Sunday, January 31, 2010

wait...are you??

i am an ordinary girl, i think i am kinda cool, but nothing too special. however, i have been mistaken once, twice...oh okay bunches of times for certain hollywood leading ladies.
i have been stopped in food courts, bathrooms and by parents and children alike. no i am not joking...considering some of the experiences, i wish i were.
so here are the lovely ladies of h-town i have been mistaken for:

(yep, when i went red...i suddenly became america's most famous red head...hahaha)

(when she was on everwood and i was in high school...they all thought i was her)

(more recently i have turned into a tween queen)

(and most often mistaken for the lovely anne)
(in fact...a boy at church told his mom i looked exactly like agent 99)

(don't think it gets more flattering than from the mouth of a 10 year old)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

while we are on the subject

i have to share with you what very sweet, thoughtful, amazing [bff rach] gave me for christmas:
silk spectre action figure (yes, she knows me too well)
2 katy perry t-shirts
katy perry chapstick (it sure is cherry flavored)
and this...
easily now my most prized possession.
gracias 1000x over bff. i love you. more than katy.
and that is a lot.

she's my american idol

i have a confession to the future love interest of mr. seacrest i am slightly ashamed that i have not found the time this season to sit down and watch Idol
(in my defense: i usually don't start until hollywood week anyway)

but you better believe my tele was set an hour before this weeks show started due to a certain very special guest judge:

so what's my review of [this lovely lady?]
obviously nothing less than raving,
(thank you katy for finally being the only one brave enough to address the fact that anyone with a huge sob story usually gets through to the next round. katy quote: "this isn't lifetime, this is a talent competition.")
which is why i turned to mom (who isn't a katy fan) for what was sure to be a very honest reaction to how she really did.
mom's final analysis:
"i kinda loved her, she is a brunette reese witherspoon."

couldn't have said it better myself.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

is that a compliment?

once upon a time i had the following conversation with a guy i had known for about 24 hours:

him: you remind me of someone.
me: (not creeped out at all??) ummmm....ok.
him: one of those girls on that tv and the something.
me: sex and the city?
him: yes! the blonde one with the curly hair.

needless to say that was the end of him.
i have yet to figure out if his reference was a good or a bad one, but what i do know is that no straight man would have come up with this one on his own.
(unless you are a man who is related to me and have thus had this show shoved down your throat the past few years)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

are ya'll ready for friday night?

guess what, guess what, guess what?!?!
this little show:
is coming back to NBC on april 30th!!
(after short term direct tv banishment)

remember [the major vendetta] i have out for this network?
well, i think they just made their first step toward peace.
because as many of you may already know, or have read [here]
i am slightly in awe/obsessed/in love with this show.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

rain rain go away

oh boy lovelies, when it poourrrsssss
tough past few days
i just want to feel like me again

Monday, January 25, 2010

silk spectre meets silk spectre

my day at the film festival was cold, fun, long, too short, exhausting, brilliant, totally worth the numb feet. mainly because of this...(jess, jodi, moi, ms. malin akerman, caley)

remember not too long ago when i went into halloween mode?
you might recall posts such as [this] or [this] or [this], in which i documented my preparation for my most favorite and elaborate costume to date.
all in the name of my fav fav super spectre.

well, the movie watchmen came out a few months prior to halloween, in which ms. spectre was played by the lovely ms. malin akerman
(you might know her from 27 dresses, the proposal, couples retreat, etc.)

so on saturday when we were just standing around looking for celebs/trying to not freeze/making plans for the rest of the day, who walks out of the store next to us but....malin akerman.
at first i just wanted a picture from far away. and then before i knew it i had walked so fast i was within touching distance of the girl and then before i realized what i was doing i was tapping her on the shoulder.
what do you say to a gorgeous movie star?
"excuse me, can i get a picture with you or are you in a hurry?"
the rest is a blur: she said yes, i handed over my camera, all the girlfriends jumped in, she put her arm around my waist and pulled me in like we were bff's or something, i think i said thank you about a million times, she kept saying oh you are so welcome therefore becoming one of the nicest people i have ever met, we walked away, she walked away, i jumped in the air for joy.

my halloween dream is complete.
she really is the nicest person in the world. have made a life long fan out of me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dancing in the sun?

a socialite
a resident of sin city
one of those kids from a famous zip code
a kardashian and her football player
a man who can break out of prison
a professor at hogwarts
an english darling
a funny man
a rapper with a huge ego
a ghost whisperer
a cannibal hannibal
someone who has only 24 hours to save the world
a high school musical'er
a member of the entourage
a zombie fighter
a genius who fights transformers
e news anchor and her hubby

just a few of the peeps i have run into during my days of strolling main street during a little thing called...
the sundance film festival

countdown: 2 days left...park city here we come!

under my umbrella-ella-ella

considering i live in the bad weather capitol of the world
(or so it feels most of the time)
i feel it would be wise to invest in something as cute as this
suuurrreeee it would destruct about 2 seconds into its first snow storm, but somehow the good still seems to outweigh the bad...

what might the good in this case be, you ask??
oh only that my bff from another life [KP] was seen walking out of the gym with one.

when i say #1 fan lovelies, i mean NUMBER. ONE. FAN.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

love. hate. love. hate.

loved the show last night, especially [avatar's] big win
and there was plenty of fashion (good and bad) to go around
for those of you who live under a log and were not able to watch, here is a peek:

(best of the night)

(worst of the night)

(best dressed couple of the night)

(picture that makes your heart happy)

for the entire round up of the night according to moi,
click [here]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

leavin' on a jet plane

sometimes when life gives you lemons
you have to jet off to the place full of the people you love and trust the most and figure out how to make that darn lemonade

in 48 hours i will be laying in the bed i used to fall asleep in as a little girl...home. home. home.
goal of the emergency trip: relax. calm. plan. laugh. love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

special delivery

today i came home at lunch to find a big brown box at my door
it turned out to be belated christmas goodies from [bff S]
and in her true fashion of knowing me so well and going above and beyond
this is what i found when i opened that blessed box:yes...that is a twilight pillow
(and yes it sure is double sided for those days where i feel like crossing over to the dark side on team jacob)
try not to be too jealous, this is just how us besties roll.
oh S, only you could find a way to put edward cullen in my bed everynight. gracias.
xoxo, B

Thursday, January 7, 2010

i'm gonna be

bergdorf brunette's theme for 2010:

be brilliant.
be bold.
be beautiful.
be bonding.

welcome new year...i know we will be great together.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

read my lips

as i am writing this i am snuggled up in my new snuggie, eating a bowl of FROZEN FRUIT and watching my season one dvd set of this show:
(lipstick jungle)
i am once again reminded why i will never forgive nbc for canceling only two years into its lovely life
thank goodness for the everlasting life of tv on dvd

my dearest darlings...if you are ever looking for a new addiction in life, this is it
maybe it's that big fat place in my heart i hold for new york city, or christian louboutin shoes, or stories about high power women or just the fact that it is an innocent guilty pleasure sure to be enjoyed by all, i promise if you pick this up and watch it you will not be disappointed.

and remember: it's a jungle out there, dress accordingly.

Monday, January 4, 2010

auld lang syne

happy happy new year my dear lovlies
although it was only the second new year i have ever celebrated without my family by my side
(first was in new york city...enough said)
true to our form, me and the besties made a spectacular night to jump start what is sure to be a spectacular year...

(me and miss caley pj'ed up and ready for midnight)


(going to bed right after midnight is overrated, staying up until 4am to watch Kendra is not)

then you know...we knocked out around 4:15am, jumped up around 9:30am, ate oreo's and pancakes for breakfast, gave little pup daisy her first bath of the new year, nearly popped the entire kitchen full of popcorn testing out jodi's new p-corn maker, feasted on the good looks of robert downey junior and jude law for 2 hours, rocked it old school to the backstreet boys, laughed/cried with bff's carrie, samantha, miranda and charlotte, sat around the kitchen table talking as only girls do and ate one more huge bowl of ice cream before the new year's health plan began

phewww...that was alot
what can i say...we know how to spell fun