Monday, August 31, 2009

true story of walmart

saturday night at the provo wal-mart
josh and i are buying books
(<--i bought this lovely one)

we get to the checkout
and the man looks at us
with a smirk and snidely remarks,
"buying books on a saturday night?
i know that's what i do on the weekend."

excuse me sir?!? did you really just say that??
cuz what i am thinking is you have no room to talk.
if you are going to go out in public in a t-shirt and shorts,
thick coke bottle glasses, work at wal-mart (no offense to anyone)
and be so thin a strong breeze could take you down in 2.5 seconds
you don't get to make fun of us for the choice of activity.

best part of the incident:
when josh felt he needed to defend us and stated
"dont worry...we've already been to a party tonight."

the end.

living by prada-isms

i got the email this morning informing me
that my halloween costume
(that i got on sale)
is finally in the mail

which means it is time to start living life
according to the motto of one of my fav movie characters:
"I'm on this new diet. Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."
(emily--the devil wears prada)

okay so you all know that i could not give up my love
for carbs long enough to make this happen
it was the first thing i thought about when the email came60 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes and 56 seconds left til halloween

Saturday, August 29, 2009

have you met... little sister???

the answer is most likely no
so i figure on this lovely saturday
i am going to do you a favor
and change that

(lil sissy and i at comic con 2009)
factoids about the sissy
name: buffy
age: teenager
profession: best lil' sissy in the world
fun facts:
-she is in love with all things twilight/robert pattinson
-she has met the cast of twilight mucho times
-anything this girl set's her mind to...she accomplishes
-she has the most incredible playhouse in her backyard...with running water
-she knows all my aspirations, fears, thoughts, and secrets
-she is not really my sister by blood...but that doesn't matter these days
-our daily emails should be published...this girl is as witty and sassy as they come

good luck with school this year lil buff
so sad i can't be there in person
love you

here comes the bride

possible sketches for the twilight wedding dress are in
and i am in love with this one by monique lhuillier

but my fave would have to be this beauty
by lela rose

for those of you who are dying for more
click (here) to see the sketches designers have submitted

Thursday, August 27, 2009

let's gossip about my dress

you all know i am beyond obsessed with
(yep i'm gonna say it)

so it is only natural i check the paparazzi photos
from daily filming to see what's going on

imagine my surprise when i see this dress on set:remember how this was almost my dress
for the big oscar bash this year??

in the end, as you already know
i chose the dior inspired cocktail number

but it's good to know this lovely
will be featured on this season
for the world to admire and adore

september 14th
please come soooooooooon
xoxo, moi

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sleeping beautifully

if only the title were true
maybe what i am missing is:
zac efron semi-creepily kissing my cheek?
tonight i am an uber tired little lady
and i hate my new bed
despite the money i have put into making it nice

all i want to do is crawl
into my little tiny bed at home
fall asleep
and wake up to my mom

instead i will jump into my new big bed
read trueblood
turn out the lights
toss and turn til 4am
and wake up to no one

i am tired tonight
in more ways than just being sleepy
and i miss my home.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

promise in the dark

every once in a while
when i pull out my almost pristine white coach bag
(remember that ketchup stain in the corner)
i miss my best friend.

what like it's hard?

yesterday BIG BRO had his first day of law school
i am incredibly proud of him
he also had a very memorable day
read his BLOG posting that is to come
for all the juicy details


Sunday, August 23, 2009

is your blood true?

my latest literary addiction:the rundown
Bon Temps, Louisianna is a world where being a vampire is considered a virual disease, and both vampires and humans live amongst each other. Sookie Stackhouse is a quiet, gorgeous, small town waitress with a small problem. She can read people's minds, which (obviously) makes dating in search of Mr. Right a little hard. Enter Bill Compton. The tall, dark, handsome man whose mind Sookie can't read, probably because he is a vampire. Sound familiar?? These 7 novels by CHARLAINE HARRIS are currently the core behind the hit HBO drama TrueBlood.Fact: Anna Paquin won the Best Actress Golden Globe last year for her role as Sookie Stackhouse.

1.) The world Harris creates is well thought out and finely crafted. Vampires exist due to a disease they have contracted. They drink synthetic blood served in bars like it's a form of alcohol to keep from killing people. When a vampire bites it doesn't kill you or turn you into a vampire. And of course, there is prejudice against them as history has proved is true for most minority groups.
2.) Harris can actually WRITE. After the literary disaster of dear STEPHANIE MEYER'S four novels (don't get me wrong, I LOVE Twilight, but girlfriend can't write) it is nice to read a series of books in which the author can stand on literary ground.
3.) Human falls in love with vampire and mass chaos ensues...fantastic.

so go out and grab your copies
the first in the series is
Dead Until Dark
happy reading

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with

On that note, I would like to introduce bff BREE
(bree is the blonde with the amazing betsey johnson shoes far right)
(your's truly is the bergdorf brunette in the middle)

The Beginning
Once upon a time bff THAT WIFE called upon her best girlfriends to get all dressed up and support her in one of the most significant events of her life. That Wife happened to call upon moi and one of her cousins, Bree. I remember meeting Bree halfway through the wedding day, in the lobby of the hotel where we were about to begin a photo shoot. Here is how it went:

Bree: "Hi, I don't know you, my name is Aubree
Me: Hi, my name is Jessica. It's nice to meet you..."

And it pretty much is history from that point on. For the rest of the day we chatted and caught up on each others lives like we were simply dear old friend's who hadn't seen each other in a while. That night we hugged goodbye and stated that despite the fact we barely knew each other, we felt like we were already best friends.

Interesting Fact
Until I moved to UT...I had only spent a total of 6 hours with Bree. Now that is fate.

Why I LOVE Her
1.) She shares an extreme passion for reading, introducing me to such titles as How to Be Your Own Matchmaker.
2.) We laugh about silly things I feel only she would understand.
3.) Together we may be about the girliest two people you will ever meet, but we are always up for anything.
4.) I can talk to her about everything.
5.) Charlotte might just have got it right when she said our girlfriends are our soul-mates. Because I honestly believe she is mine.

Love you Bree. SOOOOO excited for our UT adventures.

i ain't sayin' she's a gold digger

yesterday as I was curling my hair
dealing with my bleeding scalp
(another story for another day)
(although dear friend JOSH so lovingly called me a zombie)
i was so worried about not touching my scalp
i forgot about my neck

did you know curling iron burns on the neck
look a little too much like a specific something else?
well now you do

even better my roommate's mother comes
into my room this morning
asking for some printer paper
due to the fact that I had not had a chance
to cover my neck with covergirl
she just starred at me
if a stare could say a thousand words
i can only imagine what was racing through her mind

it doesn't help that same friend josh gave me this:to decorate my wall with this week
which was clearly visible to roomie's mom
i am a bad example already

i promise it is a curling iron burn
bff BREE can vouch for my whereabouts last night
if anyone is going to come close to my neck
it's gonna be edward cullen
kidding. sorta.

Friday, August 21, 2009

twitter me this

confession: i read ryan seacrest's twitter
like it is the unpublished 5th twilight book

in simple man's terms: i am addicted
i am also in love
this is not news to anyone who knows me

question: why did he post THIS
when i am no longer living in california


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

quote of the week

during a texting conversation with my mother
(whom we call Kiki, story for another day)

Kiki: "What are you doing?
Me: Just got home, gonna do some pilates.
Kiki: Ohhhh silk what's her name here you come. He he ha ha."

how i love my mother.
don't know which is better...
the fact that she can't remember silk spectre's name
the fact that she wrote "he-space-he-space-ha-space-ha"

currently listening to

i will admit: i love her partially because i have been confused for her once or twice or maybe even three times

but other than that she honestly can hold her own
she is the only girl to come out of the disney machine who actually has talent
(not that i don't love you ms. tisdale)
(i just don't love your signing)
and the album isn't half bad
fav song: here we go again

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

audrey meets gwen

so maybe i am a little biased because
she plays my fav television character of all time
or maybe she is just an incredible dresser
either way
she wins best dressed of the week(leighton meester at the 2009 teen choice awards)
its audrey hepburn meets gwen stefani
and i am in love for the following 5 reasons:
1.) hair and makeup properly done
2.) its girly
3.) she let's the dress speak for itself w/o weighing it down with accessories
4.) the cut of the skirt is fantastic
5.) the shoes...need i say more?!?

Monday, August 17, 2009

please please please...

find me:
my very own chuck bass
the killer dress/hat blair is wearing in this photo
an apt in NYC so i may move there asap

oh september 14th
i am waiting so patiently 'til you bring
my favorite tv show back to the small screen

one more thing before you go

2 saturdays ago i went computer shopping with lil bro
just an ordinary day
i drove little lexi into the driveway
opened the door to mi casa

i literally almost jumped out of my skin i was so scared
and there in my kitchen among pink balloons and decorations
was every single reason this summer was one of the best i have ever had(the whole gang together...T made everyone wear pink)

special thanks to T and R for making this happen
it was one of the greatest things that has even been done for me
love you and miss you allllllllll

Friday, August 7, 2009

welcome to the tragic kingdom

so after bff Katy Perry was done performing
it was time for No Doubt
they sold out 4 shows in their home town
and we went the last night
and as much as i wasn't really looking forward to seeing them
i have to admit they put on a "hella good" show

crowd was going nuts, right as the curtain dropped...

ms. gwen (one of my all time fav's)

they just rocked it for the next 2 hours

katy perry, the sounds and no doubt singing "stand and deliver"

simply brilliant
special thanks to lil bro and big bro for having birthdays
it was the best celebration ever

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

us girls we are so magical

if i had a penny for every person who has asked me
(since last night's concert)
"did you kiss a girl?"
i could buy myself the mac i really really am coveting right now

to their sassyness i reply with a little of my own
"yep, and i liked it."

now to my mormon readers
i am STILL a good girl
and NO i did not really kiss a girl
it is a song by this lovely ladywho i got to see in concert last night
as the opening act for NO DOUBT

she is my favorite
and as you can tell from her outfit
she is pretty much a 5 yr old in a 24 yr old's body

her entire band was dressed in pink
her set was picket fences, blow up strawberries and giant flamingos

so after last night
it pretty much is official
katy perry and i were BFF's in another life

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

imaginary friends

we have all had them
and if you are a guy named Tim Burton
yours just happen to be people like this is Comic Con story #1

We were sitting waiting for the "Twilight" panel to start around 2pm. The "Alice in Wonderland" panel was at 11am and was announced to just be with director Tim Burton. I have a soft spot in my heart for Mr. Burton. because although I do fit into more of the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" crowd, I had a weird knack for such things as "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Well, he sat in his seat on the stage and charmed us with his wit and an exclusive trailer to "Alice..." (set to my new fav song from MGMT "time to pretend") The guy interviewing him kept asking if he had anything else to show us and Mr. Burton kept replying, "Well, the movie isn't even done yet, so really this is all I have." Thus, we kept watching the trailer over and over again, in between the thousands of fan questions. Well, finally at the end the interviewer asked one more time if he had anything more and Mr. Burton said, "Well I do have pictures from my family summer vacation if you would like to see them?? Or sometimes when I close my eyes one of my imaginary friends shows up." And the next thing I know...I am in the same room as Johnny Depp. Best experience at Comic-Con by far.

More stories and pictures to come
thanks to lil bro for being a fantastic photog
hold tight

hot n cold

tonight is the nighti don't normally claim this about anyone
but i'm pretty sure i am this lady's number one fan
and you should love her too
(although not as much as moi)
because we all know that
we kissed a girl and we liked it
that's what we get for waking up in vegas
we're hot then we're cold
and always always
thinking of you

will update with photos tomorrow