Wednesday, September 30, 2009

quote of the week

just sittin' in the car at sonic
ordering the usual end of the day splurge
josh get's out his card to swipe it in the debit machine
the machine decides it is having a bad day:

josh: "i have inserted and taken it out twice now
moi: it's not going to work unless you do it slow or fast
josh: oh gosh...hopefully this machine is not like sex"


maybe it's just me

but one date does not constitute touching
am i waving a freak flag that says "please i am begging you to invade my space with your hand of which i have no idea where it has been because remember...i don't even know you"

for some reason this is the story of my life
no wonder i am scared of moving too fast gents
you have your hand in mine before we have picked a topping for the pizza

holding my hand
caressing my back
touching my arm

it's just incredibly uncalled for
so boys...don't try it
i beg of you

**disclaimer: this post is a series of events that may or may not have happened recently and is in no way meant to offend anyone whom i have in the past, currently am or will be dating.**

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1, 2, 3...

have you heard [this] yet?

despite the meaning behind my new fav jam
(counting to three will never mean the same thing again)
this brunette's computer has got it on repeat

so join in on the fun
you know you want to

you can have ms. klum's closet

or atleast a closet that smell's like hers

let me introduce you to my newest obsession on the market
victoria's secret laundry detergent/dryer sheets

why i am obsessed:
the detergent is 3x concentrated so this little bottle lasts forever
the dryer sheet's actually soften...what a concept
what laundry room looks nice with a red Tide bucket on the shelf?
(not mine anymore)
they smell fantastic, but not overwhelmingly so
(when you walk into a room the smell should never be the first thing someone notices...just sayin')

i would help you out and put the price here for you
but my father reads this blog
and he would freak to know what i spend on this little obsession

Thursday, September 24, 2009

right back where i started from

ok kiddos i am off
for a weekend of sun and fun in the sand
terror and tears at the farm
love and laughter with my new baby cousin
relaxation and rest with the fam

california here i come

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my greatest fear... opening up to people
call me silly or un-emotional but i just don't do it

today i was too tired to pretend
apparently my text messages weren't coming across as normal
because you asked if i was okay and
instead of saying the usual yes and asking a question about you to deflect attention from me
i answered truthfully
two minutes later this was in my inbox:

i know what you mean...i am here...and you are safe with me

sometimes all a girl wants is to know she is being taken care of

Monday, September 21, 2009

five years ago...

...if anyone had asked i would have said:
i honestly think it will work
i honestly think it will be me
i honestly think you are it
i honestly don't think i will find anyone that makes me happier

but today i finally realized...
i will be her

when all i ever hoped for was to be her

atleast i will have the better dress

Sunday, September 20, 2009

best dressed 2009

im not gonna lie
this year's show was full of fashion disappointment
for the full rundown click [here]

but for those of you who just want a taste
here is my pick for best dressed this year(olivia wilde)

i know this is gonna be a controversial one
but i am sticking to my instinct
which is not a gut instinct because at first i hated it
but the more you look at it, the more you love it

it probably also doesn't hurt her case that i saw her at comic con

although in my mind and heart she may always be marissa's lesbian lover on the oc.

welcome back...

...awards season

as a fan of high fashion, gorgeous hair, and jewelry up the wazoo
few things in life make me happier than awards season fashion

the emmys start it off in september and then we have a sweet ride of fab clothes until that big night in february called the oscars
(and this brunette throws an oscar party that ms. roberts herself would bang down a door to get into)
(if she knew about it, that is)

so here is a little flashback to my best and worst picks from 2008

(best: brooke sheilds)

(worst: christina de la rosa)

hold tight for the link to this years best and worst dressed album created by moi
happy watching.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

currently listening

every once in a while
i let myself venture into the cd section at target
and purchase a random cd
(yep i am old school. itunes is not my bff quite yet)
this purchase was made due to my impatience w/a certain someone who promised to download battlefield for me and never did
(patience...not a virtue of mine)

thankfully that never happened
because this has turned out to be
probably the best cd purchase i have made this year

i was never a huge fan of her
but boy oh boy has this girl proven she can sing

last weeks obsession: don't let it go to your head
this weeks obsession: no parade
and of course...[battlefield] is an instant classic

i promise if you take a chance on [this girl]
you will not be disappointed

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the numbers don't lie

50, 1, 750, 65, 203, 132, 3, 10, 4, 8, 75, 217, 23

Above is a list of the current numbers in my life
in no specific order

beauty products currently taking over my bathroom
dvds i own
boys i have kissed
magazines laying by my bed waiting to be read
journals i have written in and filled
pillows i sleep with
people i call my best friend
blog posts i have written this year
dollar amount of the most expensive item of clothing i own
text messages i have sent/responded to today
mileage of the longest hike i have ever been on in a day

(for you who are just too curious for you own good)
(Hint: the first and last numbers coordinate with the first and last statements)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

don't stop believin

new obsession: glee

i'm gonna admit i was incredibly skeptical at first
in fact i was pretty much cornered into watching this the first time
but the rest is history

words that come to mind when watching this show:
fun, amazing, brilliant, i need to go on??

sit down with the fam, set your tivo's
do what you have to do
to join the obsession

did you know?

i am learning this with each day that comes at my [new job]

it's hard, boring, exciting, fun, stressful, relaxing, overwhelming
absolutely worth it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


thank goodness...for pseudo parents
mine here in provo are brilliant
every morning i wake up to the most hilarious of text messages
seriously don't know what i would do without them.

try not to be too too jealous.


tonight i had a blast with new friends jess, jodi and mel
dinner and a much not needed shopping trip to my fav target
good thing we went
because i have officially found the ugliest outfit in the world

(yes i purchased it...some outfits are just too ugly to stay on the rack)

on a much prettier note

(moi, mel, jess, jodi)

thank goodness for girlfriends

(side note: the outfit was purchased for a white elephant)
(i'm not THAT crazy)

Monday, September 14, 2009

london calling

everytime my bb screams "i just looooovvvee hot cheetos"
(best ringtone ever thanks to sissy ms. longoria-parker)
and that # 012345 shows up
my heart skips a beat and no matter what is going on in life
i am suddenly completely happy

my bff is an amazingly smart, funny, gorgeous, world traveler
and i guess you could say london is like her second home
(first home is harvard, yep yep, i really meant it when i said smart)

today i had the best chat in the world with her
she never ceases to make me laugh til it hurts
love you S
xoxo, B

Sunday, September 13, 2009

conversation quote of the week

it happened last night as we were leaving the restaurant
after a lovely evening of watching the game and stuffing my face
(go trojans)
we were walking to the car:

josh: i am stuffed, i need to purge
me: did you really just say purge?
josh: uh huh (silence)...
i'm gonna start purging so i can have a modeling career
(i was then told the story of the almost modeling career)
me: i don't even believe you
josh: why not, my family isn't all brains you know.

we laughed the entire 5 1/2 minutes it took to drive home.

because you asked

i have been asked to reveal what songs really were
on that "fab camping mix" josh and i made for our
short stint in the outdoors
so here you go...for your listening pleasure

1- Don't Let It Go To Your Head: Jordin Sparks
2- Don't Trust Me: 3oh!3
3- Hero: Nas feat. Keri Hilson
4- Little Miss Obsessive: Ashlee Simpson
5- Down: Jay Sean
6- Take a Bow: Cast of Glee (Lea Michele)
7- I Was Here: Lady Antebellum
8- Good Girl Go Bad: Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester
9-Piece of Me: Britney Spears
10- I Gotta Feeling: Black Eyed Peas
11- Not Ready to Make Nice: Dixie Chicks
12- Don't Stop Believin'- Cast of Glee
13- Rehab: Cast of Glee
14- Best Days of Your Life: Kelly Pickler feat. Taylor Swift
15- My Life Would Suck Without You: Kelly Clarkson
16- Sooner or Later: Michelle Branch
17- I Wont...But I Will: SheDaisy
18- You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift
19- That's Not My Name: The Ting Tings
20- Poker Face: Kanye West feat. Lady Gaga

don't ask how many times this weekend
we have blasted #2 from the car when driving places
because i would be forced to tell
and embarrassed about it
happy listening

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i enjoy being a girl (true story)

once upon a time a girl and a boy were talking
about the finer things in life
the boy simply told the girl he would never date her
he explained that he liked her alot
and enjoyed being around her
she was too girly
she quickly remarked that she could be athletic
he then asked if she was going to change herself just for him
she said that wasn't what she meant
but she was just too flustered to say the things in her head

what she was trying to say was not that she would change herself
but that he didn't know her as well as he thought
that once again he had judged her from the outside
like so many others before him
what she meant to say was that she could be one of the boys
but she enjoyed doing it in heels and a skirt with curly hair

what she meant to say was
yes she is girly, but with a little bit of an edge
and she makes no excuses for it

i am not a big fan of camping

nothing about this picture is appealing to me
the tent, the misty air, the overgrown grass and trees
the awful sweater thing that woman is wearing
the lumberjack poor excuse for a shirt the man is wearing
why would i ever want to learn more about camping??

well tonight i attempted to learn more
we made the best mix cd in the world
loaded up tyra (josh's lovely ta-HOE)
(literally loaded her up, we had enough luggage to stay for a week)
hit the corner mcdonalds
and drove out to the campsite

4 hours later we are home
and i am now in my bed

we tried
what more can i say
maybe next year...or not.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

suddenly i see this is what i wanna be

i officially have a job
can you guess what it is???

i am a very fabulous lady's new personal assistant

the fun begins on thursday
wish me luck

Monday, September 7, 2009

all the pieces have finally come together

to create my new obsession

are you ready for this??cobra starship
(stop laughing)
(yes, stop laughing right now)

i have heard [this] song on the radio mucho times lately
and turn it up as high as possible (while still being legal)
every. single. time.

except I had no idea that this lovely lady
was the good girl gone badoh blair waldorf
you leave the headband at home and become a wild woman

are you curious now?
[click here] to see for yourself

no labor on this day

what a lovely day to lay by the pool
with new friend jess

stories were told
secrets were shared
there was much laughing
no magazine reading was done
a new friendship was born

next time let's go here:
hope none of you lovelies had to labor today either.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

tonight i really wish

i could be in california
to meet this darling little girl

(sweet baby eleanor)

i have already informed my aunty
the legally blonde fan in me will be calling her elle

(the three princesses)

it really is okay
go ahead and say it
i have the cutest three cousins in the world

as ms. andrews would say...

these are a few of my favorite things
from the weekend:
football season in full swing
late night conversation with abigail
introduction to la dolce vita
playing saturday morning dress up
emails from justin
partaking in the greatness that is just my luck
magleby's fresh chocolate cake

a few of my not so favorite weekend things:
snide remarks
playing the piano in church
not seeing mother L
hurting my foot
(no more heels?!?)
sonic running out of reese's peanut butter cups
missing my family

Saturday, September 5, 2009

do they make that in my size?!?!?

hands down, no questions asked
this(channing tatum and jenna dewan)
is the best wedding dress of the year

can i please have one?
thank you.

if you can afford me

question of the week:
what are you willing to pay for a concert/special event??

earlier this year I paid hundreds to go see miss b. spears
two times in one weekendyes you read that right

the other night as we were reliving
victoria's secret fashion shows past
we thought
"wouldn't that be so much fun to go to?"so we began the search
for tickets to this ever coveted event
we looked everywhere
and finally found a winner

can you guess the price to see
the world's top models strut their stuff down the runway
wearing huge wings and not much more???


we will be watching it on tv instead

Friday, September 4, 2009

welcome sweet baby

i feel i need to do an official welcome
to my sweet new cousin
baby eleanor

she is the 3rd little princess for my aunty and uncle
word is she looks very japanese
which is code for gorgeous

now we have an emma, esther and eleanor
(jane austen fans should appreciate)
(the first and last of those names)

can't wait to meet you in october

Thursday, September 3, 2009

tale of the green witch and the rent collector

two of my favorite people
who so happened to be married
just so happened to have a baby recently
now a little background
when movie stars have children
i always cringe when reading the article
and the time comes to announce the name
because in all honesty
odds are it's gonna be terrible

so when it was announced
that my favs
idina menzel and taye diggs had their first childi was just waiting for it:

you name it
i am sure it has been done

yet a baby walker was born
i knew i liked these people for a reason

currently watching

the big bang theory
my taste in television usually leans toward
drama drama and more drama
(questions of my television life)
(will der and mer ever get married??)

(how long will it take for chuck to screw everything up?)
(do you think loreli and luke stayed together forever?)

but since josh and i recently finished
the last season of eureka
we needed something to move on to

lucky for us season one of this show
is on sale this week at target for $14.99

he made the purchase
and a new addiction was born

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first time for everything

and this would certainly qualify
as the first time
carrie bradshaw wears tennis shoesim not gonna lie
after careful thought and consideration
i have decided i love this look

but i love this one
even moreoh carrie
myself and my wardrobe are so glad you are back

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

carrie b is back

good news
Sex and the City 2 started filming manana
in the beautiful New York City