Wednesday, December 30, 2009

party at sunset anyone?

i am just about as jealous as they come,
because last night i found a little article online releasing the date and time for the annual
LOST Sunset on the Beach Partydue to the snowy conditions outside my window at the current moment i live nowhere near hawaii,
but do you know who does?
[lil bro]...yep that's right...he is the lucky duckling who gets to go play with the some little friends by the names of matthew fox, evangeline lilly, josh holloway...
(just to name a few)entertainment, food, big red carpet, stars and starlets, producers and everyone will be watching the first episode of the final season at sunset on a 30 foot tall screen
(four days before the rest of the world)
all for freeeeeeeeeee.
jealous. pure. insane. jealousy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i couldn't put it down

just finished: chasing harry winston by miss lauren weisenberger
(the genius who brought us the devil wears prada)
it was adorable, easy breezy, nothing perfect or classic, but fun and sassy
new book: one fifth avenue by candace bushnell
(the other genius who brought us sex and the city)
happy reading to moi.

Monday, December 28, 2009

new bedtime guidelines

although i am completely beyond obsessed with [that] show
(you know that one i just can't stop talking about)
i have set some new bedtime guidelines for myself
no watching it at least 2 hours before bedtime
why you might ask?
oh because last night i woke up every hour
nightmare after nightmare about all sorts of things
being lost in a jungle, others coming to find me, someone stealing a baby i don't have, being a runaway fugitive, my plane crashing in the south pacific
you know, pretty much every unrealistic thing imaginable
finally i woke up for good at 5am, sweating (my house was temp'd at a frigid 64), so upset that i decided it would be better to sacrifice the next 3 hours of sleep then to fall into another island nightmare.

i am on hour one and minute thirty six of my ban and i miss my friends jack and kate

missing you and sincere apologies

this little brunette had just about the loveliest christmas at home with the fam fam
from sitting around chit chatting, to holding my perfect little cousin all dressed up as a santa baby, to going to the movies with snuggie (another story for another day), to walking through my beloved nordy's holding my mom's hand, to stories that brought uncontrollable laughter, to the annual christmas light drive on christmas eve, to mucho goodbye tears at the airport
it was perfect...the only problem is...
now i am incredibly homesick
i wish i could have stayed in those perfect 5 days forever
not even coming back to my adorable and cozy apt helped
the feeling will pass
i love my life here and wouldn't change it for anything
but sometimes i wish i could be hannah montana and snatch the best of both worlds...

and to all my dearest friends whom i did not see
(which would be all of you...because i was with family the whole trip)
i send out my sincerest apologies for that fact that i hurt some of you or if i made you feel bad
i so wish i could have played at disney all day with bff S
done the annual christmas dinner/dessert with kar and rach
lunched on fab mexican food a la gwen stefani with justin
sat at starbucks all afternoon passing time in perfect conversation with miss rachel
played at the library with tara
done the 7am wake up call at the swap meet with j/a
and even ventured to the beach city to see my lil sissy

but when it came down to it i just had to be with my family as much as possible
i hope you all understand
love love love you
xoxo, moi

Sunday, December 27, 2009

there are no words

to describe my thoughts on this film

if you thought mr. cameron did us right with the star crossed lovers on that big giant boat
(how can we forget the buckets of tears we shed for jack and rose)
this does not even begin to describe the experience that is avatar
and yes...i mean experience

i was skeptical at first,
and honestly it took me a good 45 minutes to get into the film,
but holy hannah once i was in i didn't ever want it to stop

breathtaking, lovely, incredible, gorgeous, wild, fun, heartbreaking, funny, perfectly executed...those are just a few words the come to mind when thinking about this film

james cameron is truly a film making genius
it is by far the best movie of the year (yes, better than star trek) and quite possibly the best film i have ever seen.
yep i just threw that out there, take it for what it is worth.

after walking out of the theatre on christmas day, i wanted to turn around and walk right back in and see it again.
again again
i might have to do just that.

ps- sam worthington...robert pattinson has nothing on him.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

i get the hint

this year santa was very very good to me
new dvd player, purses, movies, hello kitty alarm clock, g. stefani perfume, snuggie and the list goes on
however, i did notice he brought me
a huge crock pot and a cook book
do you think he was trying to tell me something?!?

goal of 2010: cook my little hind end off
let's hope the kitchen survives.

Monday, December 21, 2009

are you afraid of the dark?

to the question above i would
however, my actions the past few nights would prove evidence against this statementhellllllllooo?!? it would have been nice if someone told me LOST was kinda a creepy show
i don't know if it is the music or all of these peeps crazy background stories
but i slept with a nightlight on last night
(well, actually i don't own a night light, so i slept with a cluster of christmas lights on in the corner of my room)
true story.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

lost and found

let's start this little story waay back in july when i journeyed in the land of geeks and nerds to a convention called comic con
one morning me and the bros got up at the crack of dawn to stand in quite possibly the longest line known to man (disney has nothing on comic con) to see these people:i thought they were cool, witty and very entertaining
and that was the end of that

fast forward a few months to last night when i popped in disk 1 of the first season
i am embarrassed to admit to the world what disk i am on now a mere 24 hours later
let's just say i am lost...and so not wanting to be found

Saturday, December 19, 2009

did you hear...

...about the morgans??
i am going to admit i have been wanting to see this for a while
(those of you who actually know me, know sjp is pretty much my fav person ever)
and then when the reviews came out yesterday
and everyone hated kinda became a wait for dvd type thing in my head

and then this am i changed my mind...and let me tell you
i loved it
it's ridiculous, cute, corny, funny
and i even cried a bit in the end
nothing special, nothing groudbreaking, but def one to own

Friday, December 18, 2009

favorite friday!

as it is winter, i have recently become increasingly grateful for [this] favorite:
the nordstrom exclusive tissue cashmere scarf
a while back my boss convinced me to purchase one of these use-all wraps
now a few years later my dear mom and i have become a little obsessed
we have enough colors to make a rainbow
i use mine as a scarf, blanket, wrap, etc...
i think you get the start shopping
they are even on sale this season!!
but beware, it is impossible to own just one

Sunday, December 13, 2009

a little thing called life

i was asked the other day if i am sad to see 2009 that i replied no
not because it was a bad year (although it surely was an intersting one)
but because i am never sad to see years just means another great one is on its way

so just exactly what am i saying goodbye to?
events, feelings, facts of the bergdorf brunette's 2009:
fantastic, fun, frightening, freeing
the bash to top all bashes: thee oscar party
my best friend coming home from his mission
gaining a big sissy with unmatched wisdom and love
gaining a lil' sissy with whom i share every detail of my life
quitting a job not knowing the direction of my future
a summer of new friendships
loosing and gaining the best friend i have ever had
seeing robert pattinson face to face
vegas for the first time with the bff's
a new beyond precious little cousin
gilmore girls obsession con mi madre
a silk spectre halloween
sea world (first time i was not in a stroller)
decluttering my life
being told to my face that i was unattractive by someone i cared about more than i ever should have
realizing what other people think doesn't matter
learning everything cannot be planned (no matter how type a i may be)
carrie bradshaw
thee best weekend of my life: comic con, san diego
learning to love and be loved

goodbye 2009...i am making one big wish and welcoming 2010 with open arms

Friday, December 11, 2009

words to live by

a bit ago dear friend [audrey]
(and the cutest mommy on the block)
left a comment referring me to this quote:

oh audrey, i couldn't have said it better myself

ps- did you know if i could have dinner with anyone dead or alive my answer is, always has been and most likely always will be audrey hepburn?!? just a lil' fyi...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

it will happen

so i wrote three different blog entries for tonight
i wrote, erased, wrote, erased, wrote, erased...
one was boring, one was negative and one was way too personal (i love you all...but not that much)

i guess you could say i am in a blah mood
going to bed. waking up tomorrow. things will look better.
i just know it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

rock princess

tonight i went with new friends to the big city and rocked out with the best of them to a little band called might have heard of them??

the currently big ruckus surrounding this band is all about the fact that their new cd (crash love) is incredibly different than the old stuff. i love it, although miss murder is still my all time fav and will most likely never be replaced.

bottom line:
it was a blast, i have no voice and i can go to bed once again a happy girl
bet you never though you'd see this brunette at a screaming rock concert?!?!
oh you still have so much to learn about moi.

Monday, December 7, 2009

quote of the day

today i received a text from a bff
just a little background about this bestie
she is the living breathing walking talking version of serena vanderwoodsen

text: "pray for me. i am broke and i have to dye my own hair."

i love her for so many reasons
it would be impossible to list them all tonight.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a moment like this

december=time for countdown madness
let's begin with this brunette's
top 10 moments of 2009

10. moving to provo
sure it was a little scary, and at times i am still not sure what in the heck i am doing here, but it definitely was what i was supposed to do and i am where i need to be. and i will remain this optimistic until it begins snowing...then i will wish for ca 24/7.

9. my high school musical friends
i have this group of friends, who just so happen to have been in the graduating class of my younger brother. it may seem weird to you that they are all 5 years younger than me, but we seemed to click instantly and now i consider some of them to be my best friends in the entire world. and with some of life's curve balls this past year, i would never have made it through without them.

8. confessions of a shopaholic pre-screening
this was the movie i had been waiting forever for! i literally counted down the days until it came out. lucky us we got to go to the pre-screening down in newport beach and even better, yours truly won best dressed of the night and some seriously lovely swag.

7. lil' bro's graduation
most graduations are boring the entire time through, minus the 2.5 seconds your graduate is up on the stage and their name is being read. lil bro's graduation from oxford academy could not have been more opposite than this. there was much laughing, tears, star trek references, speeches that were rapped, loving teachers and a group of kids who truly make this world a better place to live in.

6. no doubt/katy perry/ sounds concert
never in my life have i rocked out so hard, and had such a fun time. i took the bro's to this concert as birthday presents to them and we had the time of our lives. the sounds opened the show, ms. perry kept it alive in the middle and no doubt brought it all home. gwen is officially my idol now...well and katy too.

5. revlon run/walk
this originally began as me being a semi-crazy fan and deciding i would run a 5K to be within speaking distance of the lovely miley cyrus. the mission was accomplished, i was so close to her i could have touched her, but do not worry...i am not that crazy. this experience was quickly overshadowed by the stories i heard and the people i was privileged to meet that day. no one makes it out of this thing without shedding mucho tears and giving even more hugs for and to random strangers. my health is such a blessing, and i am going to spend every minute and dollar i can to help those who do not have this fortune.

4. who watches the watchmen on 10/31
halloween is my favorite holiday of the entire year. yes christmas is lovely and cheerful, but halloween is my time. i had so much fun going and getting my pretty on with the mac girls, having a truly traumatizing experience at the salon, loosing 10 pounds in 3 days to prepare for the latex suit...and then finally putting it all together for a fun night with the friends.

3. meeting mom and dad l
i will remember this moment forever...after hearing so much about them, it was finally time for the big meet and greet. i walked up the stairs to where they were sitting by the pool and mom took one glance and me, starting screaming, ran over and picked me up and said, "sissy you are finally here!" and they have been there for me ever since...from movie nights, to dinners out, to online shopping fun, halloween photo shoots, crying in m and d's arms when things got a tad rough and giggle texts...i love these two people more than they will ever know.

2. comic con
okay, so this might just maybe be one of the best moments of my life. i almost had as much time playing with the nerds for a weekend as i did in my magical city of paris...and that is saying alot coming from me. it makes me happy everytime i think back on: camping out for the cast of twilight, the truly hilarious cast of lost, special pre-screening of the vampire diaries, tron scavenger hunt through downtown san diego, the zombie walk, exhibition floor freebies, the view of the ocean from our hotel room, lexi's minor run in with the side of the parking structure, seeing that j-love is truly the nicest girl in hollywood and the list goes on. my fav fav part: spending 4 days with my brothers...the two loves of my life.

1. baby eleanor
i wasn't even home when she was born, so it may seem weird that she is my number one, but there is really no other event this year that was as special to me as my new little cousin coming. i love my little cousins more that any girl should, so it doesn't get any better than having a new one in my life. i think more importantly it made me so incredibly grateful for the people i have to love and care for me every minute of every day. i am one very blessed bergdorf brunette.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

early christmas present

do you know what this is lovelies?!?!
ohhhhhh just the first movie still from eclipse

to answer a few of the questions that may or may not be going through your heads right now:
yes...i got so excited about this i almost almost screamed
yes...i am basically 12 years old
yes...this is my 2nd twilight related post in one week
yes...i have analyzed this picture and even perhaps thought to myself "i wonder what they are saying to each other"
no...i don't care if you think i am:
crazy, silly, stupid, girly, ridiculous
i make no excuses for this one
(special thanks to people mag for the early lil' gift)

best dressed of the week

so i love kate's movies
but due to her current romantic life and other happenings
i am just not a fan of HER
however, let it be known that tonight
i love love love her, purely for bringing this dress into the world

dear kate: today you get to be my favorite
xoxo, moi

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

welcome welcome

christmas season
i am so glad you are finally here

(sorry lovelies...i am just about as tired as can be tonight)
(i promise to write more manana)

goodnight moon.