bring in but the woman who almost brought them all down herself in season 1: georgina sparks. as a now reformed bad girl just fresh out of bible camp the quotes that come from this situation are priceless, along with the quotes that come from upper east side staple blair having to ride the subway for the first time in her life.

(little j and nate)
4. they shoot humphreys, don't they? (season 3)

blair is back, but this time coaching for the big coming out party. serena is on the verge of becoming the other woman in a vanderbilt relationship. eric trys to take little j down with blair's help, only to watch her triumphantly succeed in becoming the queen biatch of the school and walking up those cotillion steps with none other than nate archibald on her arm.
best quote from gossip girl herself: "oh, e. you tried to play dirty, but you should have known. no one puts jenny in a corner. and now she's having the time of her life."

(blair and chuck)
3. victor, victrola (season 1)

this is our first window into the tragic relationship of billionare bart bass and his son chuck. blair tries to help chuck succeed in starting his own business ventures, all the while finally realizing that no matter how hard she tries to make things work with kindergarten sweetheart nate, he has bigger fish to fry with his druggy father.
real reason why this makes it on the best list? audrey hepburn wannabe blair turns into a dancing pussycat doll and winds up in the arms of.......her loathed enemy chuck???? in the back of a limo...and i think you can figure out the rest.

(clockwise: georgina, dan, lily vanderwoodsen-bass, serena, blair)
2. much i do about nothing (season 1)

the big vanderwoodsen/bass merger wedding has finally come and folks we have dior, chanel and wang all over this epidode. from the killer costumes to the even sassier dialogue'
( dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the face of this company, to watch this man and this woman totally F things up. excuse me while i pull out a hanky and pass it to S and D. looks like i'm not the only one who cries at weddings.)
this is one of the best in gg history. one couple tie the knot, one break things off, one don't even know they love each other yet and one finally get things started. i love season finales.

(chuck and blair)
1. the goodbye gossip girl (season 2)

so we can pretend that we love the fact that in this episode the kiddos finally graduate from high school and we almost find out who gossip girl really is. but the real reason this episode shoots to number one so obviously lies within three simple words: i love you. these words are finally uttered from chuck bass's mouth to miss blair waldorf after a season of her throwing herself out in the void, and his scared self shutting her down.
"i love you, i love you, i love you."

oh chuck...we love you too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's almost time

(i don't know about you, but i ALWAYS look like this when i go shopping)

i started counting waayyy back when [this] happened
and we are finally one month away from the BIG night with lil sissy, thee mom, ms. swift, kellie pickler and glorianna.
no biggy,
just the best sweet 16 celebration
this world will have ever seen.
i am trying to stay calm and cool about this,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

bring on the butterflies

When it comes to relationships, maybe we're all in glass houses, and shouldn't throw stones. Because you can never really know. Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies...
-miss carrie bradshaw
(or mrs. carrie bradshaw preston...however you choose to look at it)

wellllll i may be twenty three (i KNOW, so old)
i may be stubborn
and i may be single
but i am just about as happy as a girl can get.

i have an incredible family, unbelievably patient and loyal friends, a job i can look forward to going to each day, experiences that have provided blissful memories
and i day when i am ready...those butterflies will be all mine.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

my little pet named peeve

although patience is not a virtue i was born with, i am certainly trying to obtain it in various ways.
that said, there are still a few things that no matter how much patience i posses,
i believe will always bother me:

people who are consistently late
putting dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty
leaving lights on when you leave a room
taking up two parking spaces when your vehicle clearly only needs one
talking in a theatre during a movie
kate gosselin
excessive clingyness
complain, complain, complain
being rude to someone serving you
guys who just don't get it
people who expect others to do everything for them
being asked why i am not married yet...

everything else is fair game lovelies.

Friday, March 12, 2010

sandra, welcome to my club

as it is friday, i feel we should go waayyyy back to my self proclaimed favorite friday posts on the blog.
(i will try to be more consistent this time lovelies)
this week's favorite: favorite actresses

from the moment one was accepted to harvard law, one twirled and sang her way to the top of a parisian elephant, one was a sassy salem witch, one a silly girl who lost all senses when it came to love and one fell in love with her fiance's brother while he was sleeping...they have been my hollywood favs:
(here they are in a very specific order)

1. reese witherspoon
2. nicole kidman
3. sarah jessica parker
4. kate winslet
5. sandra bullock

and after this past week, what do four of these women have in common?

(reese witherspoon, best actress: walk the line)

(kate winslet, best actress: the reader)

(nicole kidman, best actress: the hours)

(sandra bullock, best actress: the blind side)

yes, they all have their very own little gold man.
welcome to the club sandy.
sjp...ya gotta get on this hunny!!
maybe ms. bradshaw will bring you this exclusive accessory one day?
but even if you never earn one of your own, i will forever love you for bringing her:

(thee carrie bradshaw)

into the world of television, fashion and the big screen.
and to all of my really are fabulous.