Monday, November 30, 2009

i pulled a bella

sooo today marks 2 events in my life:
1.) the most tired i have ever ever been
2.) the worst paper cut i have ever gotten
(which just so happened to occur 5 minutes before i had made it through the work day on just a few minutes of sleep and 1 liter of diet coke)

being slightly over dramatic (i blame it on the lack of sleep)
i for some reason couldn't get it out of my head that i needed a bandaid, a luxury my co-worker and i could not find anywhere in our office, so she made me a tape/tissue bandaid that worked perfectly...problem solved

best part of the incident:
when co-worker dan walked upstairs to find me practically in tears and co-worker lori bandaging me up just to say:
good thing edward isn't here oh i have trained them well...i then of course had to educate him on the fact that a paper-cut is what sets up the whole fiasco of edward leaving bella for 400 pages/1 hour of movie time...his future wife will thank me for that one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

alice in twilightland

well it was about that time again
where the icky yicky roots start to show and i go through every beauty magazine on my shelf (none of which i have had time to read the past few months...blah) and find the new muse for all that hair on top of my head.

this is what i came up with:it only seemed fitting to take a hint from the gal who plays my fav vamp

and waaalllaahhh...i love it
real pics to come.

Monday, November 23, 2009

oh my oh my oh my

dear lovlies:
i honestly don't know what to say other than thank you thank you for all the effort that went into making this day so special for was such a sweet surprise

from the muffins and hand sewn card of last night
to the decorations strung through the house this am
to the surprise balloons and chocolate at my office
to the many messages of your lovely voices singing happy birthday
(one very special message from 3 sweet little angel girls left me in tears)
to the VS sweats, dinner out and non-stop laughter
to the homemade b-day cake with flamingo candles

this day was perfection at it's very best
i don't know what i did to deserve you all in my life
but i will take it
thank you...i love you...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

everything in my world is right again

so i have this best best [best friend]
she is the person who i call on the phone 5x a day...everyday
the shoulder i cry on when my heart is broken
the ear that hears everything my mind is thinking
the laugh i laugh with when something is uncontrollably funny

she is:
always the first to wish me happy birthday and happy new year
always the last at my parties to help me clean
always the email that brightens my days
always the hand that holds mine when things get rough
always the smile that makes me so utterly happy i could burst
always the person that never forgets
always the sister i never had

she will be:
the person i look most forward to seeing when i go home
the person to keep me grounded throughout my journey here
the person standing next to me when i wear that white dress
the person who is the favorite auntie to all my children
the person i travel with when i am old and retired
(i guess our future husbands can come too...)

today i am incredibly, incredibly grateful for this best friend
let's make a promise to never ever go to vegas again
and stay sisters forever. world is finally right.

Friday, November 20, 2009

there's a NEW MOON out tonight

(moi and thee bff ali)

correction: for moi and the crazy fun bff's that new moon came out LAST night...

as this blog already knows my fav fav fav store in the world is nordstrom
nordstrom to me is what tiffany is to holly golightly
pure bliss. home away from home. relaxation. yada. yada. yada.

well my dear store rented out an entire orem theatre for the return of the world's fav love triangle and we were some of the lucky ones to receive pre-screening new moon passes. by the time they were letting us into the theatre i couldn't decide if i was more grateful to nordy's for letting me see the movie 3 hours before everyone else...or for getting me out of the freezing cold lines. ugh.

but let me tell you lovlies who have not seen it...every and any frostbite we had to endure was soooo worth it.
yep, it was fantastic fun.
welcome back edward cullen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dear leighton meester

i know you are trying to get your singing career up and running
but bad fashion does not have to be a part of that
i most def like you better as blair waldorf

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the wizard and i

last night i had the most amazing experience, and the word amazing is definitely not used lightly in that phrase. due to the radio listening i do all day long at the office, i overheard about an event with the utah symphony orchestra in which they host 3 broadway stars for an evening.

being the broadway obsessive that i am, i jumped online and purchased tickets for my dear former roomie ada and i to attend

we started the day getting our pretty on at MAC
then off to a lovely little dinner at zupas
and then rocked out to b. spears and t. swift the whole way to the big city for our big night

we had the priveledge of seeing these 3 talented people:

(Gary Mauer)

(TONY AWARD WINNER Debbie Gravitte)

(Stephanie J. Block)

we listened as they belted such classics as all that jazz, the wizard and i, part of your world, 76 trombones, memory, mamma mia, bring him home, i enjoy being a girl and the crowd was brought to their feet during probably the most incredible rendition i have ever heard of music of the night by mr. maur and ms. block

after this specific song, as we rose to our feet with the rest of the hall, ada turned to me and read my mind by stating: i am officially in love with this man
also i am probably now the #1 fan of stephanie j. block (fact: she has incredible fashion sense) and debbie gravitte is about as hilarious as they come

lesson to be learned: one of the many keys to my heart might just maybe be your voice.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

please accept my apology...

for being the worst blogger, sister, friend, daughter, roommate in the world, i am super not trying to to be terrible at all these things, but its a little crazy in life right now

a few of the hats of the week:
worker bee
the next giada delaurentiis
fhe grandma
fashion designer
party girly
big decision maker
craft table aficionado
sporty spice

true story: i forgot my phone at home today so was without it for the first few hours of work (just so happened to be the one day where is was not convenient to leave the cell at home). when i finally got my phone 3 hours later i had: 20 text messages, 3 missed calls, 3 new voicemails and 10 emails. to the voicemails of this week that are now being bunched with the onces still on my machine from last...i promise i am not trying to be rude, and i will get back to you. promise, promise, promise.

as you can see it is all fun fun fun and i promise to be back in full force after friday
because ps...did you see nicole's dress at the cma's tonight?!?!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

i just cannot decide

what to be next year for halloween?
and of course i am already thinking about it
lesson to be learned by all: if you plan early, you get good deals and can have a great costume for not such a pretty penny, so here are the ideas whirling around my over planning head already...

alice in wonderland

dorothy gale...i mean really she only has the best shoes in the business

mrs. june carter cash
and maybe, just maybe, i can convince someone to dress in black and carry around that classic guitar with me...(although partner costumes never really work out do they? or atleast that was my experience this year)

the ever selfish, yet lovable scarlet o'hara

thee katy fav fav fav singer

miss blair waldorf...bring on the upper east side

so many decisions, so much time, gosh i love halloween

who watches the watchmen?

halloween has come and gone and i miss it already...don't you?
the night i have been planning for forever went off without a hitch

the day started with a trip to the drive thru of mcdonalds for a diet and egg mcmuffin
(i hadn't eaten really anything all week due to extreme busyness)
then off to target for a little last minute shopping
(i realized my bathroom was sorely lacking decorations)
then home to finish up the games and cooking for the party

special thanks to bff ali for putting in my contacts because i was a little scared
then to my home away from home...nordstrom, to get all dolled up by my new friend siri at the MAC counter
then i went to my provo familia's house to take pics and do a little online shopping with mom
and then it was party time...special thanks to all who shared my fav fav holiday with me

here is what it all looked like with the hair, makeup and contacts...i didn't want to ever take that outfit off. haha...i'm such a kid when it comes to halloween.

best story of the night: i was walking out of walmart after the party, to get contact solution, and a guy stopped me to ask me where he knew me from?
i told him i was pretty sure we didn't know each other and started to walk
(walmart at midnight...not a good place for a single girl)
he insited he knew me and then asked me what i was dressed up as
when i replied the girl from the movie watchmen it was like a light bulb went on in his obviously tipsy head
YES, that is where i know you from, you are the girl in the movie
i walked away laughing, i wish i were her, and if i were actually ms. akerman, i wouldn't be at a walmart in provo buddy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

ten for ten

just a few more for favs on the list...
41.) my bed
42.) scarlet o'hara
43.) nordstrom customer service
44.) warm, fluffy, fresh laundry
45.) cobblestone streets
46.) disneyland
47.) bubble baths
48.) my job
49.) edinburgh, scotland
50.) art museums

favorite friday

sorry i have been mia this week
things are crazy, busy, happiness...which unfortunately leaves little time for you loVelies
but in honor of today, i decided to get back On track with a favorite which goes out to my fav fav fav movie of all Time: legally blondE
(in fact i am watching it this very moment)why i love this movie so much:
1. it just stars my Favorite actress of all time
2. sophie de rakoff carbonell is probably the best cOstume designer ever
3. can anyone say jimmy choo?!?
4. smart, sassy and witty screenplay
(you got into harvard law...what like it's hard??)
5. she neveR ceases to believe the world is good and so are the peoplE in it
6. best movie quote of alL time:
"i'll show you how valuable elLe woods can bE."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

currently listening...

i am telling you my dear friends
this one is above and beyond worth your $9.99
as i texted to [lil' bro] this evening:
"i just bought carrie's new cd. quite possibly the best country album ever released."

she kicks it off with every girls new anthem cowboy casanova and finishes it with the never quit when you're down attitude of the title track play on
my favs in between include: mama's song, undo it, songs like this and unapologize

god bless american idol
for giving us her.

Monday, November 2, 2009

dear daddy hill

tonight i have to give a very public and sincere thank you to fhe groups 2 & 3 from the byu 202 ward for their help in a little project for someone who has inspired me in ways she will never know

you see my friend [natalie] and her family are in much need of [extra thoughts and prayers] right now, so i enlisted a little help from my friends in a project of faith, hope and above all love

tonight we had a card drive for daddy hill
the mission: break out your inner 5 year old and create a card to send to the hill family
the results: well, just see for yourself...

(all of the cards)

(malia and her thanksgiving card)

(ethan and the oragami missionary shirt he apparently learned how to do during one very long car ride)

(moi, elissa and jaqulene showing off our cards)

(bestie jess and jacob with their creations)

(spencer won for most creative, he had a pop out AND glitter lake)

(sean and hunter making lil indian cards for daddy hill)

(the whole gang gettin' crafty)

(my final product)

we had so much fun creating something that will hopefully brighten your day
and now sweet natalie...
you have that many more prayers coming your way