Sunday, November 22, 2009

everything in my world is right again

so i have this best best [best friend]
she is the person who i call on the phone 5x a day...everyday
the shoulder i cry on when my heart is broken
the ear that hears everything my mind is thinking
the laugh i laugh with when something is uncontrollably funny

she is:
always the first to wish me happy birthday and happy new year
always the last at my parties to help me clean
always the email that brightens my days
always the hand that holds mine when things get rough
always the smile that makes me so utterly happy i could burst
always the person that never forgets
always the sister i never had

she will be:
the person i look most forward to seeing when i go home
the person to keep me grounded throughout my journey here
the person standing next to me when i wear that white dress
the person who is the favorite auntie to all my children
the person i travel with when i am old and retired
(i guess our future husbands can come too...)

today i am incredibly, incredibly grateful for this best friend
let's make a promise to never ever go to vegas again
and stay sisters forever. world is finally right.

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