Friday, July 31, 2009

shopaholic sale

I am moving
And therefore selling my life away.
Come manana to the house to see what was mine that can now be yours.
Example: new moon trading cards, clothes, shoes, purses, movie posters, lsat study books (no questions please)...and so so much more.
See you in the morning.
Bright and early.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

congrats to moi

i have finally discovered how to blog via blackberry (bb)

-I have a casa in provo.
-Comic-Con was beyond amazing.
-Thankfully Robert Pattinson is just as gorgeous in person as he is in those millions of tabloid mags I know you ALL read (and of course, that "you all" includes myself).
-Pics and stories from the fab weekend are to come very soon.
-500 Days of Summer is a fantastic, somewhat realistic, feel good movie...go see it!
-I finally found my pink storage bins at Target (I had to drive across town, but whose counting gas mileage these days anyway).
-7 days until Katy Perry/No Doubt.
-Twilight/Shopaholic fiesta tomorrow night.
-The dress I have been coveting all summer at Nordy's went on clearance, and was in my size. Obviously, said dress is now sitting in my closet.

-I hate hate hate packing, and its all I will be doing for the next 2 weeks.
-As much as I didn't want to believe, Kristen Stewart really is a crazy druggy. And that's all I will say about that.
-From the amount of times I have listened to my CHESS soundtrack during packing, its bound to break any moment.
-Little Lexi was a minor casualty in the madness of Comic Con. Lexi fans should know she will be fixed, I love her too much to let her stay ugly.
-I miss lil and big bro.
-I have too much stuff.
-Despite being unemployed I can't sleep past 8:00am. However, I have no problem staying in my pj's all day.
-I need to buy a new computer, blogging by phone is no good.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

freaks and geeks

little lexi is packed and we are officially off
to Comic Con
the freaks and geeks of america
will be my new bff's for the next 4 dayssee you sunday night
with mucho stories including
my meet with Robert Pattinson
and my all time FAV Gwenyth P.

ta ta for now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy anniversary nordstrom

nordstrom is my favorite store in the entire world
whenever i am away from home and sad
i go to the nearest nordy's, buy a drink,
sit in the big chairs,
and listen to the piano play

so every year i feel it is only my duty
to say a big fat happy anniversary
and pay homage to my home away from home
by shopping shopping shopping

this years fav buy came as a sort of gift
the anonymous purchaser knows me well
just see for yourself:

and as is tradition
us ladies in the office go to the sale at 7am Fri morn
and then bring all purchases to work
for a little show and tell

well these lovely shoes
spawned much commotion during show and tell
and friend M (who I was training to take my job)
decided she needed a pair herself
so she made it happen
and today was our day to show them off(snapshot of the fab footwear in action)(oops...caught starring at our feet)(finally took a moment to look up)

Thank you Mr. Weitzman
For making our day...
quite possibly our lives.

PS-M you are going be great at our job.

last chance, last dance

(gifts from my fabulous co-workers)

today was my LAST day of work
i am so excited to move
yet completely terrified
and that is the way it should be

special thanks to all the people
who have helped me get this far...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hide and seek

I clicked open my trunk the other day to load something in

and guess what was staring back at me?

My almost forever lost Lacoste Bag!

I held my breath as I opened it hoping, wishing…

and finally holding my almost gone Chris Pine cup.

He has been returned to his home on the dash.

Along with a note saying

please don’t throw me away

written in 7 different languages for all to read.

Little Lexi is so happy to have her favorite accessory back.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing... friend Tara

The Beginning

Thanks to Lil Bro’s ability to be super social and fun he was asked to be on one of his dear friend’s Debut/Cotillion courts. Due to the fact that Kik’s and Dad were already pre-engaged that evening I was asked to go as the family representation (and let’s face it, this girl never turns down the opportunity to get all dressed up with somewhere to go). That night I was placed at the “kids” table and introduced to T. I knew as soon as I saw her go straight for the breaded carbs, despite the table of yummy cultural food around us, that she and I were meant to be friends.

Interesting Fact

It took a really really really sucky life event and me asking an innocent but loaded question to give this friendship a head start.

Why I LOVE her

1.) Her laugh is infectious.

2.) Her idea of a night out is going to the library (she might just be my soul sister).

3.) We can talk for hours and hours, and it feels like we have known each other forever and ever

4.) She manages to dish out advice wayyyy beyond her years.

5.) Her sincerity in life is unmatchable.

My new friend is soon to embark on a new adventure in a new stage of life in San Diego. Love you and already miss you, however I KNOW this friendship is far from over.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Lil Bro recently told me I am a robot when it comes to relationships...

more specifically the end of relationships.

Where as some girls tend to live in the void of questioning if the break up is final or temporary...

I apparently walk the road to the land of

It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken a little too well.

Why did this statement stick?

Because I know it is true.

I don’t play games and I don’t give second chances.

I guess the only thing I am left to really question is:

Have I missed my fate, due to the vow I made to never go back?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

news flash

i am no longer a brunette

think debra messing

pictures to come

blog name will remain the same

hellloooo lover

if you are ever looking for the cure all to a rainy day
i suggest you hang out with my 4 bff's
carrie, miranda, sam and charlottethey never get old
and always promise to make you laugh, cry and feel better
if you have never tried this
i highly consider you might just maybe should make it happen

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i feel

...scared because i honestly think no matter how hard we try
things will never be what they once were

...stupid because you know everything about me
and i don't trust you anymore

...relieved because i can move on
i have done it once and i can do it again

...sad because i miss you
and you don't care

...full of regret for ever saying yes
to that stupid trip

the shoe people

For my 22nd B-Day bff Roxy gave me a Shopaholic Calender
365 days of tidbits for the shopaholic that we alllll know I amTuesday, July 7th--The Shoe People
You know you're a shoe person when...

You watch Sex and the City for the shoes, not the characters---check
Your new fuchsia, snakeskin go-go boots don't match anything in your wardrobe, but you just had to have them---check
You've spend an entire paycheck on one pair of heels---check check
You wears stilettos to walk the dog---check
You often come across shoes in your closet that you forgot you had and have no idea where or when you bought them---check
You have several pairs of ill-fitting shoes in your collection that you wear regularly because they look so good---check (black patent leather Michael Kors with cork heel, kiilllerrrss and a size too small)
You go on a week's holiday and take seven pairs of shoes (not counting your flip-flops or the ones you wore on the plane)---check

I guess it is official...I AM a shoe person.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dear future husband:

anyday that you would like to come home from work
and make me extremely happy
please feel free to walk through the door with these beautiesi thank the heavens everyday that Christian Louboutin
decided to share his talents with all of us

i also feel like i should thank the costumer on the recent b.spears video if u seek amy
for introducing these to the world

fighting over real boys... highly over ratedalmost every night my mom and I watch an episode of the Gilmore Girls
(i own all 7 seasons thanks to a fab sale at Best Buy)
and every night we have the same fight:

she is on team Jess

and I am forever on team Dean

good thing Rory doesn't end up with either
so we can mutually agree to disagree
and move on

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

live long and prosper?

I have this Star Trek cup that sits in the cup holder right by the steering wheel of my little Lexi.
Except that it has FH (future husband) Chris Pine on it.
Basically it is a lovely decoration
that helps Lexi look a little less business and a little more party.

Today I took Lexi to the top floor of the parking structure for a car wash.
I specifically put the cup in a Lacoste bag I had in my back seat
because the washers are very good at what they do
and literally clean everything out of your car.
And what is a treasure to me
might be trash to them.
Crisis averted

Except for the fact that
when I got into my car after work
the Lacoste bag and all of it's contents were gone.

RIP Chris Pine
Sorry your home is now a growdy trash can at my place of employment.
You did NOT live long and prosper.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kick off your sunday shoes...

Are you as excited as I am that this man:will soon be cuttin' it loose on the dance floor in the Kenny Ortega directed remake of everybody's fav Footloose???

Let it also be noted that as thrilled as I am for Mr. Crawford, I couldn't be less thrilled that Julianne Hough is set to play Ariel. I am hoping it is just a bad dream and they will find someone far better and less skanky to lead the way.

Also...I am hoping they decide to film the dance scene at the Lehi Roller Mills again.
You better believe I will be there for that one.

before today...

I couldn't have cared less about the Michael Jackson funeral.
Sure I have done dance routines to countless numbers of his,
And sang my heart out in choir to all his hits.
But I never really felt a connection to him, as many people apparently did.
However, despite whatever he may have done in his personal life, I will say the tribute today (love the fact that I sit right across from the TV at work) was incredible and I don't think anyone could hope to be remembered in a better way.
Top 3 moments:
1.) Paris saying her daddy was the best daddy in the world.
Was he a monster? was he crazy? was he just a little odd? Who knows and at this point who cares...if that didn't break your heart, then I feel sorry for you.
2.) Brooke Shields tribute.
It was at this time that my entire opinion of this man began to change. Maybe it is because Ms. B was fab at making NYC into a short lived, but fantastic "Lipstick Jungle," but I trust Brooke. And if she loved him, then there really must have been something to love about him.
3.) Jennifer Hudson singing "Will You Be There."
Many of you know I loathe J. Hud. When she won her Oscar I had to get up and leave the room and almost literally cried when they cast her in "Sex and the City." But this girl was on it today, and I loved every minute of her song.

Monday, July 6, 2009

currently reading

I have already read this book once
I am slightly embarrassed at the fact that I stayed up waaayyyy too late last night reading a book I already know the ending to.

What I LOVE about this book:
The fact that Giffin takes a scenario in which most people automatically 1.) place the blame and 2.) feel no sympathy for those involved, and creates a heroine you can't help but wish good things for.

I know it sounds nearly you might just have to read it for yourself

Sunday, July 5, 2009

it's been a while

Things have been crazy for this brunette

Here is the 60 second rundown of recent life events:
(I am sure more details for each will come later)
I am moving back to to Provo
BFF Ali and hubby Bryce came for the annual 4th of July visit
2 1/2 more weeks at my job, it gets sadder and sadder to think about each day
Shopaholic (that would be moi) garage sale/auction to come at the end of the month
Comic Con is coming...gettin' ready to play my weekend away with nerds of all ages
Boys are leaving for camp...mommy and me play date all week
I might be the only person who LOVED Transformers 2
Because of the aforementioned move I am cleaning my room like never before and constantly wondering where I accumulated so much stuff from
Throwing lil' bro a graduation party in 2 weeks
Katy Perry concert in 29 days
I love change.