Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weary of the Red Storm

If you didn't see the game today, seriously where were you? Shame on you as an American for not watching. I'm not even gonna tell you the score because really, what was more important than see USA go against one of the greatest hockey teams even assembled. But as you might have seen, we left in defeat. But did we really loose? If you look back and notice that no one predicted anything for us, and we got the silver medal and barely missed the gold, pretty sure that means something. We were good enough to score with 24 seconds left in the last period to send one of the greatest hockey games ever into OT. Going into this game our chances were slim, even though we had dominated all the games. Like I said in the first hockey post, this Canadian team was unbeatable, but somehow we figured out how to beat them. They had it in the bag, but somehow we figured out how to rack their nerves at least for a couple minutes. So did we really lose? We might have lost the gold, but the next Olympic hockey rematch is set. And an even bigger testament to how well we did was that Ryan Miller got the MVP of the tournament. Not a Canadian player.

They saying is may the best team win, and I believe that during the medal ceremony the best team did win. Don't call me unamerican, but anyone who knows anything about hockey would agree with me. Canada was the best team, and they won. The silver medal is better than anything for us. But being blanked twice for the gold against the same team in the finals will not last long. Next Winter Olympics, we will come, we will score, and we will win.

This is little bro, signing off.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Nice Finnish

They said that it wouldn't happen. There was no chance in the world that we were supposed to go anywhere in the Olympics. With half the team being under 25, and only a few veteran Olympians, our team was mismatched, misguided, and just a miss altogether. By any chance, did they look at the score in today's game? Ya. 6-1. USA. Against a team that went to the finals in the last Olympics. A team that anyone who knows the ice game would be afraid to face in the quarterfinals. A team with more veteran experience than sticks on the ice. Now don't get me wrong, the players on Finland are amazing, two of the best are from the Anaheim Ducks, but what USA did out there today...No words can describe it except: we made it look like a kids game out there. Now the break down.

The first period was literally incredible. If you didn't see it, watch it now. 6 goals in one period, two of those goals in fifteen seconds. Amazing. The man to blame for the six goals? Well there is a lot to blame. The Fins play a very slow game of hockey, and we don't, so that definitely had something to do with six pucks in the back of the net. Another reason was the goal tender. From the very first goal when Miikka Kiprosoff came out of the net I knew that we had it in the bag. Watch the highlight. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Doesn't matter because we took advantage, and never let go. You can tell the difference in our team from when we first played. There are barely any odd man situations given up in the game, which was our main weakness. We were using the boards, controlling in the zones, giving pressure. I don't think there was a thing we were doing wrong.

Stars of the Game

3. Ryan Malone/Zach Parise. Their goals and assists helped us get to the six. Definitely players to look for in the finals on Sunday.

2 Ryan Miller. Once again, he is the man. Although he didn't really have to block much, he is still unstoppable in the goal, having two shut outs.

1. Patrick Kane. The man pictured above. They said that he hadn't done much in the Olympics. No goals. Some assists, but overall hadn't made that big of a splash in the Olympian waters. Well he answered in today's game. With two beautifully executed goals, he is the man of the game. Lets hope it carries over into Sunday, because we will need him.

So we made it to the finals. Sunday will be an amazing game, that's for sure. Canada is surely not living up to the expectations that it had set, barely winning today's game against the Slovaks. But that doesn't mean we will win. They are still a force to be reckoned with, and by the look of today's game, so are we. Bring it on Canada.

This is little bro, signing off.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

can i have my hand back please?

sooo i have a secret:
i may be a yellow personality
but, i am NOT a touchy feely person
i repeat...i don't like touching.
my friends think it's weird, my family thinks it's sad, and the poor guys i date can't handle it.

case date #1: i was on a first date with a guy.
he was a great guy...funny, smart, entertaining and miracle upon miracles...i was having fun!
dinner was great (pizza...being moi, i could not ask for more) and we were on our way to see a movie.
we got in the car, drove to the theatre, got out of the car and on the way to the box office all of a sudden i realized that my hand was no longer soley in my possession.
needless to say, i freaked (internally of course, it's not this poor kids problemo i have an issue with sharing fingers) and that was the end of being a potential for him.
the movie was sold out (blessing from above) and i made up some story about a service project i had to do the next day, so i needed to go home and sleep.
(in my defense, i really did have a service project...he didn't need to know it started at noon)

bad news: another potential bites the dust
good news: i got my hand back

now before i scare any potential date off by reading this, let me clarify that i am not against hand holding, touching, affection, kissing, etc.
in fact, with the right person i think it truly is lovely.
what i am against is excessive clingyness, hanging all over me, hands on my shoulders or around my waist on a 24/7 basis...basically becoming the twin i didn't have at birth for a very good reason.
going further, i am especially against it with someone i have known less than 2 hours.
i don't think i am too far off on this i?

so there you have it...little known fact...big issue.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sometimes i wonder...

...what i did right, to have the 3 of [you] in my life.

Monday, February 22, 2010

twin, twins, twiners

growing up i was always bored to tears when it came time for olympic ice dancing. no jumps, funny outfits, a lift here and there...boring, boring, more boring.
that was until the 2006 torino games when i came upon watching this lovely couple:

(tanith belbin & ben agusto)

she had the smile to ignite a nation and he was just well...him.
that year they won the silver and began a movement to create what once was (and still very much is) a sport people consider to be silly, into something people tivo to insure they don't miss a minute. (oooooorrr maybe that is just me and the 3 bff's?!?!)

i don't care if you think it is silly,
i don't care if you think it is weird,
all i have to say is that if you can do this...

...or this... get to be a sport in my book.

ps- random fact:
my full name- jessica lewise bradley
her full name- tanith jessica louise belbin
yep, she sure did just become my favorite olympian of all time.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

guest blog: American Beauty

The moment the puck dropped at whatever time it did for everyone (for me it was 2:45) you could feel the intensity of the game. The critics said that Canada's name was already written in the winners circle, and I do have to admit that I was beginning to believe them. When you face such a legendary team its hard to believe that hope still remains in the world. You could tell that Team USA knew their chances were slim. You could tell they knew they were going up against one of the greatest teams ever assembled. But 41 seconds into the first period, everything changed. A man by the name of Brian Rafalski scored, and when that puck went into the net, the feeling of the game was changed. You could tell that Team USA needed the goal. After that point the game was neck and neck. I dont think you people realize how slim of a chance USA had to win this. Here, this is a better idea.

See that lone USA guy in there. That was the chance that we had to win this. So that goal brought everything to the table, and made everything even. Now even to this second I have no idea how the USA won this game. The odds were in favor of Canada. They had twice as many chances to score as we did. The reason we won? I am going to go out on a branch here and say that it was goal tending. It was everything in this game. Now this man

Marin Brodeur is one of the greatest goalies the NHL has ever seen. He leads the NHL is most shut outs...ever. He is a force to be reckoned with in the goal, but today, something was different about him, and it showed when he swatted a puck out of mid air only to see it at the end of a blasting USA stick to lead to the second goal. But either way he still made some amazing saves, and I am positive that if the USA hadn't scored that empty net at the end they would have tied it up.

Players of the Game:

3. Sidney Crosby. No I'm not stupid, I know that he plays for Canada. But he was amazing out there. The power that he has on the ice is unlike anything else, and you notice when he is out there because Canada plays better. He had only one goal but the moves he was putting on could have easily made it three goals.

2. Brian Rafalski. His two goals made this game take off. Without his fancy puck handling we would have been the losers today

1. Ryan Miller

I have never seen such amazing goal tending but such an under looked goalie. With an amazing 42 saves he was the key reason that we won today. There were points where I really thought that he was going to give one up, but when the whistle was blown he had the puck in hand. Simply brilliant.

So USA won. The match up of the Olympics and USA won. They beat the brutes. Anything is possible now. What does the win mean? It means that we have a bye game on Tuesday which means we dont play anyone when everyone else plays. It could be a good thing because of the rest or it could be a bad thing because we wont be coming off playing a game when we get back in there. All I know is that next Sunday will be a day that will go down in history. And what did we witness today? Some may call it a miracle. Some may call it pure luck. Some may call it a fluke. But we know that it was simply, American Beauty.

This is little bro, signing off.

(So what if i stole the title from I know for a fact that none of you people read it)

will you marry me?

i might get murdered by a few bff's for posting this story, that we go.
friday night, late, we were in the middle of an ice cream coma, post having survived the bore that is the movie leap year and kind of not in our right minds.
having tivo'd 8 hours of olympics we had mucho events to catch up on.
it began with bestie jo swooning and ahhing over a certain mr. bode miller. and then as if were were 9 year old girls again we went around the room and picked our olympic husbands
(yep, we are nerds and nope, we don't care what you have to say about it)

curious for the picks? here they are:

jo: bode miller (skiier)

mel: dale begg-smith (skiier)

jess: apolo anton ohno (speed skater)

moi: evan lysacek (figure skater)

don't worry, i sure did get made fun of for picking mr. lysacek.
jess's comment: you would marry a figure skater.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

dear olympian: let's go for a jog

so for anyone who has had a conversation with me over the past few days, you already know i have a crush on this man:

you may or may not know this man lives in utah
(yes, the thought "if he can live here so can i" goes through my head often)
and more specifically he may or may not live in a subdivision muy close to thee aunty and uncle.

story time:
my parents came for a visit one weekend and stayed with the above referenced aunty and uncle.
due to the fact that my dear father can't really stay inside no matter where he goes, he and thee uncle went for a hike in the nearby mountians
(us girls went shopping, the better choice...or so i thought)
we came home from the trip, sat the men down to watch us fashion our new fashions and at the end of our little show customarily asked, how was your hike?
the response: nice, we saw apolo anton ohno out for a jog.

excuuuuussseeeeee moi? you saw who out for a jog?
no biggy...just the hottest olympian this side of outer space
(needless to express i was just a wee bit jealous)

as i was sharing this story with the besties in our hilton hotel room saturday night, dear j came up with a plan: j, m, j and moi will spend one day running around the hills outside of aunty and uncle's casa in hopes of literally running into this man.
i think it sounds great.
don't you?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guest Blog: We Need A Miracle

Welcome. Now before you read any further ask yourself, what is the best sport at the Winter Olympics? It could be seeing men skate faster than most can run, watching woman twist and twirl in the air while still maintaining elegance, looking on as a mere man defies gravity on a board, or women defying speed as they race downhill. All of these answers are wrong, except for one, and shaun white is an exception to everything. The greatest sport at the Winter Olympics? Hockey. A sport where bad blood and rivalry goes back farther than those old guys that commentate on ice skating. Now you might be thinking to yourself that you know nothing about hockey, so why could it be the greatest sport? That's why i was invited to do this. This upcoming Sunday is the biggest day in hockey besides old Stanley's Cup. It is the biggest event in the winter Olympics until the finals of mens hockey. Ya lets get that clear. This is mens hockey. Not womens. 18-0 is not a real score, therefore womens hockey is not real. Lets look at the teams.

The russian powerhouse team is lead by this man

Alexander Ovechkin. His rise to fame has been one for the ages. Criticized for playing to rough, yes to rough, he leads the russian team of Alexander Semin, Evgeni Malkin, and Pavel Datsyuk. The team is dirty. They are rough. And they are out for blood. Destroying the first team that stood in their way 8-2 they are a force to be reckoned with. With Semin and Ovechkin both playing for the Washington Capitols, Malkin playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Datsyuk playing for the Detroit Red Wings, this team is full of champions. Just how far can they go?

The home team. Pressure is greatest on these men, but mostly these guys

The above mentioned are Danny Heatley of the San Jose Sharks, Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames, and if you don't know the last one, you have been living under the ice for the past few years. The man that defies hockey itself. Some say that Ovechkin is greater, proving better and better, and that Sidney Crosby lost his flare after his rookie year. What do I say? If Achilles played hockey, this would be him. And we have yet to see his weakness. You don't believe me? Here is proof. The Canadian team is better than an NHL all star team. With three of our own Anaheim Ducks contributing to the effort, the only reason these guys would loose would be because of their egos. A team that is made fully of full time NHL players, this team was made to destroy. Made to kill. Made to win. But will they have enough? With the greatest goal-tending line up ever, a blue line that could keep the entire Army of the United States at bay, they have it all. But a surprise in today's games led to a shoot out. Could Canada be in trouble? If they don't win they will leave an entire nation in mourning. Hockey is Canada's sport, and has been since the beginning of time.

The underdogs in the running, the only other team made entirely of NHL players. You would think that they don't stand a chance, and in reality, the chance is slim, but we can always believe. Players to watch out for?

The men above are some of the best the NHL has to offer. Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, and Bobby Ryan, of the Anaheim Ducks. Now I could be prejudice because Bobby Ryan is one of my favorites, but this team has spirit. Almost all of them have never played in the Olympics, so they have no experience. They are not from Canada, so they don't have the skill. But what do they have? They have the heart to bring home the Gold. So far they have won both their games by a long shot, so things are looking good.

Those are the teams that are set to do great things. Could Russia dominate everyone? Could Canada prove the critics right and take it all home? Or could a little miracle happen again, just like it did in 1980. The USA wasn't even in talks to win, or get near a medal. And one thing I know about critics is that they underestimate the power of the underdog. Last year in the NHL playoffs they said that the Ducks, going up against the San Jose Sharks, who held the best record in the league, would go down in four games without question. The Sharks went down in six. Anything can happen. For all we know Finland could come up big, but if they do, they have to get past alot. And when the puck finally drops on Sunday in the game against the USA and Canada, history will happen, and if the fates will have it, it won't be their last meeting.

Lets just hope we see Bobby Ryan this excited again.

This is little bro, signing out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the most wonderful time...

...of the year!and no, as you can tell from the date you all wrote on your papers today, we are nowhere near christmas.
but......we are smack dab in the middle of:
the winter olympics
(which i prefer 1000x over summer)
(and lucky me, i have 3 besties who adore it just as much as moi)

i can't adequately express my love for the olympic games.
growing up it seemed life stood still in my house for these two weeks, as my family and i would sit around the tv and watch the world come together for a magical 14 days.

in winter, i wanted to grow up to be a figure skater
in summer, i wanted to grow up to be a gymnast
well, as we all know, i grew up to just be me
(kinda a fab thing, if i do say so myself)

but my love for watching these games has only increased over time. so here is to my favorite time of the year:

a time for happiness, success, joy,

tears, fear, sadness, disappointment,

courage, pain, rivalry,

love, teamwork, hope and surprise

but most of all, it is a time where no matter when you are from, you can feel a part of something bigger than just you. and that lovelies is...priceless.

valentines week: the BIG day

as single girlies living in a small town that most often cares more about an engagement ring on your left hand then a diploma in your right, valentines day can be a nightmare.

but for those of you who followed me through my week,
you well know i was determined not to fall victim to sadness and heartache when there was just too much potential for fun.

thus the besties and i decided the first step to not only surviving, but enjoying the big day would have to be: getting the heck out of town
and out of town we got...

(we have a lovely road trip singing at the top of our lungs to
ms. jordin sparks)

(checked in to our new home, courtesy of ms. hilton)

(sat through another amazing 3 hours of avatar)

(ordered in chinese)

(watched the olympics)

(did a little synchronized swimming)

(took advantage of the 24 hour pool)

(watched more olympics)

(passed out in beyond comfy beds)

(came back into town the next day)

good valentines day lovelies?
not even was perfection.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentines week: day 5

this week keeps getting better and better.
the night started with dinner and a very thoughtful present from the besties
(you know those presents where you see something in a store and reaaalllyy want it, but don't buy it? and then the besties remember and that just happens to be the present in your v-day bag?? yep, it was one of those.)
then we ventured out to thanksgiving point for this:so here is my plea for your happiness on this weekend that can either be incredibly happy or incredibly sad (it really is YOUR choice)...go see this movie!
it has been a really long time since i have seen a romantic comedy in which i left the theatre not only feeling completely fullfilled, but better about life and love in general.

leaving thoughts:
taylor swift is irritatingly perfect...i hope i didn't act like that in high school (but i probably did)
julia roberts knows how to made me cry, oh ok, SOBB
can i have the nightgown j. garner is wearing in her opening scene?
for the first time, i didn't care too much about anne hathaway or her part, kind of a bummer
ashton kutcher always knows how to steal a scene
old people in love make my heart happy
jennifer garner is about as adroable and genuine as they come
(i have met her lovelies, and that statement really is true)
if taylor lautner gave me a teddy bear the size of texas for valentines day, i would carry it around school for everyone to see too. good job taylor and taylor
sooo many of the lines are mean girls quotable
garry marshall knows how to make a movie...well done.

i love love. and after seeing this, you will too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

what kate does

sincerest apologies this comes 2 days after the fact
but i have just been a tad busy bringing valentines love unto myself these past few days,
soooo here it is...

Season 6, Episode 3 REVIEW:
-after reading more literature on this show than any healthy person should, i don't feel so lost
(no pun intended...oh ok, maybe it is)

-still confused about the temple
-where did the seeming healing water in the middle of the temple come from?
-can juliet please come back in any way, shape or form just so we don't have to deal with messy and heartbroken sawyer all season. i'm begging here.
-continental kate, the hair...gots. to. go.
-i finally realized the reason all the people who landed in LA are poorly dressed is because they are supposed to be waaaayyy back in 2004 (well detailed lost gods)
-is torture really necessary, lennon look alike?
-where in the world is sun? will she ever see jin again or are they just going to run around the same island all season and never bump into each other?
-is jacob alive, dead or joining john locke in being all of the above?
-claire, finally, but where the h*** have you been?
-kate, stop going after sawyer and realize that despite your pride, you are in love with jack
-how crazy was the whole sequence of kate being with claire when she started going into labor (just like season 1 on the island) and then continental ethan showing up, except instead of being crazy like island ethan, he is a doctor.
-oh jack, really?!? we are gonna swallow the pill? here you go again having to put everyone else above you and be the good guy at any cost. no wonder you are a drunk of whom kate had to leave in the continental world.

valentines week: day 4

soooo lovelies i have finally met her...and by her i mean
ms. naomi lee
she is beautiful, small, cute, cuddly, wide eyed, sleepy, precious, perfect.
she even let mommy be the center of attention and chit chat with me for a whole hour and a half without much trouble at all.

well done mr. and mrs. o'bryant (better known as bff wendy and steven)

thank you for bringing who is sure to be the new generations most girly of girly girls into the world.
perfect way to round out day 4 of the love fest.
my only request ms. lee is that you grow a bit, so you can fit into the beyond cute juicy jumper moi purchased for you way back when. gracias.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentines week: day 3

tonight was spent being serenaded at [thee bff ali's] recital
followed by a yum fest at macaroni grill to celebrate the fact that al has an incredible voice, and we don't.
could not think of a more perfect way to spend my third day of celebrating love and life than with my most favorite person in the entire world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

valentines week: day 2

day dos:
homecooked meal by bestie m
venting about loooonnnggg days at work
(funny how every single one of us had *one of those days*)
trash tv
playing with lil' daisy
lost (duh...)
talking about life with my 3 favorite people
planning friday girls night out
(i bet you know what movie we will be off to see)

Monday, February 8, 2010

valentines week: day 1

ahhhhh lovelies, the time for love, fun,
and happiness is a mere 6 days away.
and since celebrating for only 24 hours is so last year
i have decided it will be a whole week...yay!

tonight was perfection spent with the besties and pup daisy doing mani's, pedi's and watching house
add on top of that oozing chocolate brownies with ice cream and i say we have a pretty good start to the week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

i am no rainbow

some people go to movies on friday night, some go shopping, some on dates, some go out of town.
well lovelies, me and the besties do fridays in style by...
staying at home and taking the "color code" quiz.
(i know you all are wishing you hung out with us on friday's now aren't you??)

warning to all: if you have never taken this quiz, be sure to take it with people who know you well, can be honest with you, and then kiddos, don't get offended when they tell you what you are really like.

we ended up spending 1 hr. on the actual quiz, analyzing every single answer and telling each other who we really are, despite who we would like to be.
and then, of course, another 3 hrs. discussing our colors, the colors of everyone in our families and every one of the friends we have in our lives.
obviously, ice cream was involved.

my color personality: yellow/red
(fyi: there is not one ounce of white in me, and barely any blue)
what colors were the besties?
j: red/blue
jo: red/yellow
m: white/blue

now you can see why we have the fun we have as besties.
and now we can see if dear m wasn't there to be the glue that holds us together,
j, jo and moi would have killed each other by now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i like your shoes...

...that is what nick jonas told me when me and the besties went back stage to hang with the joe bro clan before their concert in salt lake city a few years ago.
i think it was in that moment i realized i am truly meant to be a member of the jonas family.
i mean, don't i already look like i belong...
(carolyn, kevin, bff b, nick, joe, lovely lexi, moi)
a religious, straight, man who recognizes shoes?!?
who cares if i think he was incredibly nervous and didn't know what else to say...he said it!
and that is more than most men do.

why are these thoughts going through my mind?
ummm, did anyone else see joe's most recent transformation??
i don't know where this came from...but i want in.

it's all about me me me

long ago i found feb. 14th depressing, un-happy, lonely, blah, blah, blah
until i had a life altering conversation with [bff S]
(although let's face it, so many of our convo's are life altering anyway)
while talking to her about v-day she told me about how she decided to spoil herself and bought the complete series of sex and the city on dvd.

hellllloooo to myself?!?
why had i not been thinking this the whole time??
for years i was missing out on a perfectly good day to spoil myself and not feel an ounce of guilt
and me month came to creation

february is the one month a year i spend thinking about me
(now before you label me as spoiled and selfish hear me out)
it is my one month a year where i clean everything out, de-junk my closet, refine my life, create goals and make them happen...and go about the next 10 months of the year with passion.

and feb. 14th you may ask??
the ultimate spoil me day
anything i want to do...i do it.
plans for this year? lovely weekend with the besties
now who needs a man when you have that?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

time to get lost

well my lovelies, it is finally the beginning of the end
mixed feelings aside about loosing my life's biggest obsession in a few short months, let us review what we all might be feeling tonight...or maybe it is just me

Season 6, Episode 1 & 2 REVIEW:
-what the heck is going on?!?!
-how many john locke's are on this island?
-thank goodness they found a way to bring dead boone back to the show in living form
-sawyer is flawless when he is in love
-continental US kate needs a new hairstylist...go back to the island kate, you look better there!
-why does richard alpert never age?
-where the heck did claire go?
-what the heck is going on?!?!
-locke is the smoke monster now!!!!
-is continental US jack going to fix continental US locke's legs?
-i love that charlie is back, minus him having to come back in druggy form
-boone is back, but where is shannon?
-sayid is alive. yay!
-who are these new people running around the temple scared of jacob? i have decided until they give me a name, they will simply be called "the other others"
-why, oh why, lost gods did juliet have to die?????
-which is our present: the island or the plane landing in LA?
-what the heck is going on?!?!

as you can see...the bottom line is i am confused and loving it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

the romantics

(malin akerman, katie holmes, anna paquin, josh duhamel, adam brody)

this past weekend the besties and i ventured to sundance (and beyond) for the ultimate girl's day out, culminating in the viewing of this sundance feature film: the romantics

the 411: 7 college best friends, nicknamed the romantics due to their inner circle dating lives, gather in the hamptons for the wedding of lila (anna paquin) and tom (josh duhamel). lila has asked her college roommate and fellow romantic laura (katie holmes) to be her maid of honor. the only problem is, laura was tom's first and great love, whom he led to believe he would eventually chose, all the way up until the night before he proposed to lila. The film begins with the group of friends (rounded out by malin akerman and adam brody) driving into town and a nervous laura insisting to all she is completely fine with the events about to commence over the next 24 hours. it is quickly seen that lila and tom's relationship is not the picture perfect one lila (in all her east coast girl glory) would like all to believe, when the truth starts coming out during some very hilarious toasts by the bride's family members (elijah wood and glee's dianna agron) at the rehearsal dinner.
now i can't tell you how it ends, but i can tell you that if this little indie with a big cast and even bigger heart is ever picked up by a studio and put into wide release, it would be in your best interest to walk, run, jump, hop, skip, cycle, etc. on over to the nearest theatre and watch it.

lasting thoughts:
anna paquin is hilarious
("can you just hold it together for me for 12 more hours?")
malin akerman can make even a crazy, wild, drunk endearing
josh duhamel isn't just a pretty face
katie holmes can act (who knew?!?!)
the soundtrack gives garden state a run for its money
jealousy is a cancer of the mind
never try on your sister's wedding dress
sometimes we would rather live a life of safety with the wrong person, then a life of passion with the right one
take the leap...even if it is as scary as hell.