Sunday, June 21, 2009

when hard work doesn't pay off

I have this purse
designed seemingly just for me by my good friend Kate Spade
this may or may not be my most expensive purse
it may or may not have most likely single handedly paid the Spade mortgage for a month...or a few
it is my favorite
I have worked embarrassingly hard to keep her shiny and new
and after every use she goes back into her special box

well this past week Lil Kate came with me to my Laker's celebration party
I was in charge of bringing the greasy chicken tray to the party
the food (of course) wasn't ready on time
I was tired
I was late
I was stressed
Kate decided to run interference with the greasy tray
and the chicken decided to leave it's permanent mark on her

Kate is now scarred
and I am sad.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

do you love my rock n roll?

just got back from a grad party for my dear friend JT

as most of you know I have very little shame

a little fact I decided to share with my fellow party goers tonight

due to the rousing version of brit brit's i love rock n roll me and the lovely K performed

and then because one time just isnt enough

we got the boys in on womanizer

have I ever mentioned if I were 5 years younger I would be in love?

pics and videos soon to come

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i found my choo

As I was doing my morning gossip run thru I cruised on over to PopSugar and almost screamed in delight:

is coming to

Special thanks to Tamara Mellon
(fyi: she is the founder and pres of Jimmy Choo)
My bank account thanks you too

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Currently Listening to:

Black Eyed Peas: The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)
So it would be a lie to say I am listening to the whole CD.
In fact I haven't actually made it past #5
i gotta feeling
So I am sure #1-4 and beyond are great too
But I wouldn't know quite yet
i gotta feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night...
you will love

Check Mate

Tonight PBS is airing CHESS In Concert as part of this years "Great Performances" series.
Counting down the hours until the concert for the following reasons:

1.) I am in love with this musical. It's the best to blast at maximum decibel level while making the drive from UT to CA.

2.) New recordings = new Chess soundtrack. And although I love my 90's version 2-Disc set, I am loving the new sound and voices. Which leads to...

3.) It stars my girls Idina Menzel and Kerry Ellis. Most of you know who Ms. Menzel is, and if you don't, please do yourself a favor and go to your local music store and pick up a little CD called WICKED...this girls voice will blow your mind.

But I am especially excited for Kerry Ellis. I had the complete privilege of seeing her as Elphaba in the London West End production of WICKED two summers ago with bff Wendy. If you think Idina can sing...oh you have heard nothing from Kerry. (FYI-she is actually debuting TODAY as Elphaba in WICKED on Broadway)

4.) Josh Groban and Adam Pascal play the male leads in this concert. As the RENT and AIDA lover that I am, Pascal is a dream with a voice to match. And Groban...well I don't think I need to say much more.
Personal Favs on the CD:
Nobody's Side
One Night in Bangkok
The Deal (No Deal)
I Know Him So Well

So get over the time old label that PBS is just for kids or older folk and get your tivo's's going to be amazing. And tomorrow you will be at your local Target purchasing your own copy of the newly released CHESS in Concert cd, on sale this week for your convenience at the low price of $11.99.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i'm just gonna say it...

i'm a GIGI
as independent as i am
when i go on a really good date
(although few and far between)
i still have my moments where
i sit, i pace, i wait for that little red light on my bb to blink
and i am not ashamed
because she never gave up hope
and friends...
is never something to be ashamed of
she was by far the best dressed one in the film

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tonight I have a DATE with...

He's Just Not that Into You
2 Item Combo Chinese Food
Vanilla Ice Cream
My favorite sweatpants
Summer Cherry Red Nailpolish
Cucumber Face Mask
(love nights like this)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Feather for Mr. de la Renta's Hat

Many of you know if anyone could design my wedding dress-to-be it would be Oscar de la Renta
Here is just another reason why he is my ultimate choice:

Classy dress on a classy lady.
Love it. Love her. Love the feathers. LOVE the shoes.
Loved the Tony's. The end.

Ready. Set. Go.

Today the intense work out sessions begin.

Pilates, crunches, lunges, pull ups, running, cycling, name it, I am going to become the QUEEN of it

Subsequently, I am going to become the QUEEN of ice packs, heating pads and continually complaining about how sore I am

All that in order to wear this:

Without it becoming the BIGGEST fashion faux paux of my life

Does anyone ever look good in yellow latex??

No...not really.

But I am going to try my darndest to be the 1st

144 days until Halloween

Whoever said fashion doesn't hurt...was seriously disturbed

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Gossip Girl

I miss you

Monday nights are not going to be the same while you are on summer vaca

How am I going to know what to wear without my bff's Serena and Blair to pave the way?

How am I going to know what not to wear without Lil J and her loco outfits??

Fall is looking to be a fantastic season for so many reasons...

Until then, I will just hold onto the glorious moment when Blair and Chuck FINALLY got their acts together

Because I know something this fall is going to mess it up...probably in the form of Georgina Sparks.

Until then...xoxo, B

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do Girls Really Just Wanna Have Fun??

Last night I decided to do my service to the community and volunteer at my younger brothers choir/dance performance.

I made the mistake of telling the volunteer coordinator that "I was open for anything she needed help doing." And with the uttering of those 9 words I was whisked away with a walky talky, first aid kit, and show instructions to the 9th grade girls dressing room...

9th grade girls in the middle of a full on almost Broadway type production are nothing but pure entertainment my friends.

Here are a few quotes/events from the evening:

They do a prayer/motivational circle before every show.
Yes, when I saw them starting to huddle I thought they were joking. In fact, I started laughing at them, but with the stares I received back, I quickly realized this was NO joke.

When a few of the members decided they didn't want to huddle the class leader, Chatty Cathy, quickly screamed "Everyone HAS to do the circle." Her friend next to her tried to get her to calm down by saying, "Maybe you should take a pill or something." Chatty Cathy quickly screamed with bulging eyes, "I can't...I've already taken too many today."

Once in the circle Chatty Cathy thanked them all for such a "great and touching year. And for allowing me to be your President." She went on and on about how she knew she wasn't perfect. And, of course, her adoring fans chimed in with a thousand, "Oh you are wonderful's. We love you's. It was so great..." And then of course, humble as ever, Cathy said, "Oh really. You are all just tooo nice." tear, tear, ugh

Blondie: "Did you see Vanessa?
Blondie Wannabe: Who's Vanessa?
Blondie: My boyfriends ex. She is like really skinny. Which is SUCH a surprise because she used to be effin huge."

Shy Sally: "We have to change and there are BOYS outside our door. Teacher what do we do?
Moi: Maybe you should shut the door??"

Blondie: "omG...oMG...OMG...I just found out my boyfriend has had sex with someone else. And even worse, it was with [insert extremely racial comment here]

Moi: "Girls you are on stage in less than one minute, get out of the dressing room.
Chapstick Charlotte: One minute, THIS is a lipstick emergency.
Moi: I did this show 6 times a year for 4 years and KNOW they can't see your lipstick on GO!"

Of course, the HOT topic of the night was their hotter than HOT health teacher.

Facts I gathered about the health teacher:
He was sitting in the FRONT row
He may or may not have been ALONE
He is sexy.
He was totally laughing at them everytime they messed up.
He is FINER than fine.
They could quite possibly MARRY him one day.
He sat NEXT to one of them at the baseball game and it was a heavenly moment.
He is hot.
According to them, this is who he looks like:

Word to the Wise: If you are ever looking for FREE now know where to go.

It's a Lovely Day for a Wedding

This is one of my BFF's...Miss Arizona.
(obviously, all names on this blog have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty parties involved)

Miss Arizona is on the left and her "little" sister is on the right.
(One thing you will learn about me through this is I have a select core of individuals in my life with the title is my true belief no one should have just one)

3 Random Facts about Miss Arizona:

1.) Her bedroom/closet is Nordstrom meets Sephora. In simpler terms: heaven on earth.

2.) She is a genuine and selfless person. You could never ask for a better friend to be there for you no matter what.

3.) Miss Arizona knows the Jonas Brothers manager...hence we got to hang out backstage with them when they came to Salt Lake City. FYI-They are sooo adorable.

Well yesterday this Miss married her Mister in the San Deigo Temple and now she is a Mrs.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. you both always.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Like a Circus...

I recently went to a Britney Spears concert (okay, I admit it...I actually went twice in one weekend...yes, it was THAT good). And as I was sitting in the Staples Center waiting for the show to start, I looked around at all the people in the building with me. The Staples Center holds nearly 20,000 people (during Lakers season it is 19,079 to be exact...yes, I know these things) and not one of those seats was empty that night for Miss B's Big Comeback.

A year ago this woman was shaving her gorgeous locks, firing and hiring managers and personal assistants like they were going out of style, locking herself in the bathroom with her toddler son, engrossed in a custody battle that NO ONE wanted her to win, and giving us lackluster videos like her pole dancing stint in "Gimme More." Yet despite these factors, we all bought into this "comeback tour" (during an economic recession, nonetheless) and not one of us in the arena that night was there to see her fail.

At 9:20pm, the big top went up, she came down from the ceiling, the screams were uncontrollable, and all 20,000 pairs of eyes focused on a lady we had all deemed at one time or another to be "crazy." And for the next 2 1/2 hours we cheered on one of America's most famous underdogs. Is she crazy? Is she a slut? Is she an unfit mother? Is she a diva? Maybe so, maybe not. The fact of the matter is it never ceases to amaze me how forgiving people are, and how willing they are to look past indiscretions and mistakes and find the one sliver of good that one person might have, and hold out hope for the best.